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On Bridal Material 3 June 2022 Zee world, Meera walks to Vivan. Vivan asks if she is fine, he was thinking of her. She keeps her hand on his mouth and says she had to come, else it would be too late, till we were together, they were fighting, when they are separating, they should with consent. She says him goodbye and leaves. Vivan realizes it his imagination and gets a call. Nurse speaks and informs his wife ran away from hospital. Amar gives Meera’s letter to Vivan yells his daughter is paying for Vivan’s sins. Vivan reads letter that Vivan and Amar both are important to her and may be after she goes away, their differences will clear. Amar continues yelling. Dolly stops him and asks even now he is yelling, he forced Meera to leave Vivan, so she went away from us. Vivan says that means Amar forced Meera. Dolly says Meera cannot stay away from both husband and father, if something happens to Meera, she will not forgive them. Prince asks to stop their argument and search Meera now. They all 3 run out and showing Meera’s photo to people search her.

Vivan returns home speaking to someone over phone and asks to find Meera soon. Dolly watches from balcony. Vivan searches for clue in room and cries where did Meera go, she should not punish him like this, she can scold and yell at him, but return back. Dolly walks in and consoles him and asks to come and have food. Vivan says mother’s god’s form, she must be knowing where Meera can go. Dolly says she enquired everywhere and did not get any clue. Vivan asks where she must have gone then. Dolly says she used to hide at a place in childhood and shows photo. Where is this place. Dolly says this is her grandparent’s village Pind and used to visit her grandparents there and used to call them as Heer Ranjha and expected same love from her husband. Vivan feels guilty. Dolly requests once he finds Meera, he should take her to London. Vivan thinks when Meera will see Heer Ranjha’s love in themselves, she will agree, he will take her to London and give her happiness of whole life that even if her parents call her back, she will not return. His brain flashes at last and realizes she must be in village/pind. He goes to Dolly and informs that Meera has gone to Pind. Dolly gives him Kaleerein and asks to make Meera wear it when he meets her. Vivan leaves. Amar returns home. Dolly says Vivan found out where Meera is.

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Meera reaches her grandparent’s house and thinks she used to be so happy in this house, picks broom to clean house. Vivan reaches Pind and searches Meera. Janam Dekhlo Mitgayi Duriyan……song plays in the background. Mera senses his presence. Vivan continues searching her and runs. They finally meet. Vivan confronts why did she come here without informing, she does not listen to anyone and has become like him, if she is trying to punish him, he will speak to her father and try to calm him down. He talks about Pammi and Amaya..

Amar reaches there and asks what is happening here. He asks Meera if she is breaking all relationships for Vivan, this is what he taught him. Meera says she is standing at the same place where she left, they both think of only themselves and did not once think of her. She confronts Vivan that he is just talking about himself, did not think about her and why she came here and reminded him about past as if she is responsible for everything, he did whatever he wanted to, blamed her and even divorced her. She then confronts Amar and says she cannot break his promise and cannot forgive Vivan.

Meera confronts Amar and Vivan that they both have put her in dilemma and did not try to know what she wants. She tells Amar that he is trying to cash on her upbringing. He asks why she thinks so, he is trying to protect her and does not need any money, he has seen Vivan insulting her repeatedly and trying to even kill her, she can forgive Vivan or divorce him, but she cannot get away from her father. Meera says she will not forgive even Vivan and confronts Vivan that he always distrusted her even after taking oath during wedding pheras that they will trust each other, he will not understand. She falls down. Neighbor women come and lift her. Amar sends women away and tells Meera t hat she is feeling pain as Vivan is untrustable and tells her childhood story that she used to run even after his warning and then fall down and get injured, he used to console her, it is similar situation now, he cannot leave her to fall down, forget Vivan and return home with him. Meera says she will not leave this place. Amar says he will call whole family here then. Vivan asks how will live without her, how can she leave her alone. Amar shouts enough now, get out. Vivan warns enough of his drama, court has given them 6 months them and 5 months are still left, if he tries to separate them, he will go to court. He pleads Meera to bear him for 5 months and see him fulfilling his promise, she herself will wear kaleerein/bridal bangles via his hand. Amar yells it should be his decision as he gave her promise, he will make Vivan’s life a hell that he will run away from here. Vivan challenges he himself will give Meera’s hand in my hand.

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Meera’s family shifts to Pind Village and rearrange their goods. Dolly says Vivan did not come yet. Amar says Vivan is London born and will not come here. Vivan walks ind says he may be London born, but a Punjabi by birth, he is ready for any challenge Amar throws. Amar yells he will run away within a day. Nurses bring Amaya on stretcher. Sweety says this village does not have proper medical facilities, why did he bring Amaya here. Vivan says he cannot leave Amaya alone. Biji says he did good, take Amaya in.

Amar shows small sheep shed to Vivan and says he will stay here and clean cow dung, even make dung cakes, prepare tea for them, etc.. Vivan sasy he is ready for any challenge. After sometime, Vivan gets his coffee machine and switches it on. Machine burns. Amar yellls it is not city, now he will prepare tea on mud stove and serve whole family twice. Vivan agrees. Amar challenges Vivan will leave within 2 days. Vivan says let us see…


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