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Antara 12 November 2020 zee world: At Anu’s house: Aditya stops the women from the orphanage and says that he will take care of Antara. The inspector says why didn’t he say anything yesterday. Kavali comes and says yesterday it was under different circumstances and gives the inspector Anu’s letter. Aditya says that he will do everything to keep Antara with him. The inspector tells that he needs to prepare some documents and Aditya has to take custody of Antara. Aditya agrees. Aditya picks up Antara.

@ Aditya’s House.
Aditya’s sister is consoling Vidya. Billu (the neigbour’s kid) comes and wonders how come there is no breakfast today. He calls Vidya’s kid to the LR and asks what’s the matter and he tells Billu that mummy is worried because she cannot contact dad. Billu’s mother just comes there and asks what’s the matter and billu says that uncle(aditya) ran away. LOLLOL

@ the station.
Aditya , Kav and Antara come to the station. Kav bids good bye.and asks Aditya to take care of Antara. Ste tells him that she was not only Anu’s friend but also a big sister. She leaves. Aditya puts Antara on a bench and ask her not to go anywhere and he will back. He goes to the bus information desk and Antara gets up from the bench and leaves. When he comes back he doesn’t find Antara. Antara meanwhile is outside a toy store where she imitating a doll. Aditya finds her and he is pleased to see Antara imitating. Just then they announce the bus leaving. He pulls Antara from there promising her to buy a new doll. After few attempts he finally takes her into the bus and in these attempts Antara drops her mobile toy. Antara keeps saying ‘Antara Mobile’ . A bus passenger tells him to get the toy because he is not ready to travel with this kind of background music(Antara’s crying). Adi asks the conductor to stop and he gets the toy.

Back at Aditya’s house:
Vidya is still worried and as soon as Sameer gets there asks him to report to police. Sameer says not to worry, Adi will come back soon. He leaves for work ad promises to go to police. Outside, Sameer sees that the car tire is flat and he changes tire. Billu comes there and asks for a ride and Sam agrees.

Back In the Bus:
The bus arrives at Mumbai. passanger sitting behind AnTara, removes his bag from below AnTara’s seat and sees that it’s wet. His wife realizes its not water but AnTara’s Pee. She says that how come such a big girl does not request to be taken to toilet. A fellow passsenger says its not the child’s fault and he tells Adi to learn few things on parenthood and to take responsibility. Adi takes AnTara to Sam’s house and tells him the whole story. Sam is angry on Anuradha not telling Adi the truth. Sam asks Adi what is he going to say to Vidya Bhabhi. Aditya says the truth but Sam tells him the truth will destroy the relation ship between Adi and Vidya. Sam tells Adi to say that you have adopted Anu’s Daughter. ( I think Vidya knows the relation between Adi and Anu)

@ Adi’s Home:
Adi Comes home and Vidya asks him where was he? Adi fumbles and Vid tells him to freshen up. At the dinning table, Adi is silent and Vidya asks him where is the child? Adi is shocked.

At the Dining table

Vid (Vidya) says if u had told me the truth wld I have not allowed u to go? Adi (Aditya) is puzzled and then Vid asks Where is the girl? The orphanage people had called up and said u forgot to sign some papers. How did Anu (Anuradha) die and where is her husband? ADi replies in car accident and Anu didnt marry. At this Vid gets tearful and suspiciously asks he shd refute that the girl isnt Anu and his daughter. Adi quietly nods in affirmation making Vid furious and she throws the plate. Vid tries to take Abhi (Abhishek) who says he wld sleep with papa. Vid weeping leaves and locks herself in the bedroom.

Adi clears up the mess and Abhi inquires what happened to Mummy but Adi tells him to go inside he will join. Adi then goes and wants to knock on the door but refrains.

At Sameer apartment

Antara is playing with some marbles sort of thing and Sam (Sameer) joins him. He asks her what is playing and what wld she like to eat. Antara doesnt respond which infuriates Arti who says she wont answer and will do exactly the opp of what u instruct her. Why did Bhaiya get her here? She is uncivilised. Sam tells her not to blame the girl as whats her fault in all this. Just then Antara says Bday and keeps repeating it and Sam tells Arti to tell her but when she doesnt he says 6th Oct and Antara starts repeating it. Arti then says she is leaving and he shd drop her at the hostel. Sam says how can he leave since Antara is there. This irks Arti who says put her in orphanage and Sam tells her not to vent her anger on the girl. She can leave today but when they married then she will live here. Arti smiles but as Antara picks a box which slips out of her hands and drops down. Sam goes to attenda & Arti is upset.

Aditya house -room

Adi puts Abhi to sleep and lies down on the floor.

Vid is weeping profusely. Vid mobile rings and its her mother. Vid mother asks her is she was busy ,didnt call her and whether Adi returned. Vid tells her everything is fine and Adi came back. Vid mother gets worried and asks her what happened and Vid starts wailing when her father comes and takes the phone as Vid is saying Adi cheated on me.

Next morning

Adi is sleeping as Billu is howling at him that how cld he do did this to him? he left without informing and this lead to lot of distress to BilluLOL as he had to take bus!!! ( THis kid is somethingLOL) and he then proceeds for breakfast.

Dining table

Adi then sees Abhi, Billu having breakfast and then Guard comes and Vid tells him to take the children and drop them to school for the day and tom she will do it.

After they leave Adi asks an angry Vid to forgive him. He was unaware of this and infact hadnt talked to Anu for the past 5 yrs. He understands its a big mistake but she shd punish him only and not the family. After some goading Vid says she cant forgive him but wont leave the house and go. He shd ans her honestly just one thing whether this happened before marriage or after marriage. Adi is embarrased and sheepishly replies after! Vid screams aloud why did he do this and it ends everything they had. Adi tries to hold her but she shrugs him and tells him not to touch her. Vid wailing now goes to her the living room as a repentant Adi follows. Arti comes and consoles Vid. Arti then asks Adi why did he do this and punish Bhabhi and the family? Adi replies I am ready to face any punishment, just then Vid father comes who says my daughter will not stay here and she left everthing for this day. He is alive and his daughter will be taken care off. He tells Vid he is waiting for her to join him in the car.

Sam enters with Antara who is busy rocking to & fro playing with her mobile ( The back ground song is very touching). Vid gets enraged and leaves with her dupata running over Antara’s head. Adi then pats over Antara’s head who is still lost in her world.

Vid goes downstairs and sits in the car with her father.

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