Anupama update Monday 9th May 2022

Anupama 9 May 2022: The Episode starts with Dolly asking Vanraj to go out, they have to talk to Anupama. He goes. Kavya smiles. She asks Anupama to give her some work. Anupama asks her to stitch the fall and buttons. Kavya says I don’t know it. Anupama and everyone laughs. Dolly says she is the funniest, she doesn’t joke in front of Baa. Pakhi says Kavya’s taste is sophisticated, I will do shopping with her, so that I match with Rakhi and Kinjal, mum and Kavya’s choice can’t match. Kavya says but our choice is same. Pakhi asks about jewellery. Kavya says yes. Anupama says I want to do well for Paritosh, he is getting into a new relation, I have small dreams about clothes, its his life, its day for the mum. Pakhi asks will you say anything without melodrama.

Anupama says I will deck up Kinjal like I want, sorry Kavya, I want it my way. Baa asks Kamini to have some gossip. Kamini asks why did you take a costly ring. Baa says Anupama didn’t understand. Kamini says it may be lost, Kinjal won’t care, but we will be gone. Baa says my sister got a sensible bahu. Kamini says really. Baa says you are zero and Anupama is minus zero, something will go wrong in rasam. Kamini smiles.Dolly asks Anupama to wear the saree Vanraj got for her. Anupama says I forgot and wasted money on new saree. Dolly says you can wear new one in different function. Anupama shows the saree and says its beautiful right. Kavya says wow. Dolly says Vanraj and Anupama are married since 25 years, he always gets a saree for her, wherever he goes. Anupama says I kept fasts before marriage, that’s why he loves me. Dolly and Pakhi say you blush when you say love.

Dolly says how romantic. Kavya says really, its cute, I was thinking why can’t everyone be lucky like you, you have everything, I don’t even proper clothes for the function. Anupama says don’t worry, I will give my saree. Kavya says I will wear this one, any problem. Anupama says no, this may not look good on you. Pakhi says Kavya will return it, I m fashion guru, I think this colour will look good. Kavya thanks Anupama and says its so pretty. Anupama looks on.Samar smiles seeing Nandini. Paritosh and Pakhi come. They say you like Nandini. Samar asks who, Miss Lol. Pakhi says they have nicknames also. Paritosh says we also noticed your eye contacts. Samar says its nothing like that, I don’t like her, we have fights. Pakhi says fine, she already has a BF. Samar asks what.

Paritosh asks why this big reaction. Samar says mummy is calling me. They pull his cheeks. He runs away. Anupama asks Jhilmil to come tomorrow. Baa comes and asks her to wipe hands. She says I do Saas’ anger but do my duty also, you will wear your jewellery. Anupama says you are really good. Baa says no, I m your Saas, manage your diamond, its your responsibility now, its son’s responsibility, nothing should go long. Anupama says sure. Baa goes.Anupama asks Vanraj to see the kurtas, this one is for Mama ji. Vanraj says nice. Kavya gives him a flying kiss. Anupama says this is for Bapu ji and this is for you. Kavya comes and says this kurta, I have seen him wearing sober colours in office, don’t mind, its loud. Anupama looks at him. He says I like bright colours, but this is bit loud Anupama, kurta is nice, give it to Samar, it will suit him, get subdued colours for me. Kavya says subdued means sober, plain. He goes.

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Kavya says I knew he won’t like it. Anupama thinks I was sure he will like it. Its morning, Anupama hugs Jhilmil’s daughter. She talks in sign language like the mute girl. Jhilmil says Gudiya, I will work, don’t do any mischief. Anupama says childhood should be spent in books, not work, Gudiya will just play, we will work. She asks her to go to Sweety and have dance practice. Jhilmil asks is the ring still in milk. Anupama says no, its shining more now. Kamini greets Jhilmil as maid. Anupama says Jhilmil isn’t a maid, but a family member.

