Bridal Material 9th April 2022 Written Update

Bridal Material 9 April 2022: Gurudwara is shown. Meera’s mother Dolly prays matarani to fix Meera’s alliance soon and let the boy and his family select her. She walks to Meera’s room and asks her to get ready soon as a boy and his family are coming to see her. Meera is seen playing kabbadi with her friends and wins. She then advises her friend to stop staring at boys if she wants to win She enjoys lassi with her friends. Friend asks her to hurry up as it is already 10 a.m. and her mother must be searching her. Meera says mummy will kill her and runs. She rides auto rashly. Driver pleads to slow down, what did he do to her. She asks him to relax, nothing will happen.

Meera reaches Soni Kudi Training Academy and seeing girls’ que thinks why they all need training. She gets a call and says she has reached, though she does not need training. Girl asks her to stand in que behind. A girl collapses in the middle of que. Meera drops her cake box, lifts girl and takes her in. Girl wakes up and asks to stop pestering her, she acted just to get entry. Meera asks if this academy is so special. Girl who does not want to become perfect bride. Meera remembers she dropped her cake outside, runs out and picks it and takes it to receptionist. She then sees advertisement about silver, golden, diamond bride training and laughs. Receptionist asks if this is cake. Meera says yes. Receptionist says she had to prepare Terimisu, if she will serve this to her in-laws. Meera asks if her family member is in trouble, will she will save cake or family member. Academy’s boss walks down and says both. Meera says she does not think so. Head judges Meera and counts many deficits in her and orders receptionist to put Meera into special class. Meera says she does not want to get admitted in this weird academy and came here to submit her cousin’s project. Head asks if she is married. Meera says know. Boss says she does not have a single quality of good upper class bahu, so she has to come here at any cost if she wants to marry. Meera says never, leaving boss more fuming. A girl walks in and giving sweets to boss thanks her that she is getting married to an NRI boy because of her academy. Boss smirks at Meera.

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Boy and family wait for Meera. Dolly serves them snacks and try to calm them down. They fume when will girl come. Meera reaches home and gets into her room via pipe. Her sister asks where was she, boy’s family is waiting for her. Meera changes her dress and walks down with sister. Boy’s mother and sister throw tantrum while boy is busy munching dishes. Sister asks what she has studied. Meera says BA. Sister asks why not MBA. Dolly says Meera is studying in Queen’s college. Mother says Queen’s college’s English is really good, if Meera can speak in English. Dolly says fluent English. Grandma asks what she can prepare. Meera takes Punjabi dish names. Grandma asks what about Italian. Dolly says Meera prepared all this pasta, burger, etc. Boy says pasta is tasty. Mother says girl does not have mole on face, means she is unlucky. Meera angrily confronts that she is better than her food hogging son and does not like lies, she is studying BA in correspondence and does not know to prepare Italian, etc. Dolly scolds her and reveal family is conducting mock test on her. Meera says she thought her not to lie since childhood. Mother says she has grown up and hope should not have learnt telling truth, she should not utter truth when boy’s family come to see her. Meera says she cannot lie and boy should like the way she is. Dolly angrily drags Meera to her room while daadi shouts not to beat Meera. Dolly locks Meera in a room and says she will open it only tomorrow when boy’s family comes to see her. Meera confronts that god has made her like this and it is not her mistake, but she does not want to change. Dolly feels sad.. Drama continues…

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Meera stands sadly thinking something. Her sister asks if she is thinking about tomorrow’s alliance. Meera says yes and asks if she is so bad. Sister says no, but she has to change. Down in the living, Meera’s father Amar fumes on family ladies for lying to get Meera’s alliance. He scolds what do they mean by officially qualified homemaker and if Chawla’s want their bahu to work in kitchen, why do they want qualified. He fumes about another boy’s family suggesting to get Meera’s nose job, etc… ands ays Meera is nose/pride of this house and reminds how Meera took care of family and business when he was ill. Dolly says she knows everything. Biji/daadi says they will give a lot of dowry and get Meera married. Dolly says she knows, but where will they get dowry from, so what is wrong in lying a bit.

Meera’s sister suggests her to learn English. Meera asks what if boy’s family wants French. Sister says she should learn that. Meera asks what if they need desi girl. Sister suggests to unlearn everything then. Meera changes her dress and says she is going for kabbadi practice as kabbadi is her passion. Sister asks what will she says taiji/Dolly. Meera asks to manage for 1 hour and runs down via pipe. Dolly walks in with kheer and asks where is Meera. Sister tries to divert her attention, but Dolly hears bike sound and shouts Meera ran away again.

Meera reaches kabbaddi ground and plays kabbaddi with her friends. She wins. Her brother comes and says papa is calling. At home, Dolly creates tantrums and cries that she will not have food until Meera returns. Amar tries to convince her. Daadi interferes and asks not to strangulate children with over-expectations. Dolly shouts like she has right on her son, she has right on her daughter. Meera returns and hugs papa and mamma and calms them.

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Meera takes tea for Amar and says she is a burden for him and will accept whatever alliance comes next and will behave well. Amar gets emotional and says if he had not fallen ill, Meera would not have taken responsibility of shop and stopped her studies, she would have also gone to English medium. Meera calms him down and says he did not even tell there is no sugar in tea and drank it silently. Father and daughter bonding continues…

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