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Antara 21 November 2020 zee world: Antra is on top of building and Aditya is shocked. He shouts Antra and docter on phone is startled.. He sees Antra there and sees everyone screaming from down. He runs down and sameer follows both go to next building and we see some old man on the way. and all three run to top of the building. They see antra swinging back and forht on her foot and almost at the edge of railing and she is senseless. And sameer old man and aditya are shocked at this scene and both slowly follows up. at the same time all are screaming from down antra come down and be careful….. Antra is at edge….


Sameer and Aditya reach till antra crossing some ways and both slowly gets hold of antra and brings her down. Aditya hugs her tight!!!! and old man consoles aditya saying.. Thankfully this girl is safe and we are here on time. Aditya is surprised!!! All three comes down and we see all members of society sigh a releif when they see adtiya and sameer and antra. and thanks god for whatever wrong was stopped from happening and calls her mad girl and insuts antra and we see sad anger on aditya’s face who hugs antra and moves on and wee docter entering the scene. and he is surprised by the veiws of memebers of socielty who calls antra pagal (Mad) and aditya seems helpless. He tries to explain everyone antra is not mad and they can’t judge her!!! And memebrs makes fun of her and asks who is he? He says antra’s docter vikram!!!..she is not mad but she is autistic. yeah yeah whatever in hindi we call it pagal and you docters give them all wierd names and so all start laughing at antra.. and vikram is disappointed with such narrow view of members!!!!.

Aditya, sameer and Antra are in house and antra as usual sitting on dinning table and whereas three other on sofa.. and vikram tries to tell Aditya to start therapy of antra and aditya asks for explaination as he was told autism isnt curable and vikram agrees and he says but they can make her dependable and aware by little push and he tells him story of some cases where girl named pari who was autistic was able to communicate after 13 years of therapy!!!!! and Aditya is impressed… and he inquires more and docter says i know its not easy to accpet the fact about autism by any parents and antra does not know anythiong she does not know who is her mkom, dad or she herself????? and aditya is confused… he tells him about some girl named shweta wehom they met other day.,…. and her father like aditya wasn;’t ready so he wondered whats wrong and mom tired explaining and him at her house and seeing prgogrees dad agreed and now things are fine with her!!!!!


Vidya is at Mom’s house and she is upset… Mom encourages vidya saying that she is brave… and i can undertsand and Vidya wonders why is she soo fed up working for her family? she always used to that and make herself happy before.. why aren’;t things as good as before!!!!!

She asks her mom will she forgiver her mistakes if she commits any? and mom says she s i am mother and vidya says she is pregnent and mom says don;t go with adutya… and vidya is shocked,,,, as she heard her mom say that and mom says cause the mistake u wanna commit is not good and not ven god can forgive,,,

Aditya, sameer and Vikram are near antra and vikram leaves it upto aditya for antra’s future and Aditya says he will bring her to clinic and vikram leaves and Sameer and Aditya have some convo and Sameer assures aditya he has made right decession… and that no docter would do this for any pateint… and he is ncoe docter… Aditya agrrees….

Aditya brings antra to clini while waiting for vikram he sees two children near antra and him.. he asks girl her name and she is quite and aditya realizes autism and stays quite,,, and girl says kajjal kajjal and aditya is surprised and he sees some emotions among boys as well named ROhit..

Friends i missed some ending will do it when i get it.. or anyone is welcome to do it!!!

Added> Rohit then asks his name and Adi smiles and tells him Aditya. The boy repeats Aditya. Kajal then touches Adi face and says ‘sunadr’. ROhit then runs his hand over Antara’s and says ‘naam’. Antara starts to repeat ‘naam’, Adi is pleased to see their reactions. Doc Vik comes and Adi joins him leaving the kids behd.

Vik remarks that so he made friends with ROhit and Adi shares that he is pleasantly suprised ot see thier emotions. Vik tells him that when Rohit came he was a serious case but now he has progressed so much. Adi asks him that he had said such children do not depict emotions at which Vik replies that he had said its tough and demanding to teach simple skills to these children but its not impossible. Infact it took them nearly a nearly to teach Rohit how to deal with new people and now he feels proud of him as he does it well. Adi is excited and asks so that means Antara will show progress too and Vik says yes she will. Adi remarks that Vik is doing a commendable work and from where does he get the strength and inspiration, Vik gestures that its God who helps him do all this.


The doctor is trying to convince Aditya to get Antara tested because then he can truly help her. Aditya says that all he wants is for her to talk properly, and the doctor confidently assures him that she will eventually. Big smile He tells Aditya that there are different levels of autism, so he needs to get Antara tested. Aditya is confused by the term “levels”. He asks, “Levels?” Confused The doctor explained that there are different levels of autism and each level has a sublevel to further define the type of autism the child has. He explains there are two main catergories they define autism by: High Functionality and Low Functionality. He says that high functionality children can learn everything because their autistic symptoms are not so severe, while low functionality children have trouble learning everything because their symptoms are high. Aditya then confuses the levels for stages like cancer, and Dr. Vikram explains that autism is not a disease, and it’s an internal state of mind. He informs Aditya that on the test he will be asked questions, and he has to answer them honestly. He says that each answer will be given a mark, and Aditya asks should there be high or low marks? Dr. Vikram questions laughing will that bias you answers? Aditya says no and that he was just curious. He asks Aditya if they can start, and Aditya gives the green signal.

