Brave and Beautiful August Teasers 2020 Star life

Brave and Beautiful August Teasers 2020 Star life: Starlife new series Brave and Beautiful premieres on the 18th of August at 6pm with new daily episodes from Mondays to Fridays. Read Brave and Beautiful August 2020 Teasers below.

Brave And Beautiful Starlife

Brave And Beautiful Starlife

Starlife Brave and Beautiful August Teasers 2020 

Tuesday 18  August  2020 
Episode 1
Kritika prepares a birthday card for Colonel Shergill and gets it signed by Ishaan, Ashish and Jaya. Colonel waits for Shraddha’s call. Shraddha does not call her father, due to lack of money. She does not have enough money to pay her rent. Shergill becomes upset, waiting for her call to wish him. Jetli comes to ask Shraddha for the rent. Kritika convinces Shergill to cut the cake. Shraddha manages to call her father to wish him on his birthday.

Wednesday 19  August  2020
Episode 2
Shergill becomes happy after talking to his daughter, over the phone, and cuts the cake. Shraddha sings a birthday song for her father. Bhavna asks Shraddha to inform her family about her financial crisis. Kritika realises that Shraddha was upset, and asks Anand to meet her. Dhruv asks Shraddha if they can have Shergill’s birthday cake. Shraddha makes a cake for him. Anand leaves for Mumbai and plans to meet Shraddha. He takes gifts for Shraddha and Dhruv.

Thursday 20 August 2020
Episode 3
Shraddha rehearses for her interview, with Dhruv. Jetli threatens her to pay the rent. Anand arrives at Shraddha’s house. Shraddha forbids Dhruv from telling Anand about her interview. Anand questions her on seeing the house in a mess. Shraddha lies to him that they are shifting to another flat, bought by Bobby. Anand presents gifts to her and Dhruv. Kritika’s mother, Kamini, comes home to wish Zorawar. Zorawar becomes upset when she speaks about Shraddha.

Friday 21 August 2020
Episode 4
Anand becomes glad on thinking that Bobby is keeping Shraddha happy. As he goes to a nearby shop, Jetli comes with his men to vacate Shraddha’s apartment. Shraddha goes downstairs to stop Anand from witnessing the same. However, Anand reaches home and finds the men vacating the house. Bhavna mistakes Anand for one of Jetli’s men and tells him that Bobby left Shraddha and sold the house. She suggests Anand to take Shraddha home, along with him. Anand tells Kritika about Shraddha’s condition.

Monday 24  August   2020 
 Episode 5
Kritika asks Anand to take Shraddha home. She informs Zorawar about Shraddha’s situation and convinces him to take her back. Anand seeks an explanation from Shraddha for hiding the truth from them. Shraddha feels ashamed to face her father. Zorawar calls her and asks her to come home. Shraddha worries that Bobby may not like the idea of moving back to Delhi, but Anand is adamant on taking her home. Zorawar and the entire family becomes excited about Shraddha’s return.

Tuesday 25  August  2020 
Episode 6
Shraddha and Dhruv leave for Delhi. Zorawar instructs the family members to behave normally with Shraddha. He receives Shraddha at the airport, and consoles her as she starts crying. Jaya tells Kritika that the family members will start ignoring them as Shraddha is returning home. Kritika assures her that there will not be any such discrimination, in the Shergill house. Kritika welcomes Shraddha home. Zorawar becomes depressed as his daughter did not tell him about her problems, earlier.

Wednesday 26 August 2020
Episode 7
Anand thanks Kritika for sending him to Mumbai. Jaya wonders if Shraddha will be kept at home forever. Zorawar intends to send Bobby to jail. Anand tells him that Bobby has been out of touch for over a year. At the dinner table, Kritika serves Shraddha all her favourite food. Dhruv reveals to the family that Shraddha offered tiffin services to people. He reveals that the money did not make their ends meet. Kritika eases Shraddha’s mood and feeds her dinner.

Thursday 27 August 2020
Episode 8
Kritika tells her mother that Shraddha has returned home. Amrit tells Zorawar that they should have tried to express their love to Shraddha. Shraddha apologises to Zorawar. Zorawar asks her to forget the past and move on with her life. Ashish suggests her to file a divorce petition. Kritika suggests them that they should talk to Bobby, before taking a decision. Dhruv overhears Anand saying that Bobby is dead for them. Kritika tells him that he misunderstood Anand.

Friday 28 August 2020
Episode 9
Amrit tells Zorawar to make Shraddha happy. Dhruv tells Shraddha that Amrit brought him clothes and fed him. Amrit promises bedtime stories to Dhruv. Kritika asks Amrit to resolve her differences with Shraddha. Kamini visits the Shergill house to meet Shraddha, and enquires about Bobby. Jaya tells her that Bobby left Shraddha, a year ago. Kamini question her how will they face the society. Kritika forbids her from interfering in her family matters and asks her to leave.

Monday 31 August 2020
Episode 10
Kritika apologises on behalf of Kamini. She tells Shraddha that the family’s happiness depends on her. Anand asks Kritika to inform her mother not to come to the Shergill house, again. Zorawar is worried about how the society will treat Shraddha. He decides to find Bobby and send Shraddha with him. Purshottam yells at Kamini. Anand does not respond to Kritika’s messages. Dhruv recites the lullaby, that Zorawar used to sing to Shraddha. Amrit notices that Anand is upset with Kritika.

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