Brave And Beautiful Monday 24th August 2020 Written update

Brave And Beautiful 24 August 2020: On Brave And Beautiful Monday 24th August 2020 Written update, The Episode starts with Anand and Shraddha being on the way to Delhi. Everyone are getting ready to welcome Shraddha. Mummy says she did not become close to Shraddha.

Papa always told Shraddha to be his daughter, not ours. Kittu says everything will be fine. Papa is calling her, and she comes. Papa calls everyone and tells them no one will look as low towards Shraddha. Kittu says yes, I will hugs her and she will forget her pain. Ashish says how can we manage in one car. Mummy says I will wait. Kittu says no. Papa asks Kittu and jaya to wait. Kittu gets disheartened but says ok, I will wait here to welcome her, and I will prepare a good dish for her. Papa and everyone reaches the airport. Anand and Shraddha come outside the airport. Shraddha sees Papa and Mummy waiting for her. She smiles seeing them. Papa also sees Shraddha and smiles. Shraddha hugs Papa. Mummy looks on.

Papa asks Shraddha not to cry as she cries a lot. Papa says I will not let anything happen to you. Shraddha says I want to hold your finger and learn how to walk. Papa says I will give you every happiness. He promises her. Papa sees Dhruv and goes to him. Shraddha sees Mummy and looks at her. Mummy hugs her. Papa says lets go home. Shraddha says did anyone get hurt when I am returning home. Papa says ok, everyone are waiting for you. Ashish and Ishaan hug Shraddha. jaya says Papa has not given us priority, we don’t have any value. jaya says Papa will give full value to Shraddha. Kittu says no, its not like that, I have seen them since two years. Kittu tells jaya that Papa ji will give the love to all. Kittu speaks in favour of Papa ji.

Shraddha arrives with everyone. Papa welcomes her to their house. Shraddha sees her house and cries. She thinks of how she fought with Mummy and Papa for Bobby. Kittu welcomes her.
Kittu asks her to come inside. Shraddha thinks of the past. She looks at Mummy. Ashish asks her to move forward. She enters the house. jaya hugs her. Dhruv meets jaya and thinks he met her one year ago. Papa shows Shraddha her room. Papa asks everyone to leave, as he wants to spend some time with Shradda. Everyone leaves.

Kittu notices Papa to be very happy, she says our parents also get happy when they see us. Kittu explains jaya that we all have value. Papa talks to Shraddha and tells her when you were small, you used to take my support. Shraddha says yes. I remember. She cries. He says I will always be there for you. She says Should I hurt you always, till when papa. He says you have rest and leaves. Papa comes in the hall and cries.

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