Brave & Beautiful update Thursday 20 August 2020

Brave & Beautiful 20 August 2020: On Brave and Beautiful Thursday 20 August 2020 update, The Episode starts with Shraddha talking to a client. The client scolds her. Shraddha asks the guy to bring money from her. She says I cannot make food now. She is going for the interview. She says Dhruv that I have to do something for the living, and I will make breakfast now.

Jaya tells Shraddha will give all the gifts to Kittu Bhabhi. Kittu makes tea for her in laws. Kittu says she reads their minds. Papa ji says the tea is good. He asks did Anand reach Mumbai. She says no, he is still at the airport. Jaya shouts and says look at this, its a good family photo. Kittu agrees with them. Mummy says the photo could have Shraddha in it, then it would be complete.

Jaya tells this is Shergill’s family photo. Mummy says the woman does not have anything of her. Papa ji says Bobby is not letting her come here. Dhruv is reading the poems, and Shraddha gives him milk. He takes a mock interview of Shraddha. She says she needs the job for Dhruv’s future. She cries and Dhruv hugs her. He says you are the world’s best mum. She asks him to finish the milk. Someone comes and knocks the door, he shouts on Shraddha. Dhruv asks what will happen now. She says don’t worry, I’m with you. She hugs him.

Shraddha is shocked to see Anand. He smiles seeing her. He says I’m looking for my small sister. He enacts their childhood. He says I call her moti. He hugs her. She smiles. He asks how are you, I have seen you the last year. She cries. Dhruv says why are you crying, who will hug me. Anand hugs him too. Shraddha gets tensed. Anand have a good time with Dhruv. Shraddha stops Dhruv from saying about the interview. Shraddha says what you will take, he says water.

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He asks are you fine, how are you living. She says Bobby and I have taken a new flat, so we are shifting. She lies to Anand. Anand says he is happy as she is happy and Bobby is with you.

Mummy ji and Papa ji are going out in the car, she asks him to take her somewhere. He reminds her of their children. Kittu comes there and makes them smile.

Shraddha tells her boss that she could not come for the interview. She comes to know that the job is gone. Anand hears this, Shraddha makes an excuse. Anand looks at her. He tells why will you need a job. Anand gives Dhruv the gifts which he brought for him. Anand says I did not bring anything for you. He then gives her chocolates. She thinks of her childhood. He says why are you seeing moti. She says remember, you fought with me for chocolates. He says yes, I remember. They have a light moment. Shraddha cries. Anand says I can understand your situation. He says we miss you a lot.

Papaji is having medicines, and Kittu’s mum comes. Papa ji jokes that an earthquake came. Kittu’s mum scolds her. Papa ji says you cannot scold my bahu. They sit and have a talk. She asks Papa ji how old is he. She jokes on him. The driver brings sweets for them. Kittu says we don’t like all this. Jaya comes and she says I came to know that you came when I saw the sweets. Papa ji says my brithday has been over. He asks her to take the sweets back. She says please accept it.

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Kittu says Anand went to Mumbai. She says I came to take Kittu for shopping. Mummy ji says she is your daughter, no need to ask, you can take her. She tells about Shraddha. everyone become quiet.
Dhruv tries the clothes which Kittu bought for him. Anand says Kittu tries to make everyone happy. She felt sadness in your voice, so she has sent me, and thank god everything is fine here. She says its good Kittu is with all of them.

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