Brave And Beautiful Thursday 8 October 2020 Written update: Shraddha seeing Anand and Kittu’s marriage album. It reminds her of her marriage. She says I cannot hear people’s comment.

Everyone will have to hear the taunts because of me. Shraddha asks Dhruv to take the album outside, as she does not want to see it. Kittu comes there and hears this. Papa gets a call from Kamini. She says I called to talk to your wife. Papa says talk to me, I want to come as if we came in Anand’s marriage. Kamini says I will arrange it well. She tells him her plan. Papa jokes with her. Kamini names Shraddha, she tells him to bring Shraddha. Papa says Shraddha will come, Kamini gets worried. She tells what will Shraddha feel after coming here, she will recollect her marriage, I m worried about her. Papa gets worried. He gives the phone to Mummy. Papa thinks about Kamini’s words and gets sad.

Dhruv tells Kittu that Shraddha stopped him from seeing the album. Kittu sends him downstairs to Mummy and Papa. Dhruv leaves. Shraddha says I.. Kittu says I understand and hugs her.
Mummy tells Papa that Kittu’s brother Kunal is coming. He is coming for Kittu’s anniversary, Kamini is very happy and calling many guests. Papa says should we go. Can we face the society, are we ready for it, if anyone tells anything to Shraddha, I won’t bear it, I will do anything. Mummy says from where are you worrying about the society. He says children’s sadness weakens me. Dhruv comes and tells them about Shraddha. Mummy says lets see it together. Papa is still thinking about it. Mummy says why are you so worried. Papa says will Shraddha be happy in anniversary party. Shraddha will feel more in the party. Mummy says we will be doing injustice to Kittu if we don’t go in party. Kittu is our bahu, she has some wishes, as we don’t want to hurt Shraddha, we have to think about Kittu also. That day means a lot to Kittu. Why should Anand sacrifice his happiness because of us. Don’t worry about the society, one day Shraddha has to face the society and we are with her.

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Kittu gets her mum’s call. Kamini asks her did Kunal call. Kittu says no. Kamini says he will give you a surprise. Kittu asks what. Kamini says Kunal is coming to India on your anniversary. Kittu becomes happy. Kamini says Kunal loves you a lot. Kittu talks about Shraddha, Kamini gets upset.

Ishaan asks Anand what gift he bought for Kittu. Shraddha asks Ishaan about his gift. Everyone laughs on him. Ishaan says give me money for shopping. Shraddha scolds him. Ishaan says I m not earning, when I earn I will gift you. Ashish says they have bought the gifts. Ashish and jaya discuss about the gift. Anand gives money to Ishaan. jaya asks Shraddha about her gift. Shraddha becomes silent. Kittu scolds jaya. Kittu says Shraddha does not need to gift us. Ishaan and Ashish says even Shraddha has to gift them. Anand says don’t worry. Shraddha says they are right, I have already given him the gift. Anand hugs Shraddha. Kittu asks show us all. Anand shows nothing. Anand says its a wish. Anand gets emotional. Shraddha smiles. Everyone smile. Kittu asks for the gift too. Shraddha gives her wish to Kittu as well. Kittu hugs her.

Dhruv asks Shraddha what wish she gave to Anand and Kittu. Shraddha says that they stay together. She says we should bless them always, to make their life beautiful. Ishaan and Ashish thinks of giving surprise to Anand and Kittu. Anand comes to his room while everyone are seeing them from another door. They have a laugh. Anand thinks of saying Kittu that he loves her. He rehearses. Kittu comes there and asks whats special today. Anand says its going to be 12. Kittu says you are so unromantic. Kittu hugs him. Everyone laughs. Kittu says you did not even tell me I love you, you can say today. Anand says is it necessary, don’t I care for you. Kittu says these words are special, say it. Anand says I.. Happy anniversary Kittu. Everyone laughs. Kittu says you have to say. Anand tries saying but… Kittu insists. Anand says I.. Dhruv comes and says shame shame, you don’t even know to say I love you. Everyone come out and wish them I love you.


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