Antara 14 November 2020 zee world: The janitor was following Antara to try and stop her from disturbing the meeting, so the boss angrily asks him whose child this was. Aditya is looking nervous and guilty and wants to say that this is his child. The janitor responds and says that the child is Sameer’s. The boss is shocked, and Sameer explains that he’s taking care of his friend’s child. Antara then repeats constantly, “Dost ki beti, Dost ki beti!” Then the boss asks why did he bring her to the office, and Sameer explains that his friend is having some problems right now and needs his help. The boss asks him you’re such good friends that you could lose your job for him? Sameer replied with that he can give his life for this friend. Aditya is so touched and surprised to hear this from Sameer. (This was a very lovely scene! You could really tell how much respect and love Sameer has for Aditya. He is basically like his older brother. It’s so sweet! Embarrassed) The boss tells Sameer that if this girl comes here again that he’s fired. Sameer assures him that he won’t let it happen again. Aditya is feeling really bad and guilty that his friend got yelled at because of him.

Office (out of the meeting):

Sameer yells at the janitor for not being able to take care of such a small girl and orders him to get some clothes for her. Sameer and Aditya find a spot to sit down at, and Aditya asks Sameer that why he didn’t let him tell the truth. Sameer said that you and I know the truth, but it’s not necessary for everyone to know the truth. He also tells him that he would have lost his job. Aditya then feels bad about him getting insulted and yelled at in front of everyone, and Sameer tells him not to worry about it because they are friends. He says that friends are always there for each other no matter what, and that if I were in your situation you would have done the same.

Aditya expresses to Sameer how he’s convinced that Antara has a problem because any normal child around her age would not just take off their clothes when they got wet. Sameer disagreed and said her behavior was normal, and that he would have done the same if he were in her situation. Sameer points out to Aditya how she’s organizing the binders and cleaning the bookshelf. He comments, like father like daughter! They both laugh.

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Then a shirt comes in for Antara to change into! (The shirt is sooo big!! ShockedLOL) Aditya and Sameer help her get into her shirt. They read the shirt out loud, and it said, “Har muskil mein tumare saath” (here for you in every problem).

Aditya sits Antara on the table and tells her not to move from this spot, and that he and Sameer will be back in a few minutes! (He should know better by now that to leave her alone!! Confused)

School (Vidhya’s music class):

The children are creating lots and lots of noise. They’re talking and goofing off, and Vidhya is spacing out. She’s thinking about Aditya and is lost in her own world. (She looks really sad, hurt, and lost.) The principal was walking in the hallway and notices all the commotion going on and asks Vidhya to come outside. He asked her what they were doing, and she told him practicing for some school function. (Sorry, I don’t remember the name!) He commented about how they were not practicing the music, and that he’s very worried about how they’ll perform since the d-day is in a few days. He gets mad and tells her that the school does not allow such teachers to work and warns her to keep her mind on her work. Vidhya is looking even more upset!

School (Lunchtime):


Billu is looking for Abhishek and finally finds him. He tells Abhishek that they’ll eat lunch together. Billu opens his tiffin, and states that he’s not going to eat his lunch. Abhishek asks why, and Billu explains that since your mother and you left all I get to eat is bread and butter! Abhishek opens his tiffin up, and he has parathas in it! Billu smacks his lips! LOL(Those really looked like good parathas!) He tries to convince Abhishek to tell his mom to go back to the house, but Abhishek refuses to talk to her because all she does is yell at him everytime he talks about his dad. Abhishek expresses his desire to see his dad, and Billu tries to “brainwash” LOL Abhishek by telling him that there’s this girl living in your house, and if you don’t come home your dad is going to forget about you and love her more that he does you. Abhishek gets shocked and is in disbelief, and Billu assures him that he’s telling the truth. Abhishek says that he’s going to see his dad right now, and Billu says we’ll go together after lunch, you eat my tiffin, and I’ll eat your! Abhishek agrees! LOL

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Antara leaves the stop that Aditya left her at because she wanted a pencil. She sees a pen in a pen holder at someone’s desk and walks over to get one. She’s having trouble reaching the pen, and the man at the desk was absorbed in his calculations. He was saying some numbers to add out loud, and Antara replies with, “2200”. She repeats it over and over again. The man found it coincidental that she said the same number that was the answer to his computation. Then he says another set out loud. Antara responded with, “4,022”. He’s checks this number on the calculator, and he’s shocked to find out that she’s right! He says another set, and she replies with, “4,066”. He was stunned that a child of such small age is computing faster than his calculator. He gives her another one, and she replies with, “6,446”.


Aditya and Sameer walk in, and Aditya scolds Antara for leaving, but the man told him that he was happy she came. He explained how Antara calculated all those numbers for him, and Aditya does not believe him. The man tried to prove it, but Antara did not reply this time! LOL She was really absorbed in getting the pen. He repeated himself over and over again, but then Sameer says that she’s not going to respond because she doesn’t know the answer. The man said that he’s not lying and that she knows all the answers. Sameer told him to do his work and left. The man tells Aditya to let him try again but Aditya refuses.


Outside the Office:

Arti is standing outside the office looking very angry. Sameer sees and is shocked in a happy way to see her there. He asks her why she was here, but she doesn’t respond. He asked her she was feeling okay, and she shakes her head yes. He asked her if she was mad at him, and she shook her head yes. He asked her why, and she said that he called her last night and said he was coming but never came. She was mad that he didn’t even call to explain why he didn’t come. He then says how he’s so bad and horrible in a mocking sort of way. She gets mad at him for making fun of her, and he said that she could have called him if she really wanted to know the reason. She gets made and threatens to leave, but he says don’t leave, just kill me. She asks him you want to tell everyone that you can’t live without me? He asked her do you have any doubts? She then explains she’s extra sensitive these days because she’s worried about Aditya and can’t see him unhappy. Sameer tells her that’s why he’s supporting Aditya and spending more time with him than her because Aditya needs him more. She is crying and they hug.

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Aditya happens to walk out of the office with Antara and heard all this. He apologizes to his sister, but she said that it’s not his fault. He assures her everything will be fine between Vidhya and him son. Arti looks at Antara scornfully and says that as long as she’s here nothing good will happen! Aditya gets a little bit defensive and holds Antara’s shoulder and tells Arti to trust him and that everything will be fine!


School (after school):

Vidhya is standing outside of the car waiting for Abhishek to come out. All the kids leave, but Abhishek does not come out. Vidhya gets worried and goes to the school to look for Abhishek. She asks a janitor if he’s seen Abhishek, but he said he has not. She’s looking everywhere calling out, “Abhishek! Abhishek!” She starts getting more and more worried and cries. She goes back to the car and makes some phone calls.

First she calls Billu’s house and asks his mom if Abhishek came there, and his mom says no, why? Vidhya hung up without responding. Then she calls Aditya and disconnects the line, calls him again and disconnects. She goes back in the car crying. Aditya was on his scooter with Antara tied behind him, and sees her missed calls in his call log. He tries calling her back, but she ignores the call. He called again, but she ignored it again. She told the driver to go to Aditya’s house.

She calls her house and her dad picks up the phone. (I really can’t stand him! Angry He’s so weird! (Sorry if this offends anyone!)) She cries into the phone that Abhishek is missing. Her dad is shocked, and Vidhya is crying and saying if anything happens to him that she would not be able to forgive herself. Her dad tries to calm down and say we’ll find him. She hangs up.

Ends with a sad and crying Vidhya.

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