Brave And Beautiful 25 August 2020: On Brave & Beautiful Tuesday 25 August 2020 Written update, Anand thanking Kittu for everything she did for Shraddha. He cries, Kittu says don’t cry. I saw papa crying too for the first time.

If I see you cry, then.. She pacifies him. She says everyone needs us, if we cry then how will it be. He says our responsibility has increased. She asks him to go and sit with Papa. Anand goes to Papa. Jaya sees him and send Ashish. Ashish says he is angry on Bobby, he feels like beating Bobby. Jaya says if you want to do anything, go to Papa. He says yes Papa needs us. She says Anand also went to Papa’s room. She tells will they keep Shraddha here with us. He is shocked.

Shraddha is in her room, seeing Papa’s room and cries. Mummy sees her crying and she goes to Kittu. She shows her Shraddha crying, and Kittu goes to Shraddha. Shraddha feels her presence and stops crying. Kittu says you cry, you will feel light. This is our house, Shraddha cries. Kittu says I made your fav. food, lets go.


Anand is with Papa, Dhruv comes there with Ishaan. Dhruv takes a CD from Ishaan and he is after it. Anand tells Dhruv to give back the CD. Dhruv says he is going to Shraddha. Papa speaks against Bobby. Anand says Shraddha is devastated. Papa is angry and says he will sent Bobby to Jail. Anand says Bobby and Shraddha are separated from one year, and Shraddha does not know about Bobby. Papa and Ashish are shocked.

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Kittu and Mummy are making food, Kittu says I know Shraddha, but why are you both so distant. She says fate, I became mum to all, but not Shraddha, I tried a lot, but could not. After Bobby’s scene, Shraddha feels I told Zorawar against Bobby. Kittu says you try again. Mummy says I spoke to her to come for your marriage, but she did not come. If I did not tell her, she would have come. Kittu smiles and says situation will change, we will change it.
Papa enters with Shraddha to the dining table. Dhruv comes. Everyone are happy. Jaya tells Shraddha a guest. Papa scolds Jaya. Kittu says Shraddha is not a guest. Everything is Shraddha’s. Dhruv says we are guests, when my dad comes back, we will go. Papa says your dad will not come back.

Mummy says Kittu has made Shraddha’s fav food, Kittu serves Shraddha. The family has a funny scene. Dhruv asks Kittu do you also do tiffin work, Kittu asks what do you mean. Dhruv says Shraddha used to provide food to others as her work. Everyone are shocked. Dhruv says Mumma used to do this to pay my school fees. Shraddha is embarrassed. He says Patel uncle has not even given us money. Papa asks Shraddha about this. He gets angry. Mummy asks him not to get angry. Papa says she is my daughter, she prepared food for others. Shraddha cries. He asks why, she says to earn a living, to pay Dhruv’s school fees, to pay the house rent. Shraddha lives from the table. Anand goes to her.

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Papa is shattered. He says Shraddha made food for others for money. Mummy says she went through all this alone, she did not tell this. Kittu says its good Anand went Mumbai on time, else she would be in same state. Dhruv says Mumma did this waiting for dad. Dhruv tells Mumma could not pay the rent, that is why we were out of the house, if Mama did not come, we would have been somewhere else. Mummy goes to Dhruv and says this is your house. Kittu says we will live together. Papa gets angry listening to this.

Anand hugs Shraddha, she says I did not want to come here. Anand says Papa knows now, end it, he will be upset and then he will be fine.
Dhruv comes to Shraddha and says he had good food. Shraddha scolds him. Kittu comes and says he is a kid. Kittu sends Dhruv with Anand, and brings food for Shraddha. Shraddha cries, Kittu says Dhruv does not know what is pain. Kittu makes Shraddha smile. Kittu makes her eat food. Kittu requests her not to cry. If you smile, Papa will smile, and if you are happy, everyone will be happy. Kittu says Papa is angry as he did not knew your pain. Kittu asks her to smile.
The Episode ends on Shraddha’s smile.


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