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Anupama update 10 May 2022: starts with Baa asking Samar to show the ring. Samar doesn’t show it. She says show it to me. Kavya messages Vanraj and smiles. Samar says no, Kinjal will see the ring. Vanraj replies to Kavya. Anupama says cheat is cheat. Kamini says I m ready to apologize. Anupama says you have to apologize someone else. Kamini says don’t tell Baa. Anupama calls Jhilmil. Kamini asks why did you call the maid. Anupama stares. Kamini says forgive me Jhilmil. Jhilmil says its okay. Anupama apologizes to Jhilmil. Baa says enough Samar, give me the ring. Anupama comes and says Samar, why are you not giving the ring if Baa is saying. She takes the box and keeps the ring. Samar smiles. Anupama gives the ring to Baa. Baa sees the ring and says now I will keep it, you couldn’t keep it safe. Mama ji jokes. Anupama says you are right, ring should be with you. Samar says real diamond is my mummy.

Nandini gets some french fries. She says its a treat from my side, you got the ring, that’s why. He asks her to learn making food at home. She says I can’t cook, but I love eating. He jokes on her. She laughs. He says this treat doesn’t look good. He dances and adds salt, lemon and pepper in the fries. He asks her to have special aloo chaat. He says mummy taught me everything. She says you are a guy. He says mummy says everyone should know cooking, Paritosh was busy in studies and didn’t learn, its ready. She likes it. He says lol, lots of lazeez/taste. She says come daily to spice up my meals. He says tell me when to come, I will be there. He laughs and says you thought I will come daily. He smiles seeing her. Yeh hai pyaar…plays…

Vanraj speaks to a client. He says fine, I will make a video call. He collides with Kavya. She smiles. He says Mr. Duggal is going out for a week, we have to keep the meeting on video call, we have to make sure we get the deal. She asks shall we go to bedroom, there will be noise here, it will look unprofessional if there is background noise.

He says right. Anupama says listen, you can have meeting in hall, elders won’t like it, no one will disturb you. He says fine, we will have meeting here, I will get my laptop. He goes. She sees Kavya and says if Vanraj takes his friend to room, what will we teach kids, Baa was angry when Pakhi came home with her friend, Baa will feel bad, I don’t want Pakhi to get a chance to answer, we women have to think. Kavya says yes, I understand. Anupama says thanks, call me if you need anything. Kavya says sure and goes. Anupama says I feel strange, Baa is right, friends can have a place in our house, not bedroom. Samar comes and shouts mummy, find the bike keys soon. He sings. Vanraj and Kavya look at him. Samar shouts again and dances. Kavya goes to Samar. He removes the headphones. He sees Vanraj. Anupama asks what are you doing, we are talking to imp client, you are shouting. He says I didn’t know dad is working here, he usually works in room. Anupama asks him to say sorry. He says sorry. Kavya scolds Samar. Anupama says I m there to reach him manners, you don’t worry. She asks Samar to go. Vanraj ends the video call. He shouts Samar…. He throws his coat and says you know it was an imp meeting, its good Kavya stopped you. Samar says sorry, this won’t happen again.

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Vanraj scolds him. Samar says I want to learn dance. Vanraj says dance is not a profession, but a hobby. Samar says its my life. Vanraj asks what do you know about life, I have seen life, so I explain you to stop running after this useless dream. Samar says that’s not me, I want to see my dream, don’t stop me. Kavya asks how can you talk to your dad like this, how can you disrespect him, what’s wrong with you. Vanraj says its okay Kavya. Kavya says its not okay to argue and shout, if he doesn’t want to study, why do you want to force him. Anupama says enough Kavya, he has a father’s right to scold Samar, Samar has a right of a son, I can speak in between as a wife and mother, but none has right to speak between them, if I m not saying anything, you also leave it. Vanraj says she is right, no one has a right to speak between us, be it family or outsider. Samar says sorry dad, but I can’t leave my dance. He goes. Vanraj also goes. Anupama says whatever I said, whatever Vanraj said, don’t feel bad, when Vanraj talks to his children, we don’t talk in between, you shouldn’t talk between relations, I don’t talk, I taught the same to my children, there is a big difference in having rights and expressing it, you understand it, sorry to answer you like that, Vanraj said a lot, he has nothing in his heart, you spend few hours with him in office, I m always with him since 25 years, to understand someone else, you have to be with him, just a wife can tell about her husband, sit, I will get coffee for you.

Kavya knocks the door and comes to ask for phone charger. She asks do you manage laundry also. Anupama says just for Vanraj, he wants me to handle his personal work, he doesn’t like it if any outsider does it. Kavya gets angry. Baa shouts sewing machine is ready. Anupama says wow, I will make a gift from Vanraj and my side. Kavya asks will you give one gift. Anupama says husband and wife are one. She opens the cupboard. Kavya sees Vanraj and Anupama’s clothes. Anupama asks her to take charger and goes. Kavya recalls Vanraj and Anupama. She separates their clothes. Anupama says machine is good. She sees her saree. Baa asks its that saree, right. Anupama says yes, Vanraj gave it to me when he was becoming Paritosh’s dad. Everyone smiles. Anupama says I will make Paritosh’s engagement sherwani by this saree. Mama ji jokes. Baa says cloth is nice. Anupama says this saree threads have my love for Paritosh, I know you like to wear readymade designer clothes, this sherwani will be made by our blessings and memories, there are many functions before engagement, wear designer clothes, we will like it if you wear this during engagement. He nods. Anupama smiles.

