Brave And Beautiful 15 October 2020 Star life update, Kittu bring tea for Papa. Papa leaves in anger. Kittu feels sad. Mummy and Shraddha consoles her saying Papa won’t be annoyed for longer. Shraddha says now you get annoyed with him, don’t go to him if he calls you. They ask Kittu not to do anything. Kittu smiles. Anand comes to meet Mr. Bhall. He waits for him in the lobby. He thinks how he got married to Kittu. He thinks about Kamini’s words. He tries to meet some lady. He meets jasmeet. jaya gives the updates of whats happening in the house to Kamini. Kamini talks to jaya and says I understand what you are thinking. Kamini scolds her and asks her to make tea. jasmeet and Anand meet and they are shocked to know each other. They are friends and are happy for meet. She asks are you married. He says yes. She talks to him sweetly and jokes with him. She reminds him of Kamal Chopra. She says I could not recognize him, but you look good. Anand says you did not change. He says I want to know about this case. She says I will not spare Bobby.

She is a lawyer. She asks how many kids do you have. He says none. She asks is everything fine. He says I m happy with Kittu. They have a general talk. She says why are you so shy, you are talking about your own wife. Anand says I want to free my sister from Bobby at any cost. She says don’t worry, Bobby will get punished. But divorce is not easy. She says Shraddha has a son also. The kid will find it more difficult to accept this.
Kamini tells her husband about what jaya told him. He asks her how do you know. She says even Anand is not talking to Kittu. She asks him to call Kittu. He scolds her and says whats the big deal, couple fight and then they patch up. He says Papa loves Kittu a lot. He asks her to make tea for her. She leaves. Mummy brings tea for Papa and Papa asks jaya for the tea. jaya brings tea for him. Papa does not like the tea and asks is this tea. jaya says I cannot make anything good. Only Kittu can make good tea. She says you can drink Kittu’s handmade tea. Papa says no. Papa tells jaya to see how Kittu makes the tea. jaya says I will have to make it. Papa says yes, food also. Papa sees Shraddha and Kittu hiding.”this update is a copyright © content for Blasters Series”
Papa says so you all are planning against me, its disgusting. Shraddha comes there and asks Papa to forgive Kittu. She says Kittu did this for me, Kittu is sad since morning, and you are not noticing it. Even I made mistakes and you have forgiven me, then why not Kittu. PApa says yes, Kittu is my daughter, I m not happy being annoyed with her. He says I have to take some time. Shraddha laughs. Kittu comes to Papa and says be angry on me, not on my tea. Kittu says shall I make the tea. Papa says yes, I will drink the tea nothing else. Everyone smiles. Kittu gets happy. Shraddha tells Kittu that Papa is like Dhruv. Kittu thanks Shraddha for helping her. Shraddha says it was Mummy’s idea. Kittu smiles seeing Shraddha talk about Mummy. Kittu says its good. Shraddha says I came to see Mummy’s love in the party. Kittu hugs Shraddha. Papa is playing chess with Ashish. Anand comes home. Anand says he spoke to the lawyer, everything is fine, I have to take Shraddha tomorrow. Mummy says tell Kittu. He says I will take her. Papa says tell the lawyer to end this issue soon.
Kittu comes there with the tea. Shraddha talks to Anand. Anand’s mood is off and he leaves. Anand talks to his friend on phone. Shraddha comes to Anand. He asks her to be ready tomorrow as they have to go to the lawyer. He says the lawyer is his school friend. Anand says you are taking leave for me. He says yes. Shraddha says why are you annoyed with Kittu. He says don’t take her side. Shraddha says what did she do, she did it for my happiness. She says talk to her, she is disturbed. Anand says she lied to me, she did not trust me. She went to her mum to ask money because I told her no, where is the trust, how can I forget this. Shraddha says even I made a mistake by not trusting you, but you did not get annoyed with me. Kittu is apologizing for her mistake. Kittu comes and says sorry. Anand says what you did I cannot…. He leaves. He goes to his car for sleeping.
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