He explains the format of the test and types of questions he will have to answer. He then starts asking questions. He starts with: Does you child look at you? Aditya tries to remember a time where she looked at him but can’t, so he replies no. Dr. Vikram asks if called does she answer, and Aditya again says no. The next question he asked was if she was scared of loud noises, and he said yes. He asks if his child makes faces, and Aditya again says no. The doctor asks if she lets him hug her, and Aditya says that Antara only lets him hold her not hug. He moves on to the next section of the test which talks about speech. He asks Aditya if Antara makes weird noises, and Aditya says no. The doctor asks if she shows you things she wants by holding your hand and taking you there. Aditya replied no. Dr. Vikram asks if she spins by herself randomly, and Aditya first says once, then sometimes. (As Dr. Vikram asks more and more questions, you can really see Aditya getting upset and slowly piecing together all the clues he kept ignoring.)

He asks more questions, and the final question was: Does she recognize her parents? Aditya got emotional at this one, so he just shook his head no.

This doctor scene as a whole is great! Clap I really loved the acting of his, and he and Aditya really played their parts well. Big smile Very good scene!! Please watch this if you get the chance!!


Aarti is teaching Abhishek the everso famous “Machali” poem! Vidhya comes in and tells Aarti that she’s happy Aarti came. Aarti says that Sameer told her to come here, and Vidhya asked why. Aarti spills the beans to Vidhya about how Antara was on the roof today, and she was just lucky that Abhishek didn’t copy her. (She was just waiting to fill Vidhya’s ears with more stuff against Antara! Angry) Vidhya was shocked to hear this, and Abhishek asks his mom “Agar woh gir jati to?” Vidhya just kind of looks at him and ignores the question. Aarti continues and says how it was good that bhaiya and Sameer were there to save her, otherwise it would have been really bad. Vidhya gets perplexed and asks why does she do this? Aarti conviniently throws in again that it’s because she’s crazy! Angry (She’s so heartless!) Vidhya kind of ignores her and continues on her own thought that since she’s been back something or another keeps happening. Aarti tells her that it’s not her fault; it’s Antara’s! Angry (She’s so awful! Brainwashing a lady against a child??? What is she thinking?) She asks Aarti, “Agar woh gir jati to?” (This finally shuts her up! AngryAngry) Aarti after a moment of silence picks right where she left off, and she tells Vidhya how Nisha-ji created a huge hungama over the issue. Vidhya gets more stressed, and she says that they have no where to go if they get kicked out. Aarti tells her not to worry because Sameer has promised that this will never happen again. Vidhya gets super stressed now! Ouch Abhishek recites the whole “Machali” poem! Shocked (Man I know this is a scripted show, but it fit so perfectly with the scene. ShockedClap)

I cannot stand that Aarti! Everytime I see her face I just wanna…AAARGHHH! I feel l ike going in the screen and shaking her up. Actually, I want to tie her up with duct tape on her mouth until she learns some humanity! Angry How can she treat a child like that??? ShockedAngry I’m the same age as her character, and I’d NEVER treat a child like that. When I worked in the day care, I’d get hit really hard by the special child in the day care, but I was still really nice to her and took good care of her! LOL Anyways, I’m getting WAAAY to worked up over just a TV show character! LOL


Aditya is done with the test, and he asks the doctor for the results. The doctor says it’s too soon to say anything because there are more tests need to be ran. He explained that Antara needs to go for an MRI, blood work, etc. He gives Aditya a file with an order for lab work and an MRI. Aditya takes Antara, and after they left Dr. Vikram sees the drawing Antara was making. It was a sketch of Aditya, and he was shocked to see that such a little girl can draw such life-like drawing! ShockedBig smile

Lab Work

Aditya gets to the lab, and a male nurse takes Antara back to get her MRI. Aditya is in the waiting room waiting very anxiously. Then the MRI is done, and Aditya is called inside for Antara’s blood test. The doctor is pleasantly surprised that Antara did not react to the needle, and Aditya said that is why we are getting these test done. The doctor nods his head kind of like he understands. Aditya asks if they are free to go home, and the doctor says yes.

Out on a Bench

Aditya and Antara exit the lab and sit on a bench. Aditya gives Antara a chocolate, and Antara take it and eats it. Aditya kisses the bandage from where blood was drawn from. He starts talking to her and saying that you probably won’t understand, but I am waiting for the day that you call me Papa. He rests his head in her lap, and she starts patting his head gently. (This part is so cute! Embarrassed Finally Aditya is getting some affection from his daughter. Even though she doesn’t know what she’s doing, it’s still a start!! Big smile) He lays there for a couple of minutes, and then realizes what she’s doing. He gets up quickly and looks very surprised to see her loving him like that. He then starts smiling.


Vidhya is watching TV, and Abhishek is laying in her lap. He asks his mom if they are going to get kicked out, and Vidhya says no, who told you all this? He then asks her if going on the roof is okay, and she says not at all. He asks if dad is going to get a scolding, and she asks why? He said because he brought Antara, and then he asks if she’s going to scold Antara. She says why do you ask so many questions, go to bed! Then the doorbell rings, and Abhishek excitedly says that papa is home. Vidhya says that she’ll get the door. She starts getting mad at Aditya and says how long will they put up with this. He walks away ignoring her. She tries to get his attention, but he tells her, “Aaj nahin.” She drops the topic, and Aditya takes Antara and Abhishek to the living room.

Abhishek takes a seat next to Antara, and he sees her bandage. He asked if she got hurt and if it hurts. He takes her lovingly to his mom and asks her to kiss Antara’s boo boo! Embarrassed (This is so sweet of him! I hope she does kiss it!)


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