Antara 22 November 2020 zee world: Abhi asks Vid to kiss Antara’s wound as she does with him. Vid picks up Antara’s hand and brings it to her lips but before she kisses her wound, Antara pulls her and and walks away from there with Abhi following her. Vid asks Adi whats wrong with Antara and he tells her that Antara is autistic child and explains her about high and low funtion autsim. She leaves but stops at the door without looking back and tells Adi about her pregnancy. When she doesn’t gets any response ], she is surprised and turns back to find Adi nowhere.

Adi is feeding breakfast to Antara when Vid comes there. She stands there looking at them. Adi asks her if she wants to say something. Vid says that she said whatshe had to say yesterday but he didn’t have time to listen. Adi says sorry and asks her what she said yesterday. Vid asays she doesn’t find it necessary to repeat it and leaves from there. Adi fdinishes breakfast and takes Antara but remembers something so he asks antara to stay where she is and goes. Billu comes there and tells her that its because of her that Adi shouted at her and I will take revenge. Adi comes and Billu pretends that he was saying sorry to Antara but Antara is not ready to listen to him. Adi also apologizes to Billu for shouting at him.

Adi comes to Vik and vik gives him the hgood news that Antara has Hhigh functioning autism and with regular therapy she will be more independent. Adi asks the doc if they can start the therepy from today.Vik tells him to have a lot of patient since it might take her a month or year for her to learn something. There are three important things to be done first. Lets start with speech therepy, also you have to watch her food…I will write you few things for you. Vik tells Adi that the speech therepy will cost a lot…500 rs each session and Antara might need 2 or 3 sessions. Vik says that he can reduce his fees but he can’t say about other therepists. Adi says that he will manage but he wants Antar to get better.

Vid is at home reading about Antara’s test results when she hears the door being opened. She puts the results back in the file and hid it behind her on the table. Adi walks in with Antara and tells Vid that he came to live Antara at home since he has to go back to work. Adi informs her about Antara’s therepy. He leaves.

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Adi is at office worried when Sam comes there and asks whats the matter. Adi tells him on Antara having high functioning autism(HFA) and sam says that with therepy she can get better. Adi is surprised on Sam knowing all this and Sam informs him that he reserched it on the internet and he already knew Antara has
HFA because he matched all the symptons with Antara. They tak=lk about finance and Sam offers him his salary for first 6 months. Adi refuses saying that sam and aditi are starting a new life. Adi tells hin=m that he has only option left(i didn’t unerstand what was the option).

Vid is folding clothes wjen Antara comes ther and looks at Vid. Vid gets nervous and goes from there. She is making rotis and Antara comes there. Vid gets comfortable again and asks Antara why is hse staring at her. Antara is watching Vid making rotis. Vid is getting morning sickness and she goes to the bathroom to throw up. When she comes back she sees Antara trying to put a rolled roti on the tava.

Antara is about to put her little chapatti on the tava when Vidya comes forward and stops her. She tells her she is not to go near the gas alone. Adit enters his home and catches this little bit of conversation. He smiles as he feels they are making some headway. Fast track Jack and my little heart throb enter like two conspirators. Billo has his hands full of sweets. He asks Abhi where he could hide his stock of one month’s goodies. Abhi the innocent says he should hide it in his house. Billo says,”You little fool, how could I hide what I have swiped from my house at home?” Thinking caps on again…………Abhi suggests the drawer and the cupboard but those places get vetoed. Finally their eyes settle on Angel’s rucksack. What a fine place they both think. So they sneak up, open the zip and start packing. Angel enters and espies them with her possession and starts screaming. The two naughty boys tell her to be quiet. “Chup”. But Antara has a mind of her own. The adults come rushing into the room. “What’s happened?” asks Adit. “Nothing,” stammers Fast Track Jack and quickly makes his way home. Adit tries to make Antara quiet and goes down on his haunches. He tries to reach for her. But she’s is no mood. She slaps his hand away. All his attempts fail. She pushes him away so hard that he falls back. Abhi looks on worriedly still hiding Antara’s rucksack. Vidya is watching this silently totally confused and dumbfounded. She pours a glass of water. (Mistake Vidya, give a child throwing a tantrum a plastic glass ensuring that it can’t hurt the child. But I guess drama was needed……. how mundane!) Anyway Antara knocks the glass out of her father’s hand and it crashes to the floor. Adit can’t control her and so he calls up the doc for help. The doc was coming over he said since Adit had forgotten the prescription. Does this doc make house visits all the time to all his patients? Boy he sure must be running around a lot. He comes to their house. He sees Antara and then sees Vidya picking up the glass pieces. She gets up on seeing him. Their eyes collide and shock…..shock…..shock. Adit who was talking about the event trails off when he notices that his wife and the doc seem to know each other.

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Vikram tells Adit he shouldn’t try to shush her. He tells him something in the environment has changed which has caused this fracas. He asks them what has changed in the room. They can’t find anything different. He asks whether Angel’s possession has been misplaced or displaced. That’s when Adit sees her stuff lying on the centre table in disarray. Poor Abhi……… he’s looking mighty confused. Adit wonders why all her stuff is lying around. He says she keeps all her stuff in her rucksack. But where is the rucksack? Abhi is now looking so cute and guilty. Aha! Its with Abhi…..all three adults look at him and the bag alternately. The poor mite is squirming. Adit asks for the bag. Abhi doesn’t, but Vidya takes the bag out of his hand and gives it. He asks him why he took Antara’s bag. The camera focusses on Vidya’s face, I thought she’s not liked Adit questioning her son. But thankfully she lets it pass. Adit gives the bag to Antara. She stops her ruckus at once. She unzips and lets the cat out of the bag…… let’s the sweets out of her bag. She puts all her things inside with Adit’s help and quietly leaves the room. Abhi is morose, he knows trouble when he sees it. His parents ask him where he got the sweets and he tells them that Billo told him to hide them there. Vidya says that’s very wrong and my poor baby is so crestfallen, but his papa comes to the rescue and explains that such things are not done. Abhi leaves the room. Vikram explains that this kind of behaviour is called “autistic meltdown” and happens regularly with autistics. Adit begins to introduce Vikram to Vidya when they smile and say they are childhood friends but had lost touch in the last six years. Adit says that A does nothing when he touches the bag, so why the commotion if Abhi touches it, after all he is a part of the family. Vikram says that’s the way it is.

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Vidya covers up for Abhi and says that they have adopted Antara since her mother was their friend and she had passed away in an accident. She offers tea. Adit says, “why black tea?” She says because Vikram loves it that way. Vikram is touched that she remembered after so many years. As Vikram is leaving he tells Vidya that her decision to adopt was good. He further asks her if she is happy. And she smiles and says of course, why shouldn’t she be. Adit sees this and smiles. Later when they are in the kitchen, he says she had never told him anything about Vikram. She says she didn’t tell him about Vikram because he wasn’t important to her. Then she gets into slam mode and says, “don’t worry I have nothing to hide no sordid secrets like yours. She puts him in his place and Adit walks away. She tells him outside that she is going out and if he would take the kids to school. Abhi refuses to sit behind Antara and says she frightens him. Of course, Billo doesn’t mind and sits behind her.


At office, Sammer and Adit have a man-to-man talk. He says he is worried that Abhi is afraid of Antara and didn’t want to go to school. The boss is happy and gives Adit the good news that his request for an advance has been passed. Adit is very happy. But the boss says that he has made Adit happy because one day he wants a return of a favour. Vidya has gone to meet Vikram. He is surprised to see her.


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