Brave and Beautiful Teasers February 2021 Starlife

On the Finale episodes, Kamini apologises into Shraddha, and Takes her and Dhruv while Kritika and Kunal forgive Kamini for the misdeeds. Coming up on Brave and Beautiful February 2021 Teasers:

Brave and Beautiful Teasers February 2021 Starlife

Monday 1 February 2021
Episode 219
Kamini’s mom and mother-in-law prohibit her from fulfilling Kritika. Purshottam indicates Kunal to remain in the flat he has bought in Kunal’s title. The Shergill household spends some decent moments with one another. Kritika drops off the staircase.

Episode 220
The physician checks Kritika, also indicates her to experience a sonography. Ishaan learns he is not Zorawar’s son on overhearing Amrit and Kritika’s conversation.

Tuesday 2 February 2021
Episode 221
Ishaan gets mad about understanding that he’s not Zorawar’s son. Shraddha and Kunal attempt to talk to Ishaan, but in vain. Ashish and Anand have a debate whether Kritika will probably be giving birth to a baby boy or a baby girl whilst Shraddha decides not to change into Kunal’s apartment.

Episode 222
The Shergill household makes the decision to host a celebration in Kritika’s honor. Ishaan decides to leave the home. Amrit orders her loved ones to not stop Ishaan.

Wednesday 3 February 2021
Episode 223
Zorawar shares his feelings with Ishaan, and apologises to him for concealing the facts.

Episode 224
The Shergill family gets delighted after Zorawar and Ishaan return. Jaya decides to go to her maternal home, and asks her friend, Bubbly, to telephone Amrit, faking as her mum. Ashish learns about Jaya’s purpose, and faces her. The girls of this Shergill family challenge the guys to cook meals.

Thursday 4 February 2021
Season Finale!
Shraddha and Kunal rescue Kritika from becoming burnt. Zorawar and Amrit convince Kamini to reunite with her kids. Kamini apologises into Shraddha, and takes her and Dhruv. Kritika and Kunal forgive Kamini for her misdeeds. The Shergill family reunites.




Brave And Beautiful Starlife Full Story:

Shraddha, the sole daughter of Delhi-based Colonel Zorwar Shergil, chased her boyfriend Bobby contrary to her family’s wishes and begins living with him in Mumbai. They’ve a son called Dhruv and Shraddha touch base with her brother Anand’s spouse Kritika”Kittu”.A while afterwards, imagining Shraddha of being trouble, Kittu convinces Anand to pay her a surprise trip at Mumbai where Anand finds that Bobby has abandoned Shraddha and Dhruv to fend for themselves and Shraddha is trying hard to make ends meet.

After a few hurdles, Shraddha procures a divorce from Bobby with assistance from Anand’s attorney buddy Jas along with Kittu’s brother Kunal. Kunal and Shraddha fall in love but his mum Kamini attempts to maintain them apart not needing a divorced single mum to get a daughter-in-law.

Attempting to do whatever she can for her nanad’s pleasure, Kittu assists Kunal and Shraddha elope however their own families arrive at the nick of time. Zorawar compels Shraddha to select between him Kunal and she leaves a heartbroken Kunal for her loved ones.This worsens the association between Kittu and Anand, that blame Kittu for the circumstance. Kittu makes the decision to proceed to her parents’ house until she wins Anand’s esteem and hope.

Feeling sorry for Kittu, Kunal and Shraddha staff around spot things for her Anand and inform Anand that Kittu is pregnant. Anand begins caring for Kittu and brings her property. Following some confusion, Anand realises Kittu isn’t pregnant and accuses her of not deserving his hope, oblivious that she had no function in the strategy. From the time Jas clarifies the situation , Kittu has gone lost. They reconcile and return.

After a few hurdles, she eventually accepts Shraddha. The series ends on a happy note as Kittu admits her pregnancy.

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