Antara 9 December 2020 update: At the Drawing room, Adi is talking on phone requesting to book 4 more rooms for 7 days but the man on other end informs him that there is no empty room. Vid comes and inquires abt the prob and Adi shares with her. Vid asks him to book in another hotel but Adi tells her they are expensive and exceed their budget.

Arti joins by appreciating her dresses and comments she knew there wld be some prob. Adi says there is only way out to give the rooms of their guests to Sam’s family guests. Vid adds that their guests can stay in the house then. At this Arti in that case what wld they do abt Antara? Can he put Antara at some other place? Adi gets annoyed and rejects the thought, he says its wrong to do so, why shd they fear others? & tells Vid she had fought for rights of autistic children. Vid explains him that its not abt what others think but imp to see how Antara reacts upon seeing so many people. Autistic people don’t like to mingle with crowd. Adi agrees that she is right and Vid suggests how abt Antara staying at her mother’s place? Adi disapproves as her father doesn’t like him. They will face the prob as Vid follows this too. Vid says they will prepare Antara for the changes happening. Adi says he will talk to Vik abt it. Adi then leaves with his marketing bag but doesn’t tell abt it to Vid.



Adi is walking with bag and talking to Vik. Vik tells him that it is a good decn to let Antara participate in the marriage and this will enable her to learn faster by being involved with people. Other people also need to be taught how to deal with autistic child. It will be a tough process but Antara can be taught the same way they did for Janamasthmi using pics.

Antara room

Vid sees Antara playing with her marbles and asks Arti to bring the marriage reld magazine she was reading.

Drawing room

Vid tells Abhi to get CD of movie having marriage sequence from Billu’s house. She then explains to Antara that when some guests come then she needs to greet them with Namaste and makes her to do it. Next Vid shows her pics of dulha-dulhan and Sam-Arti will dress up the same way. How marriage will take place and everyone will dance so will Antara.

Billu comes with Abhi and complains to Vid how can she plan to watch movie without him? Billu then imagines that he is dancing ard Antara who is simply standing. Billu remarks that at least in dreams Antara can talk to him!

Adi cabin

Adi gets a call from some Sushil who tells him that his client Khurana defaulted on 4 EMIs and Adi assures that he will check it up.

Gupta’s drawing room

Billu along with Abhi and Antara are present. Billu says that Vid aunty told him there wld be dance competition after marriage and he needs to prepare Antara for it. Abhi reminds him that earlier too on Janamasthmi Antara didn’t dance. Billu replies that time he hadn’t taught her but this time he will teach her. He plays Mahi Ve song and tries to teach Antara but she doesn’t do it. Abhi and Billu dance and have fun, finally both of them are tired and give up. Billu concludes she wont dance and calls up and after a while another girl comes there. Billu tells Abhi that she will be his dance partner. Abhi tells Billu that his sister will dance and he will teach her.

Billu brings in girl and says he will dance with her and not with antra as the girl can dance… and then he introduces him to abhishek.. and says she and Billu will win perfect couple award and asks right riya? and riya agrees but says she will not dance with Billu but with Abhishek and … Abhishek s,,,, She moves towards him and pulls his cheek and says he is soo cute… and asks abhishek when will they practice? and leaves… while all this Billu is confused!!! After she leaves Billu starts with dialogue… “waah teri dosti??? am sure she changed her mind!!!!!!” ANd leaves… Abhishek takes antra

In Bank.. Aditya asks Sameer who looks cute in green t-shirt (Not shirt) Aditya asks what is woth Khurana loann? and sam answers nothing… but then says loan is not upto mark.. and aditya scolds him and sameer asks him to chill…. as other customers even h will pay loan soon!!! (Sorry am not sure what elese was there?)

At house, Bell rings: Its saditya with family members!!! and they come in vidya touches her feet.. they see arti who bends to touch her feet!!! but she stops her saying its only bahus who touches feet not daughters…. All come in and sees house.. and is surprised.. she sits on sofa.. She complains about mumbai!!! no AC and blah blah blah……….. Billu, Abhishek and Antra are also there. Antra on sofa!! Aditya asks her to get up soo guests can have a seat!! and pulls her towards arti.. who holds her… She looks at Billu and calls him near saying i am ur daadi and Billu is shcoked, She pulls him over and tighly squeezes him..Sleepy and everyone smile and laughLOL Poor Billu!!! and daadi says this is my love Billu pushes her back and haaffss.. and asks is this love.. and she says yes this is love!!!! Aditya tries to clear it but arti stops him as she is njpoying and she takes out gift pack in red from her purse and arti is surprised..,..
Billu sees the gift.. and smiles.. Dadi says u need to kiss me on cheek to get this.. and Billu does with bad face..wile everyone else smiles at the scene… and billu rubs his lips snatches gift and runs away… and lady wonders where did he go? and Aditya replies to his house…… And Vidya come in with water… and says he is our neighbour!!!!! and lady is not soo happy!!!!! She then asks adi and arti y they didn’t tell her before… and then she calls abhishek who tries to avoid her bt she pulls him and he bears her for lesss then billu time!!!!! She then curses Bi9llu for taking giftas and blames Viddya and Abhishek for nopt sending any pics!!! She sees antra and call her near but she antra won’t move!!! and Dadi is not soo happy… and Viodya tries to tell antra to go but she won’t… …


Vidya tries to pull he to go to daadi.. and antra won’t dada gets up and support vidya and pulls her cheek asking her to go to dadi with love and care.. but antra starts screaming vidya and aditya are surprised.. vidya takes antra in and tries to stop it and aditya tells them no problem she will be fine!!!! Vidya quites her a bit!!!! and goes in where aditya tells daadi antra is adopted.. and Daadi curses Antra as their is no clue of her jaat!!! and also scolds vidya for adotping antra rather then having another child of her own.. and vidya looks down!!!


Daadi says women used to jave dozens of child during out time and asks right to her hubby with big eyes!!!!So hubby agrees!!! and Vidya changes subject and asks her to get fresh!!! and daadi agres. with bad face… gets up and goes!!!
Daadaa suppots adiya!!! and says sorry for dadi’s behavior!!!
and in bedroom, ashs akss vidya to open briefcase!!! she does and she asks arti to be nest to her and praises her.. she chooses the saari whioch arti likes some white!!!! and orders vidya she does not want any natural hot water but she wants her make it warm on stove and arti is angry!!!!… she takes a leave when dadi goes for bath!!!! anbd in kitchen arti expresses her disappointment with daadi fro treating vidya like servent!@@@!!!! but vidya consoles her!!!! and thats when she comes out of bath and sees antra painting her sari.. and pulls her and scolds her she touches her like pich and antra cries out loud like usual!!!!


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