Antara 8 December 2020 update: Antara stops shouting as soon as he gets the cell phone. Elders realize it was rather Antara who lifted the mobile. Aditya & Vidya runs near Abhi. Vidya bring Abhi’s hands down, hugs, cries & asks for apology. Then Aditya hugs & asks for the same. Vidya asks why he didn’t tell that Antara lifted the phone.Abhi replies if he would told the fact then they would have grouched on Antara. She did it unknowingly & politely requested his father not to punish Antara. Elders are mystified at Abhi’s maturity & brings him to dining table.

Abhi sits on Vidya’s lap & Aditya starts feeding Antara when Aarti asks what will they reply to Sameer’s Dad. Aditya answers that they will tell the fact that Antara is autistic & lifted the phone unwittingly.Aarti disagrees as she is concerned what her future in-laws will tell knowing about Anatar’s Autism.Vidya responds by saying they seems to be matured people & will understand the situation.But Aarati still is not convinced at all & Aditya says then he will take the blame on his shoulder instead again which didn’t satisfy Aarti. Understanding the graveness of the situation, Abhi says he will take the blame & say sorry as he did for Antara. He adds the words of Vidya regarding stealing ,admitting fault & forgiveness.



Vidya asks why he would apologize when Antara did the mistake. Abhi replies he will as Antara is unable to say Sorry. Aditya goes near him, kisses abhi’s forehead and says how mature his son has become. He adds abhi need not do such thing & they will find a way out.Aarti interferes and says if Abhi admits the fault in place of Antara, then everything will be fine.Aditya hates the idea and says he would rather face the truth, than making Abhi a scapegoat. Aarti says Abhi had already lied once on which Vidya replies yes, but he did it for his sister. Abhi says, can’t his father lie once for his sister & vidya agrees if one lie can fix the situation, then so be it.

Antara seen sleeping with Vidya,Aarti & Abhi in Vidya’s room. Both Aditya & Vidya are sleepless thinking about maturity of Abhi & immaturity of Aarti.

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Next morning Vidya, Aditya & Abhi are ready to go to return the cell phone when Aarti & those exchanges a gaze .Aarti looked rueful with Antara in Balcony and Vermas leave in a auto. In auto parents are pensive & Abhi is getting ready with his hand made sorry card.

Vermas & Abhi arrives at Sameer’s house & Abhi returns the phone & says sorry. Sameer’s dad replies if he had asked for it, he would have given it. He further adds some degree of discipline is expected & hopes Sameer’s kid won’t be involved in these activities I future. Vermas leave with a lot of remorse & Sameer’s Dad sarcastically remarks what a family Sameer has chosen.


Outside Sameer’s flat Vidya thinks about what happened in Sameer’s house & his father’s remark.She knees down & hugs Abhi & weeps. Aditya too couldn’t stop his tears and looks at them. Abhi wipe’s her mothers tear & Vidya kisses his son & smiles, so did Aditya.

Back at home, Aarti enquires Abhi abt what happened at Sameer’s house. Abhi replies he apologized & returned the phone. She further investigates if Sameer’s dad say something to his parents which Abhi replies no, as they didn’t do the stealing, why would he say something to his parents.

Abhi goes to Antara’s rooms and says he has returned the phone and applozized.She need not be tensed any more & be haapy.Aarti looks at Abhi & Antara & lost in thought.

Vidya in her room cries & Aditya tries to console her saying she should rather be proud of Abhi.He has become brave like her & matured very early.Vidya replies that he has n’t matured because of courage but rather due to our ineptitude. She worries that they have made a huge mistake.Why didn’t we take the side of truth.Aditya say we are parents & Antara is week to handle such scenario. Vidya disapproves saying we are also parent of Abhi & he is just 5 years. She is occupied with thought & expresses what if in future for Abhi finds them responsible for what they did with him & starts hating them & Antara. Aditya says he can’t even think there will ever be any distance between Abhi & Antara as it will be Abhi who has to take responsibility of Antara in future. Both Aditya & Vidya shares stare with concern & vexation.

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The house is going to be painted. A part of the marriage preparations…..I guess. The whole family is in the hall. All the furniture has been removed and the room is threadbare. Vidya is trying to explain the shade of yellow that she wants. No matter how many mixes the painter shows her, she’s not satisfied. Adit and the kids are also there. Antara is watching all the proceedings. After all colours is her main fascination. Vidya is frustrated and walks off to the balcony. Adit tries to explain the shade to the painter. Of course that wonderful dingbat just stands like a hot house flower. Antara goes to her room and brings her drawing with a beautiful pale buttercup yellow flower. The man prepares the colour. Adit is very happy that Antara gave her skilful contribution. He goes to call a reluctant Vidya to see the new shade of yellow. She picks up the brush and paints the wall. Viola !!!!! It’s the exact tint of the beige yellow that she wanted. She’s happy. Adit tells her the colour shade was shown by Antara so Vidya gives her a big kiss. Abhi is looking on. Everyone is having a great time trying to paint. Vidya catches on tightly to Adit’s hand for support while she’s up on a stool doing God knows what. She tells him to hold tight and not to let go. Very Symbolic, people. What sweet children………they are painting too with Abhi teaching Antara to hold the brush. Later, they later have dinner together on the floor since the dining table is put away.


Vidya and Adit are sitting on the floor doing some calculations when Mrs G enters with Billo. She comments on the colour and makes some remark about the colours being affordable. She has come on a quick visit. It’s probly to see what she has to do in her house now to keep up with the Jones…… Vermas in this case. Vidya follows her out on the landing. What followed was a bit bizarre. Vidya asks for the piranha’s help since the guests will be coming from the next day. She says they have planned to tell everyone that they have adopted Antara. This is only to put a lid on the speculations. Mrs G says she understands, but what if Antara throws a tantrum? Vidya says they will handle that if the need arises. She asks Mrs G to back up on this. The lady readily agrees. (Why not, I say she has such a glib tongue anyway)…She tells Vidya not to worry — such things always happen during weddings. She is quite an ace at this. (I’ll bet) Vidya looks uncomfortable as Mrs G goes away. (Dear, if you have a dozen things to hide, make sure you have a hundred fibs to tell)

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The electricity has conked and Abhi and Co are carrying candles for brightness. Adit, Abhi and Antara play with hand shadows. Suddenly the lights are back. The hall has been painted and the furniture is in place. When its time to sleep, they are all on the floor lying down. They play some kind of game similar to Chinese whispers. And when all are asleep, Antara pushes off the covers and goes to the balcony — her favourite spot. She looks out at the full moon that’s shining with the lone star next to it. Adit follows her and says that you still remember her. He tries to take her in but she is not ready. He says you are obstinate just like your mother. Vidya also comes to the balcony and says were you talking about me? Adit looks guilty as hell and lets the issue drift off. Vidya clarifies and says it’s the stubborn streak in her that made her learn music and fight for Antara in the restaurant. If every parent can channelise this obstinacy, the child will surely progress because obstinacy changes into grit.


The last part is about Sameer and his doubting father. He asks Sameer if he’s sure he wants to marry into a family like that. He makes some silly reference to mobile phone. And then goes on blah blah blah. Sameer’s mother says we’ve nothing to do with our daughter-in-law’s people. She is happy with the rishta but not her old man. Finally the doubting Thomas asks why he was getting a feeling that something was being hidden from him???????

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