Antara 2 December 2020 update: At ditya’s House, Aditya is drying Antara’s hair after giving her a bath, and he is thanking God that Antara is home safe and sound. He kissed her forehead, and Antara’s eyes are looking rather sad! (Poor baby, she’s probably still in shock about the whole situation! 1’m just happy that she’s home safe and sound!) Aditya tells Antara that he will be back in just a minute.

Antara is sitting on the bed rocking, and Billu quietly comes and sits beside her. (He got a haircut! ) At first he just sits there quietly, but then he tells her that if she has any problems, then he need to tell her because they are friends! Big smile He also tells her that he was very worried about her whereabouts while she was missing. He said that he couldn’t concentrate on anything that he was doing because all he could think about was her! He makes her promise that she’ll never leave him like that again! He even shows her his cell phone with her picture on the background. He said that he would talk to her picture everyday, and that his eyes got dry from crying so much! (This scene is sooo cute!! I see a future love story developing!!) Then Vidya calls Billu and Antara for dinner, and tells Billu to bring her down.

They’re eating dinner with Mr. Gupta at the table, and Abhishek says on the count of three for everyone to open the plate and eat what’s underneath it. He counts to three, and then everyone makes a face at the bowl of cornflakes and milk….Especially Billu! Aditya asks him why are we going to eat cornflakes? Abhishek says because this is Antara’s favorite dish. (This is sooo sweet of him!! ) Then he removes the plate for Antara, and then he feeds her the cornflakes!! Shocked (This scene is the cutest scene by far!!! ) Billu is make really weird faces at the cornflakes and won’t eat it! Vidya tells him that eating cornflakes for one day won’t kill him. Billu continues to make faces, but then says he’ll eat this food only because of Antara!

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Vidya is putting Abhishek to sleep. As she strokes his head, she is thinking, and in the other room Aditya is lay a sleeping Antara in her bed. Vidya gets out of bed once she sees that Abhishek is asleep, and Aditya leave his room once he sees that Antara is all comfortable. Vidya is in the kitchen drinking some water, and Aditya sees her there and goes over to her and thanks her. She asks him what for, and he says for what she did at the station. She kind of briskly says that what’s the big deal in this, what happened was my fault, so I was trying to fix my mistake. Aditya then smiles and says that you’re saying this as if you would not have done that if you didn’t feel at fault. He also adds that you would have done it anyways. She said that would have, but not to expect anything from her from now on. This hurts Aditya, and he asks her why she’s talking like that. She says that you told me that Antara is not my child that’s why I lost her and that’s the truth. He then feels guilty about what he said and starts apologizing and explaining himself. Vidya cuts him off by saying that he spoke the truth. They have another fight. Vidya says that she never thought Antara any different from Abhishek and cared for her the same way, and she says that if you don’t trust me with Antara, it’s better that I stay away from her. Aditya then gets mad and turns away and says why are you making such a big deal out of this? He tells her to understand, and she grabs his arm and demands why do I always have to be the understanding one, Aditya? He realizes his mistake and apologizes, and then he also again says that he didn’t mean things the way they came out. She then gets annoyed and asks don’t you get tired of saying sorry, name one woman that would be willing to raise a child from her husband’s affair? She further provokes him by asking what would your reaction be if I said I liked Vikram? He then tries real hard to remain calm, and says “Vidya please…..”. She then asks him why should she remain quiet? She also tells Aditya that he’s not coming in terms with the truth of his deeds. She then further adds what if I told you that Abhshek was not your son? This makes Aditya almost slap her, but then hits the wall and turns away. She turns him back around and says it hurts to hear this, and it’s not even real. She tells him think about how much pain she feels every moment, but despite that she allows Antara to live with them and cares for her. She walks away and stops to tell Aditya that Antara is your daughter, so from now on take care of her yourself. She then turns to leave for bed leaving a shocked and flabbergasted Aditya. (Personally, I agree with her behavior! Enough’s enough….he crossed the line!) She stops shortly because they both see Antara and Abhishek standing there and are worried that they heard everything. Abhishek takes Antara to her room.

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He sweetly sits her down and tells her how mummy, papa’s fight disturbed him, and he also tells her how worried they were when she was gone. He says that now you’re home, and they’re fighting. (He’s confused.) Aditya walks in and hears all this and sits down with them to talk. Abhishek tells his dad that they are not going to talk to him, but then he asks why he and mummy were fighting. Aditya explains that he made mistake. He takes out Antara’s faces book, and he explains by pointing to his picture and Vidya’s picture that he scolded Vidya, so she’s mad at him. He doesn’t know how to make her happy again, and he says that her anger is just because he hurt her a lot. Abhishek then asks him that if you knew what you were doing was wrong, then why did you do it? Aditya gets taken aback by the question and doesn’t have an answer. Just then Vidya comes in and tells Abhishek to come back to bed. Abhishek requests him mother to forgive his father and asks her if they can all sleep in one room tonight.

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