Brave And Beautiful 31 August 2020 Written update, Papa spending time with Dhruv. Papa asks Ishaan to search for Bobby on internet. Ishaan shows Bobby’s profile on facebook. Papa thinks he will talk to Bobby once. Kamini calls jaya and talks to her, as Kittu is not receiving her call. jaya tells her Shraddha’s struggle. Kamini’s husband comes and she cuts the call. He asks her with whom she was talking. Papa asks Ishaan to ask Bobby where he is. Papa asks him to write what he says. He says Bobby where are you, and how are you, come to Delhi soon, Shraddha and Dhruv are with us and Dhruv misses you. If there is some problem, let me know. Ishaan sends his message to Bobby. Ishaan says Bobby is not online, when he comes online, he will read the message and reply to us. Papa is tensed, thinking if he would have talked today, Shraddha would have become happy.

Anand and Shraddha are recollecting their childhood and seeing their photos. Kittu sees them and laughs. Kittu comes to the room. Anand asks Shraddha to ignore what Kittu’s mum told. She says don’t say Kittu anything. Kittu hears their talk. Kittu smiles watching the pillow fight between Shraddha and Anand. Anand sees the chocolates and calls her Moti. He says if I take your chocolates then, he teases her on chocolates. Ishaan and Papa hear Shraddha and Anand’s voice and comes in the hall. Everyone are happy to see them. The brothers don’t give Shraddha the chocolates. Papa says no one can tease my daughter, Papa takes the chocolates from Anand, and gives it to Shraddha. Papa scolds the brothers. Shraddha laughs. Papa says ?I have seen her smile after a long time. Shraddha hugs Papa. Kittu says its fun. Anand takes the chocolates again, Mummy scolds Anand. Papa says he is happy seeing Shraddha’s smile and announces that they all will go to picnic tomorrow. Everyone are happy.

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Kittu says Mummy that Shraddha’s smile should be forever. Mummy says yes, her pain will slowly fade out. Dhruv wakes up. Shraddha comes to him, Dhruv asks what is happening, she says Nanu is very happy, as I smiles today. She tells him about the stories, saying Nana is the king, and I’m the princess. She tells him about the picnic. He says he is going to Nani. Shraddha stops him. Dhruv leaves saying I will sleep in Nani’s room.


Kittu tries to talk with Anand. As Anand is annoyed with her. Anand shows the gift which he brought for Shraddha. He tells her about their childhood. Anand enacts Papa. Kittu laughs. She tells Papa has become very happy seeing Shraddha’s smile. She asks him how he made Shraddha laugh. He says it was like we used to fight in childhood. Kittu plans to take Shraddha to the market. Anand sees her. She asks what are you seeing, Anand feels sorry for his behavior, he says sorry to Kittu. Kittu says its ok, but she felt bad. He says I’m sad for Shraddha. Kittu says I knew it. They both end their fight. She says enough, lets forget it. We should see Shraddha and become happy for her. Anand smiles. He thanks Kittu. She asks him to wear the blue shirt on the picnic.

Papa comes and asks Mummy that how will he play with Shraddha. Mummy says everyone will play. Dhruv asks Papa not to disturb them. Shraddha comes to their room. Shraddha asks Dhruv to let Mummy sleep. Mummy says I’m not feeling sleepy. Shraddha and Mummy talk to each other indirectly via Dhruv. Dhruv tells Papa why are they not talking directly. Papa says they talk like this and we have to get stuck. Shraddha and Mummy smile. Papa asks Shraddha to leave Dhruv in her room. Shraddha is shocked to know that Mummy is sleeping on the sofa. Shraddha says you both shift back to your room. Shraddha insists. Papa says why are you adamant, Shraddha says tonight. Dhruv says I will sleep with Nani. Mummy smiles.

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