Bridal Material update Monday 16th May 2022

Bridal Material update Monday 16th May 2022: On Bridal Material 16 May 2022, Meera chats with Amaya and asks how is her unborn child Molu’s aunt. Amaya says she is fine. Meera says Vivan is taking care of her so well, so even she wants to follow wife’s duty and serve Vivan a romantic dinner so that he should not go out. Amaya says she will arrange a champge dinner in garden for them tonight and leaves.

Biji slaps Laali and scolds what she is doing. Laali says she knows what she is doing, she has gone old and her slap is not powerful. She says she disowned her for Meera, so she also disowned her mother. Now, she will make sure Vivan and Meera’s child don’t see the world and they separate.

Amaya arranges a romantic dinner for Meera and Vivan and takes whole family out. Meera tells Vivan that she has a special dinner for him and takes him to garden. Vivan is surprised seeing romantic dinner arrangement. Meera says she bought champagne for him and not mango juice. He heads towards chair. She pulls it to make him sit, but he falls and asks if she was pulling chair for him. She says yes and give him drinks menu and asks to choose his drink. He sits surprised. Laali and Roma stand hiding and feel jealous seeing their romance. She serves him main course and says Biji told Vivan needs healthy food, taste and tell how it is, if it is not good, she will stop chattering for a weak. Vivan says not a bad deal and tastes food. He stops. She asks how is it. He drops food on his clothess. She says she will clean. Vivan says he will clean himself and goes to washroom.

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Roma asks Laali to go and lock Vivan’s bathroom door. Laali does. Roma takes out blue liquid bottle. Laali asks what is it. Roma says dangerous chemical and with its smoke, Meera will suffocate and die. She drops chemical on floor and sets fire. Meera starts suffocating and calls Vivan. Roma and Laali enjoy the scene. Vivan sees door locked and breaks it angrily. He walks out and is shocked seeing Meera between fire and rescues her out. Roma walks out with Laali fuming that they are inseparable. Vivan collapses. Meera gets worried and shakes him to wake up. She says she is not pregnant and was acting to save his life. She takes him to room and rubs his hands.

Amaya returns with family and thinks she took family out to let bhai and bhabhi spend some quality time together, but Vivan’s life is at risk. Biji says good they reached early, else Vivan was in much danger. Meera continues taking care of Vivan and cries why did he come to save her, she is not pregant and there is no chunnu munni. Roma with Laali hears her and thinks what she is murmuring, Chunnu munnu, she cannot hear that. Laali says woman addresses her husband as Jaanu, but she is murmuring Chunnu Munnu.. Roma says she wants Meera in trouble soon. Laali says Meera will be out tomorrow. Meera continues her worry for Vivan.

Vivan wakes up in the morning and searches Meera. Meera writes on paper “god please protect Vivan.” Vivan walks to her and they both ask simultaneously if they are fine, then nod yes. Vivan then asks if child is fine. Meera cries loudly. Vivan gets worried and asks Amaya if child is fine. Amaya says yes, Meera did not sleep whole night worried for him and in pregnancy hormonal changes happen usually, he should take Bhabhi to doctor. Vivan walks to Meeraa and says let us go to doctor. She gets up and limps. He sees her leg injured, lifts and takes her to room. Roma fumes seeing this and says their love story was not enough and now romance started, she will destroy Meera soon. Vivan takes Meera to her room and applies medicine on her leg. Agar tum saath ho….song..plays in the background. Vivan says she should clean her face now and need not worry until he is with her. He drapes towel on her and takes her under shower, repeats his dialogue and leaves. Meera feels guilty for lying that she is pregnant.

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After sometime, Vivan calls doctor and asks her to come right now and check Meera. Roma sees doc coming and thinks now Meera darling will suffer. Laali says she will go via backdoor and speak to doctor. Doctor enters Meera’s room and says she will freshen up and return. Laali opens window silently and tells doctor she needs to talk. Meera stops hearing her. Laali says doc has to kill Meera’s child and Roma the millionaire will pay her. Meera says okay. Laali happily leaves. Doctor returns and tells Meera that they lied she is pregnant, now what do they do. Meera reminisces pleading doctor to lie that she is pregnant and says she is lying to save her husband from evils trying to harm him. Vivan walks towards Meera’s room. Doctor walks out and says Meera’s child is healthy.

Meera prays Babaji to help her expose Roma and protect Vivan. Flower falls from photo. Meera follows Laali. Laali keeps her phone for charging and leaves. Meera picks mobile and messages Roma making her confess her each crime. She then walks to living room and calls Vivan. Roma and Laali asks why she is shouting, he will not come. Laali asks what she is up to. Meera says wait and watch. Laali and Roma start predicting. Meera thinks she will expose Roma and Laali. Drama continues…

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