Kamini argues. Anupama says Kanha befriends Sudama, you should not taunt on her poverty. She gets angry. Baa says Anupama talks a lot, you come and massage my feet. Kamini goes. Anupama says I know you heard Kamini’s words. Jhilmil cries and says I m not a thief, you trust me right. Anupama hugs her and says I trust you a lot, don’t think about it, come, we have to make pasta for Rakhi. Kavya comes. Anupama stops her and asks her to remove her slippers before entering kitchen. Kavya says I don’t like to walk barefoot. Jhilmil says how do you go to temple, oh you don’t go. Anupama says kitchen is like temple of Maa Annapurna. Kavya removes the slippers. She says I m new here, I will learn everything. Jhilmil asks does she want to make aadhar card on this address. Kavya says I will make food for Rakhi. Anupama says fine, we will make food for everyone. Kavya asks Jhilmil to assist her. Vanraj and Paritosh come home. Anupama and Kavya smile and wave to him. Anupama asking Kavya to take action against Anirudh. Kavya says I don’t want any issues. Anupama says you are true, you shouldn’t be scared, he broke his limits, you should take action against him, I m with you in this. Kavya thanks her.

Anupama says its just home for women, which means our world, you don’t delay in taking a decision for your rights. Kavya nods. Rakhi, Pramod and Kinjal come. Kinjal asks why is the door shut, I feel strange. Rakhi says what are you expecting, you think they will have good arrangements. The door opens. They get surprised seeing the lovely decorations. Samar and everyone dance on Shehnai….. Flowers shower on Kinjal. Kinjal smiles. Rakhi sees Kavya wearing Anupama’s saree.Kavya signs him. Sanjay looks on. Vanraj goes to Anupama. Anupama does the aarti and welcomes Kinjal. Paritosh gets a bouquet for Kinjal. They smile and dance. Kavya goes to Vanraj. She asks what happened, I got decked up for you. He asks why did you wear Anupama’s saree. She says because you got it. He asks did Anupama give it to you. She says it doesn’t matter, I liked it and I took it from her.

He says please, there are already many issues, Sanjay and Anirudh are having a watch on us, Rakhi comments unnecessarily, we have to be careful, you and me, me and my family, both are different, keep it separated. Rakhi sees them and asks him to come. Samar sees Nandini taking selfies. He joins her. Pyaar pyaar….plays….The engagement rituals begin. Baa does the aarti. Anupama makes Kinjal wear a chunni. Rakhi says Zari chunni, I like it. Anupama gives sweets to Rakhi and Pramod. Vanraj gives them gifts. Rakhi calls her servants. They get many gifts. Rakhi hands over the gifts to Paritosh and others. Everyone smiles. Rakhi says I hope nothing is less. Baa says you forgot to give them blessing. Rakhi says of course. She blesses Paritosh. Pramod hugs Paritosh and says congrats. Rakhi says Kinjal wanted to see her ring. Kinjal says yes, I want to try it before engagement to fix the fitting issue. Anupama goes and gets the ring. Kinjal opens the box.

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Anupama says its beautiful ring. Baa asks didn’t you see diamond ring before. Rakhi says she has seen diamond rings before, but not invisible ring, there isn’t any ring. Everyone gets shocked. Baa says Anupama would have lost it. Rakhi says you got careless and its a big loss, the family was upset when you bought the ring, what will happen now. Kinjal says mom please… Rakhi says let me talk, we are family now, just Kavya is the outsider. She taunts Vanraj.She says Anupama is much careless. Vanraj says she can never be careless, its impossible. Anupama gets glad. Vanraj says maybe ring fell somewhere, where will it go. Bapu ji says we will find it. Anupama cries and runs to look for the ring. Everyone looks for it. Rakhi says its a big bad omen, right Baa. Baa shouts find it soon. Mama ji holds Rakhi’s hand and says I got it. Rakhi says I m not lost, ring is lost, this ring is mine. He says I remember. Anupama says it was Paritosh’s happiness, not just a ring. She asks Samar to find it. She looks for it. She says I couldn’t keep it safe. He says don’t worry, we will find it. She gets tensed and shouts.akhi says the auspicious day got spoiled by Anupama’s carelessness. Bapu ji stops Vanraj. Rakhi thinks smart old man stopped Vanraj. Anupama cries and says I lost the engagement ring.

