Brave And Beautiful update Wednesday 14 October 2020 Star life, Papa saying Kittu that your mum cannot come to our house from today. He turns and sees Kittu’s parents coming. He gets angry seeing Kamini. Everyone gather in the hall. Kittu’s dad apologizes for everything.

Shraddha comes. Kamini also apologizes to Papa saying I m ashamed of what I did yesterday. She tells Shraddha she did not want to hurt her and she never thought bad about them, but it happened. Anand says you could have stopped your friends. She says I love Shraddha as I love Kittu. Mummy says stop it, end this talk here. Kamini says trust me, I m always with you all. She says I gave money to Anand. Everyone are shocked. Papa asks what money. Kittu is tensed. Anand says when did I take money from you. Papa also asks her. Anand asks Kittu why did you take money. Kamini says why are you scolding Kittu, she tried to save your work. Anand is shocked.

Kittu starts crying. Anand asks how much. Kamini says two lakhs rupees. Anand says so you gave Bobby the money. Everyone are shocked and looks at Kittu. Kamini says why did Kittu lie to me. Mummy says Kittu did this for Shraddha’s happiness. Kamini and her husband argue on it. Kamini taunts Papa. Shraddha tries to let this issue go. Papa says see whats saying. Papa says why did you do this Kittu. Kamini says Kittu did this for all of you. Anand says Kittu’s dad to take Kamini and leave. Kamini says how can I go. Papa says we all are here with Kittu, don’t worry about her. Kamini and her husband leave. Papa gets angry on them. Kittu apologizes to Papa. “this update is a copyright © content for Blasters Series” Papa says don’t call me Papa, I did not expect this from you. Papa leaves in anger. Shraddha runs after Papa. Anand asks Kittu to stay away.
Kittu cries. Shraddha takes Kittu’s side. Papa says what was the need for her to take money from Kamini. Anand says how can Mummy lie to me, and Kittu took my name infront of her parents. Kamini says Kittu did this for Shraddha. Anand gets angry on Kittu. Mummy tries to explain him why Kittu did this. Anand and Papa say we cannot forgive Kittu. Mummy says Kittu is your wife Anand, end this issue here itself. She says talk to Kittu well.
Ashish tells Kittu I understand why you did so. Mummy asks Kittu to go to talk to Anand. She comes to her room and sees Anand angry.She tries to talk to Anand but his mood is bad. She says I was going to tell you, but Mummy and Shraddha stopped me from telling you. She says don’t be annoyed with me. Anand says stay away from me. He says what happened after you helped Bobby. He says you have ruined Shraddha’s life. He says I told you that I don’t trust him, but you trusted him more than me. He says what did you want, that Shraddha goes from here. He says you did not help Shraddha, but got me insulted infront of your parents. Kittu cries. Anand leaves.
Kamini argues with her husband. She says they all might be scolding Kittu. He says why did you tell them about money. She says its good that I came to know that Kittu helped Bobby. She says Kittu is bearing the pain because of Shraddha. She says why did Shraddha wear Kittu’s set. He says Papa is angry on you but he thinks of Kittu as his daughter, its Kittu’s family. He asks Kamini to stay away from Kittu’s family. Shraddha comes to Kittu and they talk about Anand. Shraddha says you don’t worry, I will talk to Anand. Shraddha says you will make them happy soon. They won’t be annoyed with you. Kittu makes tea for Papa and goes to give it to him.
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