Antara 3 December 2020 update: Sameer has some great news for Adit…………he asks him for some money. Adit becomes serious and worried, but Sameer sets things right by telling him that his loan has been sanctioned. So a party has been arranged at his place.

Billo is playing with his friends who say how come he is playing so well. He says his talent has returned with Antara. They clap and smile but Abhi is standing all alone, a little despondent. Billo asks him what the matter was. Abhi explains that his mom is unhappy with him because yestdy he vanished upstairs to give a pencil to Antara without telling her. She then told his Papa to take care of both the children. Oh says the wise owl Billo, “a fight? This was the trouble with adults……they fight and make us kids anxious.” Abhi asks if his parents fought and he says “arre its an ongoing affair.” They feel their mothers should become friends again. Abhi says yes we’ll tell them to do that. Billo tells him that his mother instead of listening would box his ears. They put their thinking caps on. Billo gets an idea.

Scene changes and Vikram is telling Adit to get an ID card ready for her. Vikram tells Adit to observe Antara’s session today so that he can do the same with her at home. “Didi” starts identifying objects and food items to Antara which are a part of her routine.

Each thing is pointed out and reinforced. Adit also joins in.

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Vidya is cooking and Abhi comes in to ask her questions. She looks at him expressionlessly and doesn’t answer. Abhi pleads with her to say something. (Vidya…..Abhi is a bachcha c’mon forgive him). But she’s saved by the bell and Abhi goes running to the door. He asks Adit why he is late. Antara goes to her room and Abhi follows her. Adit sits on the sofa rather tired.

Abhi tells Antara of the plan that he and Billo have made to ‘manao’ Ma. He asks Angel for her suggestions but she only rocks herself on the bed. Abhi waits and tells her “the problem is that you never say anything.” He so innocently and worriedly asks her if she will ever talk to him. Adit calls the two of them for dinner, and they go. They go to the kitchen first and Abhi tells Vidya the fight she has had with Papa is because of them and so he apologises to her. He tells her not to stay sad. He urges Antara to apologise too. But she remains silent. Vidya tells him to go and have dinner because there are certain things which he won’t understand.

Next morning Vidya is ready to leave. She goes to the other room. There she sees the two kids snuggled together fast asleep like a pair of cute kittens. Adit is sleeping too. She turns and leaves. Antara is the first to wake up. She gets off the bed and goes to the living room and looks around. She is looking for something …… or someone. She goes to Vidya’s room and can’t find her there. At the bedside table she sees Vidya’s photo and looks at it.

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Meanwhile Adit gets up and sees Antara’s empty bed. He goes looking for her and finds her in Vidya’s room. She is in the balcony. He calls out to her. She turns and comes in. Then Adit ask her what the matter is, but she shirks him off. He asks her what she wants, but she is restless and treads her way to the kitchen. She looks around. Again Adit asks her what she wants and what she’s looking for. He picks her up and takes her to get her ready. At the breakfast table, Abhi is his usual talkative self and asks if Kishanji also went to school. Adit absentmindedly asks Who? And then explains the details of Gurukul to Abhi. He tells him to eat quick. But Antara wont eat. Its her favourite cornflakes, but she shoves the dish off and it crashes to the floor. Adit is annoyed at her and asks her again what the matter was. But she throws a tantrum and starts crying. Adit can’t understand her behaviour. Abhi just looks on silently. He’s looking worried.


Vidya gives Adit a call at the office and tells him to pick up the kids from school. He starts to talk further but she cuts him off.

The three of them return home. The kids go off to their room. And Adit tiredly sits on the sofa……again. He calls Vidya and asks her when she would return. She asks him why. He tells her he has to return to the bank. He doesn’t want to leave the kids alone so asks her to come back. She agrees. The doorbell rings and Billo comes in. Adit wants to know if his mother is aware that he’s here. Billo says she having her beauty sleep.

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Abhi asks Antara if she wants anything to eat. Billo says ‘hello’ to Antara who of course doesn’t answer. He hopes that someday she’d greet him. Adit asks the children what they’d like to eat and Abhi says icecream. But Antara is silent, although she loves it. He tells them to behave. But the minute he’s gone Abhi takes out a piggy bank. Billo says your mum will be angry. But Abhi says we are doing it for her, so they break the ‘pot’. They begin to count the money and Antara is looking at them. They are busy calculating 35 + 25 when Antara gives them the answer 60. They look at her shocked.


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