Brave & Beautiful 18 August 2020: On Brave and Beautiful Tuesday 18 August 2020 update, The Episode starts with Kittu fixing the photos on a chart. She says Anand, did you like it. He says yes and signs over it.

Ranjhana song plays.. He says its done. She asks him to come downstairs as its Papaji’s birthday today. Ashish and Jaya are havign a good time together. Ashish is taking his wife’s photos. She is taking everyone’s signatures on the card she prepared. Papaji is waiting for Shraddha’s call as it is going to be 12. He says its past 12 and she did not call. Shraddha is praying at her home and she prays for her father’s happiness.
Anand blows up balloons. Jaya says she is an expert is blowing up balloons. Shraddha does not call. Her mum is thinking why did not she call him. She says Shradhha is in Singapore. Everyone come and greet him.

They ask him did Shraddha called, they get worried. Mum says this is right, we should talk good always, Papaji says Shraddha is in Singapore and with her family. Maybe she does not want to disturb them. Kittu says yes. Dhruv reminds Shradhha about Papaji’s birthday. Dhruv says we don’t have balance to call Nanu, how will we call him. She says we will record a message for Nanu. Shraddha cries and goes to record the message. She says this is magic and asks Dhruv to speak. Dhruv wishes Happy brithday Nanu. Dhruv asks her why is she crying. She says nothing. Dhruv says you cry for your dad, and when I cry for my dad, you ask me to smile, this is cheating. She says look I m smiling, lets go to sleep. Shraddha sees some papers and thinks how she is pay the rent.

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Papaji is shaping the plants. Mummy ji calls him for the tea. He is annoyed as Shraddha did not call him yet. Papaji says this is because of Bobby, he is not allowing Shraddha to call us. Mummy ji says Bobby and Shraddha love each other, and they are roaming the world since three years. He says yes it is possible, but how can my daughter forget me. They both argue for sugar free tea. She says Kritika went to market to make something special for you. He says did did not she call. Shradhha is making food and ask her servant to bring money from Mr. Patel. Shraddha is worried about the money. Jetli bhai comes to take the rent. He says I want my money else I will take the furniture. He says yes, your husband is not with you, so what, what should I do if you don’t pay. He takes the money from Shraddha. She says I will get the money tomorrow. He says I want money tomorrow. Shraddha is worried. Anand calls Shraddha and the call does not connect. Kritika(Kittu) and Anand are in the car and she holds his hands. He says Kittu keep your hands in the steering. He says you drive like Shraddha. She thinks of Shraddha.

Shraddha is selling off few items of her house. Kittu is bargaining in the market. Anand says why are you bargaining, give him rs 5. He is still trying to call Shraddha. She tells him to call Bobby. He says Bobby will not receive our call. Kritika thinks maybe Shraddha called Papaji.
Papaji is scolding Ashish. Jaya says she asked Ashish to take a leave today. Papaji says I don’t want to celebrate my birthday. Everyone are shocked.

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Shraddha comes to a shop and pays her phone bill. Kittu brings the cake, and Anand says Papa will not cut the cake. She says I will ask Papaji. He is sitting in his room, waitinf for Shraddha’s call. Kittu comes to him and says I have made a good cake for you, He says he won’t cut the cake. Mummy ji says you are not doing this right. Shraddha falls on the road and her phone falls.

Shraddha’s phone gets damaged by a car. She looks at it and cries. Kittu tries to tell Papaji that you should cut the cake. Anand comes and says lets leave. Kittu says ok lets go, there is no value for us. I made the cake but I could not become your daughter. Kittu does emotional talk and Papaji says you are like my daughter. She says you are not giving me any value, you are taking your daughter’s side. He says wait, try to understand, I m annoyed by Shraddha. She says then why are you punishing us, Kittu says am I saying wrong. Papaji looks at the cake and thinks. Kittu says please cut it for my sake. Papaji agrees and says ok I will cut it, now I won’t wait further. His phone rings and says there is a call from Mumbai. Shradda calls and says Papa. He is happy to get her call. He asks how are you, she wishes him happy birthday. The Episode ends on his tensed face.


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