Bridal Material update Monday 25th April 2022

Bridal Material update Monday 25th April 2022 zee world, On Bridal Material 25 April 2022: Vivan angrily confronts Meera and says he does not have to resort to cheap tactics to get his work done, whatever he does, he does it openly. He pins Meera to a wall and looks into her eyes. Meera warns him not to frighten her by coming closer to her. He asks why she comes closer then. She says she hates his face. He pins her hand to a wall and asks not to look at her hand for sometime as his face is printed on it. Meera rubs raw mehandi on her hands and says she does not mind spoiling her mehandi not to look at his face, she will find out a way to clear her family’s problems given by him. She walks away challenging him.

Meera sees Bittu and Amar roughing up inebriated printing press owner and asking him to tell truth. Sumer’s mother asks what is happening. Amar says today’s mishap happend because of him. He looks at Laali carefully reminiscing she is the one who asked to print Vivan’s face stensils. Biji asks them to punish him. Vivan drags someone inside and asks why did he make a mistake, because of him, there was so much mishap. He shows Sumer’s photo on his business brochure and asks why did he do this. Man says it is not his mistake, he gave brochure to print at Glossy Printers. Vivan says because of his mistake, his face was printed on stencils. Inebriated printing press owner says this man did not come to his printing press at all. Vivan scolds him and sends away. Laali relaxes seeing him going. Amar tells Suman’s mother that she saw it was not their mistake. She asks to be careful next time. Dolly says yes. Sumer apologizes Meera, says bye to Silky holding her hand and leaves. Silky sees his note in her hand. Vivan’s brought man says sir asked to print brochure today itself and scolded also. Meera hears him.

Silky meets Sumer outside house and asks why did he call her here. He says she knows the reason, I love you. Silky says he is marrying Meera, she cannot move ahead. Sumer says if she also thinks it is wrong, he will break alliance with Meera. Silky says uncle and aunty are very happy with this marriage and she does not want to upset them. Sumer says if she cannot come near him, he will leave this world, she is his first and last love. Silky emotionally runs and hugs him and says even she loves him a lot.

At night, power goes off. Vivan doing exercise thinks what is the problem with light in Punjabi, then thinks why he is talking like Meera, what is wrong with him. Meera walks in holding candle and falls on him. Their eyes lock. Power comes back. Meera says sorry and gets up. Vivan scolds she enters suddenly and spoilt his workout, why did she come. She apologizes him showing sorry written on her hand. He walks aside picking phone call. Meera gets angry seeing his carelessness and leaves thinking she apologized, then why he is acting so much. She returns to her room and says sorry and thank you. Her sister asks whom she is talking to. Silky walks in recording and says she is engrasped in her would be husband’s love. Sister says Meera is very lucky to get Sumer. Silky feels bad. Laali’s evil mind plans to spoil Meera’s wedding and takes Silky from there.

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Cocktail party starts at night. Sumer dances on Panjabi song while Silky records him. All guests dance while Sumer dances around Silky. Dolly feels uneasy. Amar asks what happened to her. Laali plans something and takes people’s selfie. Vivan walks to his room and fumes that everyday they have one or other drama. Meera looks at him and thinks he is still angry and did not come yet down. Laali stops Vivan and says his sister threw her phone and runs towards guest room. Vivan walks towards guest room. Laali sends silky behind him and thinks once he touches Silky, she will force him to marry her. Meera also walks up. Silky is about to enter guest room when Sumer drags her aside. Meera hears sound in guest room and walks in Laali closes door from outside thinking Silky went in. Vivan and Meera’s nok jhok starts. Her earring gets stuck in his shirt and his shirt buttons open up.

Meera’s earring gets stuck in Vivan’s shirt. He breaks his buttons and opens shirt. Meera stands shocked. He asks what now. She says she came to apologize and thank him for her mistake and his help. He asks what. She says mamma and even he told that. He says that is okay. She says he has so changed from before, earlier he used to notwithstand her for a second, now he listen to her. He thinks nothing can happen of her. Sumer and Silky’s romance and confessions continue. Dolly passes by and by mistake keeps camera on table which records their romance.

Vivan knocks door and asks someone to open it. Laali thinks Silky is inside with Vivan instead. Vivan gets panic attack reminiscing his childhood traumatic event. Outside Sumer’s mom says everything went well today and hopes wedding also finishes peacefully. Dolly searches Meera. Vivan continues panicking. Meera tries to calm him down. He says he cannot withstand loneliness and darkness because of her mamma, she is bad, bangle, etc. Meera thinks what is he blabbering. Vivan collapses Meera knocks door and calls mamma, papa. She hits door with rod. Vivan opens eyes and looks at her.