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Vanraj gets ready for engagement and asks family to get ready soon as they are getting late. Baa says he is always in a hurry, let them realize that they are from groom’s side, etc. Kavya walks down wearing a beautiful dress. Vanraj gets nervous and ignoring her calls Anupama. Kavya thinks he always pays attention towards Anupama, soon she will make him call her name. Anupama walks in, and Vanraj looks at her smilingly. Kavya gets jealous seeing that. Toshu comes ready for engagement. Anupama and Baa praise his style and Anupama makes him pray in temple. Vanraj says let us leave as they are getting late for engagement. Anupama assures Paakhi that nothing will happen and asks Jhilmil to take care of Paakhi. She shows sherwani bought for Toshu during engagement ceremony and in a hurry leaves it at home itself. Samar walks towards his bike when his friend asks her if she can join him as her cycle got punctured. He happily agrees.

Family reaches engagement venue. Baa jokes Rakhi/Mrs Dave would look like nagin today. Family laughs. Toshu enters next followed by Samar and his friend. Family chat continues. Vanraj enters with Anupama and Kavya. They sleep, and he holds them. Rakhi enters and taunts that people are unable to handle one woman, he handles 2. Vanraj gives back saying she is amazing that she comes late even in her daughter’s engagement. Family’s discussion continues when Pramod enters tensed and gives letter to Toshu saying Kinjal eloped. Toshu opens letter and reads its a joke. Rakhi says her husband and daughter joke always. Anu’s mother enters with brother and nephew. She happily hugs and greets mother. Rakhi taunts she thought she is hugging a maid. Baa gives back saying Anu’s mother is a coin and Rakhi is a 2000 rs note; when air blows, nothing will happen to coin, but note flies away, so she should be careful, actually she looks poor and malnourished instead. Vanraj shouts to shut up and stops this drama. Everyone stand shocked. Vanraj says he is also joking and laughs. Anupama also laughs. Kinjal says they are amazing couple, irking Rakhi.

Baa and Bapuji get emotional and mamaji cheers them up with jokes. Paakhi gets Sam’s message again and informs Anupama. Anupama assures her not to worry. Entertainment starts. Samar and his friend host the event and joke against each other. Baa, Bapuji, Mamaji, Samar, and whole family dance on Tu nathi to tharo photo panchaal se…song.. around Toshu and Kinjal. Rakhi gets jealous seeing their happiness and decides to ruin it.

Vanraj’s family is busy dancing and enjoying in Toshu’s engagement ceremony when Sid enters and messages Pakhi thinking she will see what he can do to her. After dance performance, Anupama asks Kavya to be with Pakhi till she returns. Kavya asks if Pakhi is fine, Anupama says yes and goes to meet Baa. Kavya asks all okay? Pakhi says yes. She gets tensed seeing Sam standing nearby and smirking at her. Anu returns towards Pakhi when Rakhi takes her to meet special guests. Toshu gets romantic with Kinjal and requests for a kiss. Kinjal says he has to wait for sometime for that. He says she is his first crush and love, is he her first love and crush. She gets tensed. Samar walks to them and taunts Toshu that Toshu is Kinjal’s first love.

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Rakhi introduces Vanraj and Anu to her special guests Mr. and Mrs. Desai and thanks them for attending function in a small venue as her samdhis are middle class and cannot afford big hall. Vanraj gives back saying place is small but happiness is very big. Mr. Desai calls his son Sidharth/Pakhi’s stalker. Vanraj asks him in which school he studies. Sid replies. Anu says even her daughter Pakhi studies in same school, he must be knowing her. Rakhi taunts saying good they can afford expensive school for their daughter. Vanraj says he doesn’t take chance in children’s future. Rakhi asks them to take a seat and reminds Vanraj to make sure Desais are taken care of well. Vanraj says they maybe her special friends, but they are his guests now and she need not worry.

Samar informs Anu and Vanraj that their dance performance is next. Anu walks to Pakhi and asks if stalker Sid came. Pakhi looking at Sid says no and feels sorry. Samar and his friend get back on stage and announce Anuraj’s performance. Baa and Bapuji ask who is Anuraj. Samar says most loving couple Anupama and Vanraj, Anuraj. Kavya gets jealous hearing that. They go on stage. Samar plays different energetic song. Vanraj says they didn’t practice on this song. Everyone insist them to dance on same energic song. They both perform beautifully on Aaja Doob Jau Teri Aankhon Ke Ocean Me.. song.. Everyone enjoy their performance. Sid walks to Pakhi and says she is looking pretty in Indian wear, making her more tensed. Kavya gets more jealous when everyone praise Anu and Vanraj’s performance and Sanjay clicking their pics.

After performance, Samar walks around and sees his friend’s earring. He picks. Friend walks to her and he makes her wear it. He gets alert when she snaps her finger and realizes he was dreaming. She takes her earring and walks away fuming.

Anu walks back to Pakhi and asks again if he came and takes her towards washroom when Vanraj sends her somewhere. He walks to Kavya and says he will take her on vacation after engagement ceremony finishes. Kavya says she is seeing howmuch he is getting along with Anu, so he should go and enjoy function instead of worrying about her. Vanraj gets tensed seeing Rakhi hearing their conversation and smirking at them.


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