Antara 10 December 2020 update: Today’s episode starts with the thai-ji hitting Antara because Antara painted on her sari. Angry Antara starts to cry and yell loudly.  (Hate this thai-ji! She has no heart…slapping a little girl like that! Angry) Vidya comes in the room and gets mad the the thai-ji for slapping Antara.

She asks her if she has any common sense for hitting such a small child. Then the thai-ji complains about her sari, and Aditya and Vidya are kind of perplexed. Aarti is kind of shocked.Angry The thaiya-ji tells her that the sari was a gift, so it was not a big deal. The thai-ji yells at her husband that he doesn’t have any common sense and says nonsense. She had bought the sari for the wedding. (This thai-ji doesn’t even respect her husband! Angry Such a mannerless person. Can’t believe such rude people exist! Angry) Aarti rolls her eyes and whispers the Aditya, if she brought it for the wedding, then why is she wearing it now? Who’s wedding is it now? (First time since the first week I liked Aarti!! Good one! ) Aditya gestures to her to be quiet. Antara is still yelling and wailing. Aditya requests thai-ji to drop the topic because Antara is just a kid, and the thaiya-ji also interjects his agreement but stops as thai-ji throws him a dirty look. Angry He then tells Aditya that she ruined an expensive sari and blah blah… Aarti whispers to Aditya if it was necessary to call her to their house because she just needs a reason to start something. Aditya tells thai-ji that he’ll buy her a nice new sari, but then thai-ji says that it’s not about a new sari, but I won’t stop you from getting one too! Angry Aarti rolls her eyes again. Then thai-ji starts grabbing and shaking Antara. ShockedAngry She starts saying that if she were their own child then she would act like this. They show Abhishek’s face, and he’s really angry. Cry Then Vidya gets angry and stops thai-ji from hitting Antara, and she almost leaked out that Antara is their blood only. Aarti stops her though, and Vidya leaves upset. Everyone else leaves too except thai-ji, thaiya-ji, and Aditya.

Man, I hate this thai-ji! She’s just wicked! Angry I even liked Aarti today….Aarti may be mean about Antara, but she’s just immature. Such a big lady acting so weird is annoying! What’s worse is that she doesn’t even let her husband say anything!  A women who doesn’t respect her own family, doesn’t get very far in life! Angry I hope she goes away real soon!


I really liked Vidya defending and consoling Antara so well though. Big smile It was really good of her.
Aditya tries talking to thai-ji again, but she cuts him short and starts complaining about Vidya. She tells Aditya that I’m like your mother, and you let Vidya boss me around and yell at me. Aarti hears all this and gets mad. Thai-ji also said that we didn’t come from Lucknow just to see your daughter and wife mistreat us, and Aarti yells “thai-ji! Angry” Aditya stops her from doing anymore damage, and tells thai-ji he will get a really good sari today only. She’s still huffing and puffing, but she’s silent. Aditya leaves to see Antara.

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This lady doesn’t deserve anything!

Antara’s Room

Abhishek tells Antara to stop crying because thai-ji is not a nice person. He tries to make her understand that it’s nothing personal. Abhishek tries to touch her hand to console her, but she pushed him. Vidya comes in and asks Abhishek if he’s okay. Abhishek told her that Antara pushed him because she’s scared of thai-ji because thai-ji is not nice. Vidya explains to Abhishek that it’s not right to say things like that about anyone, and that she was mad because her nice sari got ruined.

Vidya and Aditya both go over to Antara. Vidya puts her arms around Antara and tells her to stop crying. She’s comforting and trying to calm her down. (This was really nice to see! Big smile We really can tell that Vidya loves Antara like her own daughter.) Aditya is just sitting and amazed to see how good Vidya really is. Abhishek is concerned and upset. Disapprove After a long time of comforting from Vidya Antara stops wailing. Antara wipes Vidya’s tears, and Vidya kisses her on the cheek. Embarrassed Aditya pats Antara’s head. (This part is so cute!! ) Aditya tells Abhishek to take Antara downstairs to play, and Abhishek takes her hand and goes with her.

Vidya starts crying, and Aditya goes over to comfort her. She asks Adtiya how he could just stand there and watch thai-ji hit Antara. She was really upset that thai-ji hit her so badly.  (This true feelings a mother has when someone hurts their child. Thai-ji, you will repent!) Aditya holds her hand and asks her what would I have said? Then Vidya asks him then will thai-ji just keep hitting our kids in front of us? She then wonders how thai-ji raise her own kids. Aditya said that she probably hit them too, but that’s not the point. Vidya then says that she can tolerate anything, but she cannot tolerate anyone hurting her kids. Then Aditya tells her that he knows and agrees that thai-ji was wrong, but she doesn’t know that Antara didn’t do it on purpose. She sees a big girl who should know from right and wrong., so she thinks it was a prank. He asks her what if Abhishek did this? You would even scold him. He tells her that telling them about austism is useless because they will say she’s crazy. We have to help Antara understand, and Vidya says if someone hits my kids, don’t expect me to be calm and quiet. Then they hear Abhishek yelling “Kyun mara meri bhen ko, haan? Angry” Then they both go to the living room.

