Bridal Material update Tuesday 10th May 2022

Bridal Material update Tuesday 10th May 2022: On Bridal Material 10 May 2022, Meera prays god to protect her father and give his problems to her as she can tolerate anything. Amar bends to pick Meera’s dupatta when a speeding car heads towards him. He escapes narrowly, and car hits a wall. He thanks god and thinks daughter is a boon for him, his life is saved because of Meera. Roma gets nosebleed and wipes her nose. Laali asks if her nosebleed stopped.

Roma says it will only after Vivan stops searching Pammi. Pammi reaches orphanage wearinng burqa. Vivan sits for dinner while Meera is busy looking at her friends book account. He asks brocolli. She gives fritters. He says he needs brocolli and not desi style fried idli. She passes chillies without seeing them. He munches chillies. He gets orphanage manager’s message that Pammi is in his office, and he leaves.

Pammi waits for her son and asks manager how was the boy looking, if he was tensed. Manager messages Vivan to hurry up and excuses Pammi. He goes out. Roma sends her goons and brutally trashes him. Vivan reaches, and Roma signals her goons to leave. Pammmi notices goons trashing and escapes. Manager informs Vivan that Pammi is in his office. Vivan rushes to office and seeing someone near window holds cloth, but finds empty dupatta.

Pammi returns to Soni Kudi Academy and reminisces goons trashing manager and thinks if Roma sent them. Vivan also reminisces incident. Meera eagerly searches Pammi Kapoor’s profile on friends book. Nimmi taunts her. Vivan’s nok jhok starts with her. Vivan then gets a call from his aide that Pammi’s call was traced to Soni Kudi Academy.

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Pammi thinks about her children and looks at their pics on her computer screen when Vivan enters and knocks door. She asks to come later. He knocks door again. She sees Vivan Kapoor and asks how come he is here. He says he is searching Pammi Kapoor and she should inform if she knows her. He has personal work with her and can go to any extent to find her, says Soni Kudi lady looks like a good woman, but she should not force him to misbehave with her, he can even buy Soni Kudi to know about Pammi. Pammi gets emotional remembering child Vivan and thinks he should not find out she is his mother Pami Kapoor.

Biji tells Dolly that Vivan will not accept Meera as his wife until he finds out truth about his mother, so Meera is working hard to find out Pammi’s whereabouts. Meera continues checking her friends book account and finds Pammi’s account. She messages Pammi and hopes she lets Vivan meet his mother soon.

Roma’s puppet dacoit Sherri orders Vivan to shoot Meera. Meera pleaasd not to. Vivan reminisces Meera’s helps and shoot in air. Bullet hits gas pipe, and gas spreads all over. Vivan escapes with Meera. They both run on road with their usual nok jhok. They see Sherri and her team on jeep following them. Sarji stops his car from opposite site and congratulates Vivan for finding his wife. Roma at home fumes that she spent her life on Vivan and made him business tycoon, he is her life’s biggest asset and will not let him waste behind Meera, hopes Vivan is fine.
Dolly hears that and asks what happened to Vivan, if he is fine. Roma starts alleging Meera and says Vivan left home because of her, if something happens to him, she will not spare them all. Family joins and asks what happened. Roma yells Vivan and Meera are not at home, and if something happens to Vivan because of Meera, she will not spare Meera. Vivan and Meera get into Sardarji’s car and start their nok jhok again. Sardarji says even he used to love his wife similarly and without nok jho one cannot express their love. Vivn asks to stop crying and save them from Sherri.

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Sardarji drives Meera and Vivan to a live theater where Soni Mahiwal drama is going on. Meera says she wanted to visit this theater since long. Vivan yells they are hiding from dacoit Sherri and have not come here to watch drama. They enter backstage. Drama company guard points gun on them and asks if they came to steal. Vivan shouts if he thinks he will steal wearing suit. Owner says all thieves say same. Meera pleads not to shoot them as they are hiding from goons here. Sardarji rushes and stops owner and says Sherri is searching them and tells Vivan and Meera that owner is his brother, they need not worry and suggests them to act as Soni Mahiwal on stage, requests Meera not to go away from Vivan, else Vivan will go mad. Vivan asks to stop while Meera laughs.

Amaya walks into Meera’s room searching her when she sees Meera’s friends book account on laptop and her searching for Pammi. Nimmi walks in and informs that Vivan and Meera are missing, and Roma is alleging her family and Meera and badmouthing about them. Amaya walks into Roma’s room and warns her to stop her evil games and stay away from Vivan and Meera as they are couple now and Vivan is not a kid, in fact she got a warm family with Meera’s family. Roma yells Meera is doing all drama to grab this property, she will realize it soon. Amaya warns her again to stay away form them.

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Meera and Vivan enact Sohni and Mahival and realize their love for each other delivering dialogues. They hug each other. Sardarji praises what at perfect couple they are. Sherri walks in with her team. Sardarji sees them and silently evicts junior goons. He sees Sherri walking towards stage and tries to stop her with his jokergiri/shayaris. Sherri points gun on him and walks in. She kidnaps Meera and Vivan again and take them along. On the other side, a saint warns Roma that her past and evil deeds will haunt her back and she will feel the fire today itself. Roma shouts why she is believing in superstition.

Sherri’s goons stuff Vivan in a gunny bag and trash him brutally. Meera resists. Sherri tortures Meera next, stuffs her in car and taking her to cliff end throws her away asking to meet Pammi in heaven. On the other side, Dolly gets worried for Vivan and Meera. Biji suggests her to light temple lampa and pray. Dolly does. Lamp blows off and lights again. Sherri leaves in her car. Vivan comes running and calls Meera. Heer dupatta falls on his face. She calls his name handing to a tree. He pulls her up. They both get emotional. Tornado starts, and Meera sees Vivan missing.


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