Bridal Material Zee world: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Bridal Material Zee world:  tells the tale of Meera Dhingra a free-spirited, independent woman who does not want to be well-groomed for her future husband. Things change when she meets Vivaan a rich business tycoon and a NRI from London.

Bridal Dreams Zee world

Bridal Dreams Zee world

Bridal Material Zee World Full Story/Plot Summary:

Meera Dhingra is a spirited and independent woman who likes playing Kabaddi and doesn’t want to appear well-groomed to her husband to come. She believes that women lose her personality after enrolment in a grooming academy. But her mother continuously insists that she marry and make her into a perfect, attractive, well-groomed and upper-class wife in order to witness her daughter’s wedding after countless rejections of proposals. Meera believes Meera will only be accepted socially by attending Soni Kudi Academy. Yet, Meera is strongly against the notion and believes that she should marry only one who cherishes her just as she is.

Vivaan is a renowned business tycoon as well as an NRI who is from London. He returns to India in response to his sister’s desire and is searching for his long-lost mother Pammi Kapoor. She left the family as a young child. Even though he feels a resentment towards his biological mother, he longs for the day he can meet her.The trust issues Vivaan has are rooted in his divorce and vows to himself not to get married. Vivaan doesn’t believe in marriage, while Meera believes she needs her love-partner to accept and love her imperfections.

Meera’s relationship is confirmed in a pact with Sumair (Paramvir Cheema) however, in a hilarious flurry of mistakes she meets Vivaan on the way to the airport. Their opinions clash and they fight. Then it is found out the fact that Vivaan is the owner of Kapoor Mansion and that the Dhingras are the guardians. When Vivaan and Amaya reside in the same home The wedding of Meera’s preparations start. Although Vivaan thinks Meera is a gold-digger, Meera hates Vivaan’s egoistic personality. Meera has a secret desire to participate in a qualifying kabaddi match during the day of her wedding. Vivaan initially meets Meera to get information on the bangle she has that resembles his mother’s. They begin to bond in time, without even realizing it to one another. Sumair, who at first is able to understand Meera’s stance, is slowly exposed as someone with set expectations for his soon-to-be wife. Meera accepts the advice of her family, and not receiving any support from her fiancé she decides to get married herself. Vivaan and Meera however, on the other they constantly argue however Vivaan manages to keep her from the tense situations she finds herself in because of her wedding planning. While Sumair is revealed as a shallow individual, Vivaan comes across as an open and liberal individual although he has his own flaws.

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Sumair is attracted to Meera’s sister Silky. He is not a fan of Meera and, in order to keep himself from his wedding, he creates an untrue MMS video that features Meera and Vivaan in a dance and then broadcasts it during the wedding. He manipulates Meera to believe that she was Vivaan who created the video, and she hits Vivaan. Meera is bullied and bad mouthed by village gangsters, however, Vivaan is able to save her. They get married to protect Meera’s dignity. They decide to divorce following their wedding because they aren’t satisfied. They decide to keep their impending divorce from Meera’s family until the divorce is settled. Meanwhile Vivaan’s stepmother, who is also her Business partner Roma Kapoor (Shilpa Saklani) moves into Kapoor Mansion with the agenda to break up their relationship. The reality is that Meera along with Vivaan become close friends and eventually fall in love, which causes a rift with Roma. There are many miscommunications between them and also manipulates Vivaan who has disdain for his mother and believes that Pammi Kapoor would like to murder Amaya along with him. Meera isn’t convinced which is the main reason for the conflict and eventual separation. The divorce is always a topic between them. In the end, Pammi Kapoor is revealed as the wife of Soni Kudi’s owner Mrs Singh. Roma is revealed, and all accusations against Pammi are dispelled and they are reunited with their families as one.

Vivaan as well as Meera decide to share their affection for one another however, the happiness doesn’t last for long, which is when Pammi along with Amaya are abducted. Vivaan is targeted for blackmail and a string of events result in Pammi’s death as well as Amaya being placed in a in a coma. Vivaan isn’t understanding Meera and accuses her of taking part in the kidnapping saga and, consequently, causing the death of Pammi. Meera attempts to show her innocence Vivaan but to no avail and she decides to divorce him. He begins to hate Meera as she refuses to get divorced and then nags her endlessly with his harsh remarks and behavior. A series of events leads Meera along with Vivaan to the kidnapper who is suspected of being the culprit and Meera is able to save Vivaan of being fired by grabbing the bullet. Vivaan’s misgivings are dispelled and he attempts to reclaim her affection, while accusing himself of believing a false and concocted story. Unfortunately, the father of Meera gives Meera the option of choosing between him and Vivaan. Meera decides to choose her father with force and is wounded by Vivaan’s actions in the past however this doesn’t end Vivaan. He joins the Dhingra family as a cook in order to show that he’ll take on any task to help Meera. Meera’s father is a source of trouble for Vivaan and continually criticizes his son. However, he is willing to live with it in the interest of Meera’s. Then, her father locates the perfect groom for her, and also his son who is his closest friend’s. This is the moment that brings Sunny in their world. In the meantime, Meera makes the mistake of accepting the wedding to instruct Vivaan the lesson she learned, not realizing the storm coming into their lives.