Living room

Vidya yells “Abhi!” Abhishek is yelling to thai-ji “Kyun mara meri bhen ko, haan?” (This is soo cute of him! I love Abhishek!!! Hug Now I only wish Billu were here! ) Aditya and Vidya both scold Abhishek. (I understand why, but it was still really awesome that Abhishek said that! Lag tha hai ki humari Billu ka asar par gaya Abhishek par! ) Aditya tells them to go downstairs to play. Then thai-ji starts this whole drama about how she wished God killed her before seeing all this and blah blah! Aarti rolls her eyes again! Then Aditya was like Abhishek is just a small boy, please forgive him. Then Adiya says sorry on Abhishek’s behalf. Thai-ji wants to go back to the village, but thaiya-ji blurts out that they don’t have any tickets to go back! Shocked She said they’d walk back, and thaiya-ji had a mini internal heart attack. Aarti and Aditya convice her to stay back. Aditya touches her feet for forgiveness. (This thai-ji is too much! Angry) Vidya also asks for forgiveness, and tells her not to punish Aarti from your blessing. Then thai-ji decides to stay because she doesn’t want to go to heaven and have her sister get mad at her for not blessing her daughter at her wedding. Then Aarti asks kind of disappointed, so you’re not leaving? Then thai-ji is like I promised to stay here until you doli leaves this house. Aarti makes a fake smile, and Aditya tries to be serious. Aarti takes her bags to the room and thai-ji tells her husband to go in their room.

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Vidya turns to leave, and Aditya grabs her hand. They hug! Embarrassed (So cute to see them all happy and together again!! ) Vidya breaks away and says “Nahin Aditya”. Then Aditya says “Kyun nahin Vidya?” But she’s already left. He stands kind of confused, but he’s still smiling too.

Kitchen/ Hall

Aditya’s eyes are watering like crazy as he cuts the onions. Vidya who’s making atta looks at him and then his phone rings. Aditya leaves to the hall to answer it.

It’s Sameer’s dad. Unhappy He told Aditya that he changed the rooms for the guests because those rooms were too small. He told Aditya he booked at some hotel, and Aditya is taken aback because this hotel is very expensive. He tells Sameer’s dad that everything will be take care of everything. (Sameer’s dad is taking advantage of Aditya’s goodness! Angry He’s not a dumb kid that he can’t see that Aditya can’t afford that hotel! Angry IDIOT!) Thai-ji stops Aditya in the hall after he gets off the phone. Unhappy She says that what’s the deal? You adopted a kid and you work in the kitchen… He leaves without answering to the kitchen.

Vidya asked who it was, and he said it was Sameer’s dad taking about some dates. Vidya knows he lied though because as he left she said “Jhoot bhi nahin bol pate”.

Dinner Table

Thai-ji starts complaining at the dinner table about today’s women in front of Vidya. She goes on and on about how they don’t work in the kitchen and make their husbands work. Wacko Then thaiya-ji says that I think it runs in the family…look at me! Disapprove Then thai-ji makes an angry face, and he shuts up. Everyone tries to supress their laughter. Then Antara gets up, and Aditya asks her what she needs. She goes up to thai-ji, and thai-ji stops eating midway and stares at her. Antara looks down and keeps rocking back and forth quietly.

Entire family including Taya Ji & Tayii are having dinner when Antara gets off from Aditya’s lap & goes near Tayiji’s seat. She then vehemently pulls Tayiji’s hand then cries & rest of the folks are astounded by her action.Aditya & Vidya try to console her when Abhi reveals that she won’t stop crying as Tayiji is sitting on her seat & asks her to relinquish her seat. tayiji Leaves the dining table with disgust.

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Vidya brings Antra to tayiji & asks the little girl to apologize. Antara extends her hand and Vidya, Abhi and Aditya are amazed by this. Abhi says she never shakes hand with anyone and Aditya tells Tayji it seems Antara likes her. Antara then tries to pull Tayji who then follows her.Abhi,Vidya & Aditya also follows.Antara then takes Tayiji out of the main exit of the house & shuts the door & stands with her back on the door. LOL All of them grins at her action. Vidya opens the door & that old lady shows her grief with how badly she has been treated with by Vidya,Abhi & now Antara and she only wishes for their happiness & won’t leave until marriage is over.

Its 1 am & Antara is still awake & so is Vidya.Vidya tries to make her sleep but she gets away from her lap & goes to balcony & looks at stars.Vidya follows her & both mother & daughter spends sleepless night. In morning Aditya wakes up from a call from personnel from the Hotel which Sameer’s Dad booked for his guests. The person from other side of the phone informs regarding bill for the entire booking & tenure which sums up to 70,000 rupees.Aditya is worried listening the amount he needs to disburse. He asks about Antara’s wakefulness & gets to know that Vidya did’t sleep also.He says why didn’t she wake him up on which Vidya consoles him & shows her concern for Antara.

Adtya stops the conversation mid way as he needs to do his selling job. On the road, he calls the firm from which he procures goods & asks for more. The man from other side asks him to be patient but Aditya insists.

Vidya takes Antara to Vikram’s clinic & discusses strange behavior shown by Antara towards Tayiji & her wakefulness.Antara’s therapist consoles her saying it happens as autistic kids tend react in such manner towards strangers. She instructs Vidya to involve Antara in some physical activities so that she will get tired & fall asleep & Asks Vidya to take some rest.

In Kitchen while Vidya is busy preparing lunch, Tayiji enters and asks for some useless things to be done for her.Aditya is at door with two more guests & introduces them to Abhi as his Mousa ji & Mousi ji.Aditya calls Vidya aside as he needs to get back to the bank.Vidya gets a bit cross on Aditya as she has to take care of guests & ailing Antara despite he has taken leave from work.She recalls regarding instructions given by the therapist to involve Antara in some physical activity.Aditya says he will take Antara with him & adds she will get tired if she travels around with him & will fall asleep. Vidya sees both off & asks to take care of Antara.


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