Big Boss Repo: How to Install BigBoss Repo on iOS iPhone iPad and Cydia

Before i proceed with the process on How to Install BigBoss Repo on iOS iPhone iPad and Cydia, we will first of all discuss what Big Boss Repo is all about, the work of it and how it works.

Big Boss Repo

Big Boss Repo

What is Big boss Repo?

BigBoss repo is among the most popular Cydia resources from where you may download and set up tweaks, add-ons, widgets, topics, and programs on your own jailbroken iOS device. Add to Cydia brand new repositories to get programs unavailable in AppStore. BigBoss Repository is installed by default using Cydia.

Bigboss Repo is otherwise called BigBoss vault, and it is the greatest wellspring of applications and changes in Cydia. Where you can without much of a stretch discover everything to change your iPhone.

How to Add Cydia Big Boss Repo on iOS iPhone And iPad

To know how to do this by yourself, then you can follow the below step by steps guidelines on how to add Bigboss repo on your iOS devices, iPhone and iPad.

Uncommonly, the BigBoss repository is missed out when Cydia is installed but it does happen. But today, you’ll learn how to get it back without stress.

  1.  Launch Cydia to the main screen
  2. Tap on More Package Sources at the bottom
  3. A new window will open with a listing of resources; hunt it for your BigBoss repository. A disclaimer will be on the screen warning you that you simply add repositories to Cydia in your risk
  4. Open Cydia
  5. Tap on Sources on the bottom 
  6.  Edit 
  7.  Add 
  8. Type in this URL –
  9. Add Source 
  10.  Then Cydia will automatically download the source
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If it doesn’t work out as planned, then you have to restore and jailbreak again. You can do this via iTunes and reinstall the jailbreak. If you find this hard to use, then using a more profound jailbreak called Pangu isn’t a bad option.

How to Add a New Repo to Cydia :

  1. Launch Cydia and tap the option for Sources
  2. Tap Edit > Add
  3. In the box, type in this URL exactly as written – . If you do not type this in correctly, the process will fail
  4. Tap Add Source and Cydia will download the repository, adding it back into Cydia. Respring your device and all should be well.


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