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Sunny is portrayed as a decent guy , but he is really trying to ruin Meera and Vivaan’s romance. Vivaan and Meera struggle against Sunny with determination. He tries to divide them through the sending Vivaan in jail, and harassing Meera but fails. The police arrest him in the following days.

Vivaan and Meera are living a happy life. While they are at it, he presents his mother’s passing Soni Kudi school to Meera. But the past of his mother haunts him. Paromita was Vivaan’s close friend and was attracted to him however he did not love her. Meera has visions about the ways Vivaan was the cause of Paromita’s murder she decides to bring him down public to be blamed for the death of an innocent and then attempting to hide the fact that he was responsible. She staged a dramatic play that recounts the events that transpired during the Soni Kudi academy, but later, Vivaan proves himself innocent. But Paromita’s daughter Tulika (Swati Kapoor) seeks revenge on Vivaan because he refused to wed her. Vivaan and Meera are able to consummate their marriage. The show takes an unexpected turn, but towards their conclusion, the couple get back together and the show concludes with Meera being expecting, and a beautiful bride and the entire family enjoying the celebration.

Bridal Dreams

Bridal Dreams

Bridal Material Zee world Cast & Real names:


  • Arjit Taneja as Vivaan Kapoor, Pummy Kapoor’s son, Amaya’s Brother, Meera’s husband
  • Aditi Sharma as Meera Dhingra, Amar and Dolly’s daughter, Nimmo and Prince’s sister, Vivaan’s wife, Pummy Kapoor’s daughter in law
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  • Vishavpreet Kaur as Pammi Kapoor, CEO of Soni Kudi Academy, Vivaan and Amaya’s mother , Meera’s mother in law
  • Shilpa Saklani as Roma Kapoor, Vivaan and Amaya’s step-mother, Sunny’s mother
  • Jaswinder Gardner as Dolly Dhingra, Meera, Nimmo and Prince’s mother
  • Sagar Saini as Amar Dhingra, Meera, Nimmo and Prince’s father
  • Neena Cheema as Beeji, Meera, Nimmo, Meher, Prince and Simran’s grandmother
  • Ekroop Bedi as Nimmo Dhingra, Meera and Prince’s sister, Puppy’s girlfriend
  • Ayush Gupta as Prince Dhingra, Meera and Nimmo’s brother, Tullika’s husband
  • Mamta Verma as Laali, Meera, Nimmo, Meher, Prince and Simran’s aunt, Silky’s mother, Sunny’s mother in law
  • Ritu Vashistha as Sweety Dhingra, Meera, Nimmo and Prince’s aunt, Meher and Simran’s mother, Bittu’s wife
  • Ashu Sharma as Bittu Dhingra, Meera, Nimmo and Prince’s uncle, Meher and Simran’s father, Sweety’s husband
  • Prachi Bansal as Silky, Meera, Nimmo, Meher, Prince and Simran’s cousin, Sumer’s girlfriend, Sunny’s wife
  • Aaghnya Bisht as Silky, Meera, Nimmo, Meher, Prince and Simran’s cousin , Sumer’s girlfriend, Sunny’s wife
  • Paramvir Cheema Singh as Sumer Kapoor, Meera’s childhood friend and ex-fiancé, Silky’s boyfriend
  • Tasneem Ali as Suman Kapoor, Sumer’s mother
  • Aditi Rawat as Jaspreet “Preeto” Kaur, Meera’s best friend
  • Khushi Mishra as Meher Dhingra, Meera, Nimmo and Prince’s cousin, Simran’s Sister
  • Snehal Pandey as Simran Dhingra, Meera, Nimmo and Prince’s cousin, Meher’s sister
  • Manraj Singh as Sunny Kapoor, Roma’s long-lost son, Vivaan and Amaya’s step brother, Silky’s husband
  • Nikunj Malik as Paromita, Vivaan’s friend who was in love with him, Tulika’s Sister
  • Swati Kapoor as Tulika Dhingra, Paromita’s sister and Prince’s wife


  • Priom Gujjar Chaudhary as Rohan Malhotra, one of Meera’s suitors
  • Juhi Aslam as a Black Magic performer
  • Amrapali Gupta as a Black Magic performer
  • Vikas Rao as Sumer’s friend
  • Pavitra Punia as Vishkanya, a shape-shifting snake[5]
  • Majinder Kareer as Vivaan’s driver
  • Paras Chhabra as Tommy Singh, a contract killer
  • Mrinalini Tyagi as Sherri Singh, a contract killer
  • Ambuj Mathur as Pappi, a drug-dealer, Nimmo’s “boyfriend”
  • Nikunj Malik as a dance performer


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