Laali starts her drama and tells everyone that Silky is not found, such a beautiful and well mannered girl, if she is in guest room, she will go and check. She acts and walks towards guest room smirking and thinking Silky with Vivan, what a drama will happen now. She opens door and does not find anyone in. Dolly asks if Silky is found. She says no..Dolly asks not to worry as she must be with her friend. Amaya comes and looks up. Laali thinks Amaya will ask phone now. Meera comes out holding Vivan. Everyone look in a shock. Dolly asks what happened and takes her down. Sumer’s mother Suman shouts and drags Meera, says she is characterless. Dolly says whatever she is thinking is wrong. Suman asks if her daughter did not come out with this girl, looking at their condition, it is clearly visible. Dolly says her daughter cannot do anything. Suman says she has gone blind in motherhood, can’t she see wrinkled clothes, unkempt clothes, earring on Vivan’s shirt. She continues yelling and says Meera got her colorful nature from Dolly. Biji warns to mind her tongue. Meera warns her dare not to allege her mother. Suman angrily tries to slap her. Vivan holds her hand and confronts that her class is very high, but her thinking is so low. Sumer walks in and shouts how dare he is to misbehave with his mother. Vivan asks how dare his mother is badmouth about Meera and shout keep his mouth shut now. Vivan returns Meera’s earring and says it got stuck when Meera was trying to save her life. He says he is claustrophobia and cannot handle darkness. If door was not opened for sometime, he would have died, but Meera saved her. He praises Meera that she is the one who can save a life, but Suman alleged her without even knowing the truth, so she is more smart to now whose mistake it is. Suman silently walks away followed by Sumer. Dolly pampers Meera. Amaya asks Vivan if he is fine. He says he is. Vivan sees Laali and remembers her misguiding him. Laali also silently slips off.

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Meera reminisces Vivan’s claustrophic event and calls her friend Preeto. Preeto asks if she is fine, why did she call at night. Meera asks from when her mom got that bangle. Preeto says since a long, my childhood. Meera disconnects call and thinks truth is bitter. She walks to Vivan’s room. Vivan asks if she came with new drama, go now. She says bangle, he wanted her to come with bangle’s truth, here she is. He asks she came now. She says she realized a man who tries to act so bad is also equally good. He asks what is the truth. Meera says that bangle is Preeto’s mother who is not alive nnow. Vivan shatters hearing that. Meera says everything will be alright. He says okay leave, pushes her out of room and locks door Meera keeps her hand over his on glass door. Vivan angrily breaks things.

Dolly shows Kaleerein to Meera and says her uncle/maama has sent it. She ties her dupatta with Meera’s duppata and says it is a ritual which mom does so that daughter cannot forget her mom, emotionally says if she gets lots of love in her in-laws’ house, she can forget her. Meera emotionally hugs her and says she cannot forget her in life. Punjabi folk song plays in the background. They emotionally cry.

Vivan looks at moon reminiscing Meera telling that bangle belongs to her friend Preeto whose mom is dead. Mera reminisces Suman alleging her and Vivan taking her side and supporting her and thinks when someone does good job, they feel good, but why she is feeling sad. Vivan thinks her mom is already dead now, he should not think of her now. Meera thinks she should control her emotions and move on.

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Next morning, Meera’s haldi ceremony starts. Girls dance around Meera while she is applied mehandi. Vivan walks in balcony speaking over phone when Nimmo hurriedly carries haldi paste and drops it on Vivan by mistake, some spills and falls on Meera. Vivan angrily leaves and takes bath while haldi washes off. Dolly and others apply haldi on Meera and after she takes bath and changes, Sweety ties kaleerein on her bangles and asks not to see them until her marriage finishes. On the other side, Sumer video chats with Silky and says he does not want Meera’s named haldi and wants to marry only Silky. Dolly emotionally explains Kaleerein’s significance to Meera.

Vivan decides to return back to London and looks at Meera’s photos on wall. Do pal ka yaadon ka karwaan hain..song…plays in the background. Meera comes running and falls on him. Vivan says thanks for her help and he did not ask her sympathy. She asks he came here till now, if he does not want to know more about his mother. He says his mother left him and baby Amaya for money and never returned, she is dead now and it is the end. Meera warns not to speak bad about his mother, he should find out the reason behind. He says he knows the reason, it is only money, even Meera is one among them, why she is marrying Sumer, if they love each other, no..she is marrying him as he is rich, she told she will not change herself for anyone, but look at her self, she wanted to join Soni Kudi Academy for marriage, eventually she is fighting to become a rich man’s wife, she is also a gold digger like otehr girls. Amaya comes and hugs Meera and says before her doli, their doli is going, they are returning back to London, will she not say bye to them. Meera looks at Vivan. Vivan says there is no reason left for them to stay here and leaves with Amaya. Meera looks him. Amaya goes to get luggage. Dol pal ka tha ye karwaan..song. cotinues playing the background. Amaya brings bag and they leave. Meera runs down towards them emotionally. vivan gets into car with Amaya while Meera looks at them standing near door. Car leaves. Meera runs behind car. Vivan looks at her via mirror. Meera thinks till now she used to hate him, but today she is feeling bad when he is going. Vivan says he does not care about this girl and her family, then why he is feeling bad.

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