Brave And Beautiful update Tuesday 13 October 2020 Star life, starts with Kamini insulting Shraddha and her family because of the diamond necklace. Papa argues with Kamini. Kamini says you all should have let Kittu wear this set, Mummy apologizes to her.

Shraddha and Kittu cry. Kamini says you all say Kittu as your daughter and take necklaces from her. Papa stops Kamini and shouts on her. Everyone looks on. Papa says stop it else we will forget that you are Kittu’s mum. Kittu’s dad stops Kamini. Mummy takes out the necklace from Shraddha’s neck and gives it back to Kamini. Shraddha looks at Mummy while she takes the necklace and earrings off her. Kamini gets angry. Mummy taunts her well enough. Mummy hugs Shraddha and says we are taking our pride with us. Mummy asks Shraddha to come with them. Anand asks Kittu lets leave. Everyone leave the party. All the guests looks on. Kittu leaves too seeing her mum.

Everyone come back home. Kittu tries to talk to Mummy but she leaves. Kittu comes to hall where everyone are standing, Kittu talks to Papa. Papa says I thought everyone would be happy today, but what your mum did was not right. Kittu apologizes on her mum’s behalf. Anand says why did you let Shradda wear that set. Kittu says what could I do, I did not feel good to tell you that I was willing to wear it. Ishaan asks jaya not to speak. Kittu apologizes to Shraddha. Shraddha tells its not your mistake. I regret that your party got ruined because of me. Anand says not you, because of Kamini. Shraddha asks Anand not to waste this day. Shraddha asks Papa to talk well with Kittu. Ashish and Ishaan says Shraddha is right. Kittu cries.
Papa wishes Kittu and blesses her. Papa hugs Kittu while everyone looks on. He says you all enjoy, I will go and talk to Mummy, she is very upset. Shraddha asks Anand to take Kittu for a long drive. Anand is not in a good mood. He leaves while Kittu looks at him.
Kittu comes to Anand and stops him saying we still have time to celebrate our anniversary. he says your mum has crossed her limits. Kittu apologizes to him. She says now everyone forgot this. He says Shraddha is hiding her pain because of us. Kittu says I understand but what should I do. Anand is still upset and says I don’t want to argue. Kittu says ok, we will not argue. Anand says forget all this and change your mood. She asks about her gift. She shows him the gift that she bought for him. She wishes him happy anniversary. Anadn throws the gift outside the window and sleeps. Kittu cries.
jaya is thinking about the food that was there in the party. Ashish says are you not worried about Shraddha. jaya says what happened with her. Mummy overreacted. Ashish gets angry on jaya. jaya says this will continue till Shraddha remarries. Shraddha comes to Mummy and thinks about Mummy’s words. Shraddha thinks that called Mummy a stepmother. Mummy is very upset thinking about what happend in the party.
Shraddha sees Mummy crying and sits beside her. Mummy feels her presence. Shraddha says you have to think about Kittu also. Are you annoyed with Kittu. Kittu will feel bad if you don’t talk to her. Mummy says I m not annoyed with Kittu. I’m angry seeing the situation. Mummy says I m worried about you. Shraddha says I did a mistake, I have been adamant and walked like a blind, so getting punished now. She says yours Shraddha.
Mummy says my Shraddha? Shraddha says you have always stopped me from marrying Bobby, trusting him, but why not today. She says you always knew Bobby was not right for me. Mummy says I always prayed for you. Shraddha says I felt good that you fought with
Kamini. I saw my mum in you today. Mummy feels happy. Shraddha hugs her and apologizes to her saying its my mistake. Papa sees her and cries with happiness. Mummy cries too. Papa smiles. Kittu comes in the garden and sees her gift fallen there. She picks up the photo frame and hugs it.
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