Brave & Beautiful 19 August 2020: On Brave and Beautiful Wednesday 19 August 2020 update, Shraddha calling Papaji, she wishes him happy birthday. He asks her how she is. He says I was worried about you as you did not call me yesterday.

She says I was travelling at night, and there was no network. My phone also got damaged. Kittu says we also want to talk to her. Shraddha says how is everyone there. Kittu hears Shraddha crying and asks her are you crying, Shraddha says no. Papaji says what happened, did anyone tell you anything. She tells no, I m not with you, thats why. Kittu says she made a big cake. Kittu asks about Bobby. Shraddha says he is in Singapore. Papaji asks about Dhruv, he wishes him happy birthday Nanu. Papaji is happy to hear it from Dhruv. Kittu says Papaji forgot us because of you. Shraddha cries hearing all this. Kittu asks Shraddha to sing the birthday song and Kittu says we will take a family photo. Shraddha sings the song, Kittu feels the pain in Shraddha’s voice. Shraddha disconnects the call and cries.

Papaji cuts the cake. Dhruv says I had to sing for Nanu, why did you cut the call. Someone comes and tells till when you will hide it from your family. Shraddha says what should I say, they were against my love marriage, but they accepted Bobby because of me. She says you need their support, Dhruv is connected with you. Shraddha says I cannot tell them, and Bobby will come back for me and Dhruv. Shraddha looks at Dhruv.

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Kittu tells Jai that when Papaji told me that I’m his Shraddha, I did not feel it right. She says no one can take Shraddha’s place. She asks Anand what happened, she says you are like Papaji. Always lost in thoughts. She says you might be thinking about Shraddha. Anand says I tried calling her but her phone was off. Kittu says I felt sadness in her voice. Kittu says you go and see Shraddha. Anand says Bobby does not take my call, and Shraddha does not want me to come. Anand says I will take leave and go to meet her.

Papaji likes the cake Kittu has made. Papaji says I knew it she will call me. She knows her duty. Mummy ji says Shraddha’s marriage took place 6 years ago, but how much do we know about her, only because we do not like Bobby. He says I agree I don’t like Bobby, but I m happy he keeps my daughter happy. Mummy ji asks him to care about Shraddha and asks her about Bobby. He says I have accepted him. He says he did not send Shraddha on Anand’s marriage and argued with us on Dhruv’s birth. She says Shraddha even today does not tell us anything. He leaves. Shraddha looks at the family photo and cries. Dhruv gets up and sees her. She says you got up, he asks are you crying, why. She says I m not crying.

She asks him to sleep, he says Nanu might have cut his birthday cake, if we were there, we would have ate his birthday cake. Shraddha says you want a birthday cake, he says we don’t have it. She says we will make it. Dhruv talks to her. She says we will call Nanu before your birthday. She makes a sandwich, Dhruv asks about his father, will he come on my birthday, she says yes he will come. She says your papa has bought a gift for you. She hugs Dhruv.


Mummy ji and Papa ji are doing walking. They share a light moment. Kittu asks Anand to give the gifts to Dhruv. Jaya says maybe Shraddha Didi called him. Papa ji comes home. He asks where are you going. Kittu says Mumbai for some work, and he will meet Shraddha also. Papa ji becomes happy. He says Bobby has kept Shraddha happy.

Anand reaches Shraddha’s home, and the house owner is shouting on Shraddha.

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