Rakhi saying don’t worry if you don’t get the ring, we will buy another one. Rakhi, Kinjal and Pramod leave. Everyone gets worried. Baa and Paritosh blame Anupama for losing the ring. Paritosh says we should inform the police. Sanjay says yes, he is right. Dolly says I also feel the same. Kamini asks what do you mean, the ring got stolen, maybe its stolen. Baa says but there is no one from outside. Kamini says I can see all outsiders here. Nandini says check us, I will give my house keys, go there and search, I m not getting angry, we are not thieves. Vanraj says Kamini….

Kamini says I didn’t mean that, I was saying about this maid. Anupama and Samar come. Anupama shouts and stops Kamini. She says I explained you before that Jhilmil and Gudiya are not outsiders, Jhilmil is my sister and friend, Gudiya isn’t able to hear or talk, but she has values, she takes my permission to have water. Kamini says I had doubt. Anupama says doubting is easy, trusting is tough, if anyone breaks my trust, he will fall in my eyes, I will never forgive him, I can tolerate everything but not cheat. Vanraj and Kavya look on. Anupama says I know Jhilmil can never break my trust, its my mistake, I lost the ring, you taunt me, don’t accuse Jhilmil. Gudiya hugs Anupama. She signs she didn’t steal the ring. Anupama says nothing happened. Baa says you are lecturing when the costly ring is missing, you never miss to give lecture, think of the ring, where did it go.

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Anupama consoles Jhilmil and Gudiya. She says I will always trust you. They leave. Samar says if anyone else has stolen the ring. Anupama says the thief can be caught red handed or with the ring. Vanraj asks did you get the ring. She says no, but I will get it. Kavya says don’t feel sad, you blindly trust everyone, but Kamini maybe right. Anupama says Vanraj trusts you, same way I trust Jhilmil. She goes. Vanraj says I also think Jhilmil can’t steal the ring. She says she has compared me with the maid, am I on Jhilmil’s level.

He says she has just given an example. She says I m seeing you and your family, I m thankful to Anirudh, I started to know you. He says think anything you want, I can’t change your thoughts, I have work stress and your drama doesn’t end. Its morning, Baa asks Kavya when will you go to Nandini’s house. Anupama says we can’t send her until her problem ends, she likes to stay here, she is my friend as well, she will stay here till the engagement. Baa says but you lost the ring. She curses the thief. Samar says don’t worry, we will find it. Anupama asks Kavya to have breakfast. Kavya says you never sit with Vanraj, so I will take your place. Pakhi says mum’s place is in dad’s heart, right. Vanraj coughs. Anupama serves the food to Vanraj. She corrects Kavya. She says I know his choice well, you have it. Baa says Anupama is Laxmi of the house, let her do, you are just a guest here. Kavya says I have to make an imp phone call. She goes.

Baa says we lost a costly thing, no one is worried. Bapu ji jokes. Samar comes shouting and says I got the ring, see. Vanraj says thank God. Baa praises him. Kamini asks him to check the box. Samar says I got the ring, it fell near the cupboard. Anupama says I got Paritosh’s happiness back. She sees the empty box and smiles. Kamini worries. Anupama looks at her. Kamini goes to her room and checks her bag. She gets the ring. She says why did Samar say such. Anupama says so that I can catch you. Kamini drops the ring. Anupama picks it. She says you broke my trust. Kamini apologizes and says I got greedy, don’t call police, if Baa and my Saas know then I can’t show my face to them, I have no children or richness, I got greedy, I m ready to accept my crime. Anupama says who said poor is greedy, he just dreams to fill his stomach, just rich people like to fill the lockers, learn to earn, not steal. Kamini says forgive me. Anupama says you cheated me, you have stolen Paritosh’s happiness, you cheated all of us, how can I forgive you.


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