Ash Kash Net Worth, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Nationality

Ash Kash Net Worth: Ash Kash is 24 years old and is a resident of her home in the United States. She is a well-known TikTok celebrity and social media influencer. She is also a model, and professional nail technician. She is an entrepreneur.


she has created her own business of acrylic nails known as Heaven Sent Nails. Her name is associated with her Instagram account, which has a lot of modelling and fashion photos. Her pictures are hot, attractive , and hot. She was attacked by a lot of YouTubers over her photos.

As a model Ash Kash promotes products from numerous fashion brands, including Fashion Nova. She shared a picture of her Twitter profile in the year 2020 in which she stated that she was harassed by a lot of people each day with messages of harassment and demanded that they stop.

Ash Kash

Ash Kash

Ash Kash Biography

Real Name Ashaley
Famous for Ash Kash
Nickname Ash
Gender Female
Age 24 Years
Birthday Jan 09, 1998
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Hometown Chicago
Boyfriend Not Known
Husband unmarried
Profession Model
Hobbies Photoshoot
Nationality American

Early Life

Ash Kash was born on 9 January 1998. She’s at aged 23. The place she was raised was Chicago, USA. It is not clear regarding her parents, as she has never revealed any information about them. There isn’t much information regarding her siblings. In addition, there is no details about where she attended school or the college she attended. She graduated. She has always wanted to be model and once she had completed her education, she began her career as model.

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Ash Kash started her career as a model, and has worked with a variety of brands of swimwear. She’s also an Instagram influencer, and has over 2 million fans on the Instagram page. She is also a fashion Nova collaborator and an nail designer.

She also created her own line of nail products named Heaven sent Nails. She is also known as a creator of Tik Tok content as well as her posts posted on her OnlyFans page. Also, she’s an Instagram influencer who endorses several brands on her account.

Properties and Assets

Ash Kash has never revealed any information regarding her assets and properties to the general public. The actress was born in Chicago and is currently living in a lavish home situated in California, USA. There aren’t any reports on any other properties she is the owner of. There isn’t a report on any other assets of a high value that she has.

Sources of Income

Ash Kash has multiple streams of income. Her main sources of revenue are the platforms of her Instagram as well as her Tik Tok page. There are millions of people following her through her Instagram page as well as Tik Tok. She also runs a business and earns lots of money from the sale of her Nail paint line, called Heaven Sent Nails.

She also models and an Fashion Nova partner and also earns a good amount of cash from by modeling. In addition, she endorses several brands through her Instagram. She also shares content frequently on OnlyFans and it is also a major source of income.



Birthday of Ash Kash and Birthplace

Ash is 24 in 2022. She was born on January 09th, 1998 at Chicago, Illinois to American family.

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Ash Kash boyfriend and husband and Affiar

Her marital situation remains unmarried and her status as a relationship is unresolved. According to Ash Kash’s personal information She isn’t dating anyone. However, she tweeted about her relationship on her Twitter account, following which her followers believed that she’s dating someone. But , it isn’t verified until she announces her relationship with a boyfriend or personal relationships.

What is Ash Kash’s Net Worth?

Net Worth: $1 Million

Age: 23

Country: United States

Born: January 9, 1998


Last Updated:2022

Ash Kash is an American fashion model and Tik Tok model, Instagram influencer who has an estimated amount of one million. The real name of her is Ashaley (born on the 9th of January 1998). Ash is well-known throughout America for her blog posts and modeling photos. Ash also has her own business in acrylic nails named Heaven Sent Nails and was an official model and Nova partner.

There are millions of people following her Instagram page and her posts have been viewed by millions of people on TikTok. She’s also been implicated in several controversy over her posts in Tik Tok.

In this article today, we’ll discuss in detail Ash Kash, her total net worth, earnings, salaries and other related business. When you look at her lavish lifestyle, you’ll surely be wondering what kind of money she earns. The answer to your questions is available in this article. Let’s check out the net worth of her.

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Ash Kash Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2022 $1 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $0.5 Million
Net Worth in 2020 N/A
Net Worth in 2019 N/A
Net Worth in 2018 N/A


In 2022 Ash Kash has a net worth of $1 million. Her main source of income is her Instagram page and TikTok page, which has over a million users. She was noticed for her lip-sync videos as well as her modelling photos on Instagram. She is also an entrepreneur and owns her own nail-paint line. She also endorses several brands and sells up to $25 million.

Kash has also been implicated in several controversy due to the controversy surrounding her TikTok videos. Also, she was believed to be dead. This was later proved to be a lie. She lives in a beautiful home in California.

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