Brave And Beautiful update Monday 12 October 2020 Star life, Anand saying Shraddha that Kittu won’t have any problem if she wears Kittu’s set. Shraddha asks Kittu what are you wearing. Anand asks Kittu to wear something else. Anand helps Kittu wear the set. Anand says lets go soon. Kittu smiles. Papa calls Anand to hurry up. They reach the venue. Kamini throws a grand party. There are many guests asking for Kittu. The women say we want to see Kittu’s diamond set. Kamini and her husband welcomes the guests. Kamini sees the diamond set with Shraddha. She gets angry. She stares at Shraddha. She looks at Kittu angrily. She takes Kittu with her and asks her what did you do, I asked you to wear the set. Kittu says she did not know about this, we will talk about it later. Kamini says I had to show that set to my guests. Kittu says we will talk later about this. Don’t talk to Shraddha about the necklace. Kamini says I m angry on you. Kittu says I m angry on my brother who said he is not going to come. Mummy says you are forgetting us because of Kunal and laughs.

Kamini sees the necklace and says it is suiting Shraddha. She asks the kids to sing and dance. Ishaan and Ashish tells Papa that Anand has not said I love you to Kittu till now. Papa jokes. Everyone laughs. Papa says I love you darling to Mummy. Shraddha says today Anand will say I love you infront of us. Everyone tease Anand. Kittu smiles. Papa asks Anand to tell it. Everyone insists. Dhruv calls Anand boring and asks him to tell it to Kittu.
Papa says now a kid is telling you, come on, tell it. Anand agrees and looks at Kittu. He goes to Kittu and all the lights are on them. They get close and look into each other’s eyes. Anand says I have heard Mummy Papa saying this, that if you were not in my life, it would have not been like this. He says since you came in my life, my life got changed. Now, I understand why Papa says this to Mummy. He says you completed me Kittu. Life is beautiful because of you. Kittu smiles. She sits on his knees and takes her hand and says I love you Kittu. Kittu is on cloud nine. Music plays in the background. He kisses her hand and they have an eyelock. Kittu hugs him. They imagine themselves hanging around and having fun. Dhruv says over, now leave her. Everyone laughs and claps for them.
Anand and Kittu, and everyone clap for Mummy and Papa, as they dance. Anand and Kittu also dance on a song. Everyone dance with them. Papa is happy seeing Shraddha happy and dancing. Kittu’s dad says its good you brought Shraddha. Kamini’s friends ask Kamini about Kittu’s necklace. Kamini says Shraddha is wearing Kittu’s necklace. Kamini gets angry. Shraddha comes to call Kamini but Kamini and her friends taunt Shraddha.
Shraddha fells bad and cries. Mummy sees this. Mummy comes and hears them talking against Shraddha. Kamini says Bobby left Shraddha and she sold her jewellery. Mummy stops Kamini saying what is this, what are you doing with my daughter. Kamini says I was showing this set to my friends. Mummy scolds them. Kamini says Shraddha is wearing Kittu’s necklace. Everyone notice this and are shocked.
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