Antara Zee world Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Antara Zee world: is the story of five-year-old cute and adorable girl Antara. She is born to Anuradha who had a relationship out of wedlock with Aditya. When Anuradha dies in a car accident, Antara is orphaned. It is now the responsibility of Aditya to take her home to his wife Vidya and son Abhishek and accept her as a part of the family. With Antara in their life, things are not the same again in Aditya and Vidya’s. Antara Zee world Full Story

This show Antara is coming back on Zee World through 1st November 2020 as a social problem drama focusing on the issue of autism, And will be replacing: Age is just a Number

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Antara Full Story/Plot Zee world:

Antara Zee world Is the narrative of a five-year-old woman named Antara. When Anuradha dies in an auto crash, Antara is orphaned, leaving Aditya together with the duty of carrying his adulterous daughter into his spouse, Vidya, along with son, Abhishek, and increasing her as part of his loved ones. Antara Zee world Full Story

With Antara within their lifetime, things aren’t exactly the exact same again to your Verma family. Antara doesn’t act like a normal kid, being not able to express her feelings and residing in her own world. On the external world, she’s a daydreamer and slow kid. Finally, Antara is shown to have antidepressant. Both she and her loved ones and therefore are confronted with the travel of navigating the planet and being approved by the society Antara is brought in. Throughout her narrative, the series guides individuals to comprehend

Antara zee world full story

Antara zee world full story

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