Brave And Beautiful Friday 9 October 2020 Written update: The Episode starts with everyone joking and having fun with Anand and Kittu. Mummy and Papa blesses them and asks them to live for each other.

Anand and Kittu greet them and touches their feet. Everyone asks Anand to tell it to Kittu. Papa asks what is it. Everyone laughs. jaya calls Ashish. He asks what. She asks him to bring her dress. He says can I bring it later. She insists. He says ok I will bring it. Kittu asks Papa to wear something different in the party. Kittu decides his clothes. Dhruv comes to Shraddha and asks her what she is wearing today. She says first I will make you get ready. Kittu brings Shraddha’s dress. Shraddha is worried. Kittu asks why are you worried about the anniversary. Anand calls Kittu and she leaves.

Shraddha thinks about Kamini’s words. Kittu is happy as her brother is coming on her anniversary. Anand and Kittu have an eyelock. He says Kittu, we will go on a long drive after the party. Kittu says really, if Papa disagrees. He says I will tell Papa. Anand shows a ring to Kittu. She thanks him. Anand says promise me that you will support me always. Kittu smiles. Anand kisses on her cheeks. Kittu closes her eyes and smiles. The scene chancges as its just Kittu’s dream. Anand asks where were you lost, she jokes. Papa is ready and asks Mummy how am I looking. read full updates daily only at Mummy says dashing, they have a dance together in the lawn. Dhruv comes and says will you dance with me. Mummy says you dance with Shraddha. Shraddha comes. Papa says why are you not ready, we have to leave in 10 minutes. She sends dhruv and talks to Papa saying I think I should not go to the party. Mummy and Papa are shocked. Mummy asks why, Papa asks did anyone say anything. Shraddha says nothing, I was feeling tensed, I think I should be at home. Shraddha leaves. Mummy says now? Papa says even we will not go. Mummy says what will we say to Anand and Kittu.

Everyone are ready for the party. Anand asks about Shraddha. Papa comes and says Shraddha is not going. Anand asks why. Papa says she feels if anyone talks about Bobby, then what. Kittu comes to Shraddha and hears their talk. Anand says we all won’t go if she does not. jaya asks why not, did Kamini told you not to come. Shraddha is tensed. Shraddha says Kamini did not tell me anything, Papa says we won’t come, we will stay with Shraddha, you all go. Kittu is annoyed and says this is not fair, you are not thinking about us. Mummy and Papa think what to do, Kittu says we will celebrate the anniversary at home. We will call my parents here, I will make a cake at home. Shradha says but… Kittu says you all have to listen to me. They say your mum has invited the guests too, what about them. Kittu says they are not important than Shraddha. Kittu calls her dad and says Shraddha does not want to come there, we have decide to celebrate the anniversary at home.

He says don’t worry, your mum will invite Shraddha. Kamini comes to know everything, she gets worried. He asks her to invite Shraddha. Kamini says what is this, why are you not coming, you have to come. She taunts her indirectly. She says I will be waiting for you. Shraddha agrees. Everyone are happy. Kittu talks to her mum and asks about her brother’s arrival. Kittu decides her jewellery, jaya likes that set. Kittu goes to Shraddha. Papa and Anand decide how they will go to the party. Shraddha comes there dressed for the party. Mummy says she is looking very beautiful.

Mummy asks her why she is not wearing any jewellery. Shraddha says I sold it for Dhruv’s admission. Mummy says wear my set. Anand says no mummy, I will bring Kittu’s jewellery. Shraddha says no, but he insists. Anand takes the same set which Kittu wanted to wear. jaya does not tell him that Kittu was going to wear it. Kittu comes there and sees her set. Kittu thinks about her mum’s words.


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