Antara 4 December 2020 update: At Antara room: Billu says from now all my maths probs will be solved by Antara. Abhi is sad that in this little amt they wont get anything. Billu says he is helpless as his mother keeps her purse under lock. He asks Antara to suggest and Abhi says she doesn’t speak. Billu declares that he likes Antara at which Abhi says he too likes her. Now Billu tells him he is her brother and his liking is difft from the way he feels. Abhi replies liking is liking and then he says he got an idea and runs out.

Drawing room

Abhi calls his Naani( grandma) and asks her what his mother liked when she was kid. Naani tells him Vid used to like chocolates and Abhi thanks her.

Antara room

Adi gets ice cream for them and gives to Abhi but Antara doesn’t take it. Both Adi and Abhi try to make her eat but she doesn’t react.

Adi opens the door and Vid comes in and he tells her that good she came as he wanted to leave. He also tells her that Antara isn’t eating ice cream.

Vid takes ice cream from Abhi and gives to Antara but she doesn’t eat. Vid then unwraps it and gives it, Antara takes it and starts eating. All smile and Adi leaves.


Vid is in the kitchen as Abhi, Billu and Antara come there. Abhi asks Vid if they can go out and play. Vid agrees and Abhi asks if they can take Antara. After hesitation Vid relents but tells them not to go out of the gate and to take care of Antara.

Gift shop

Abhi, Billu and Antara walk into the gift shop and look ard. Billu and Abhi select a card and a chocolate. The shopkeeper tells Abhi they have Rs12/- less and Abhi sweetly tells him their mother is upset and to make her happy they are trying to buy a gift. The shopkeeper is considerate and gives them the waiver.

Vid scolds them why they went out of the gate as she had told them not to, if anything untoward happened then? Vid goes inside and Abhi says now mummy is still angry what to do? Billu tells him to give the gift. They follow her inside.

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Bed room

Vid is sitting as Abhi comes and gives her the gift. Abhi says since u are angry with us so we went to buy a gift for u. Vid sees the card and chocolate and feels tender and gets tearful. Adi is standing at the door watching this. She hugs Abhi and seeing Antara standing beside him quietly is abt to hug her too when she notices Adi. Vid gets up and leaves the room. Abhi tells Billu his plan flopped at which Billu remarks he planned keeping his mother in mind but Vid aunty is difft. Adi says yes she is difft than others.

Drawing room

Adi is trying to make Antara express her needs. Adi asks her what she does she want when she feels thirsty and shows her pic of drinking water. Antara simply sees it. Adi then shows her scrapbook, shows her the pic of himself and says Papa, then its Vid and he tells her Vidya. Antara tries to speak but isn’t able to. Next are Abhishek-brother and Billu friend. Billu comes there and asks how can he be a friend as he is a boy so does it imply he is her boy friend? Adi laughs and tries to hit him. Billu runs away.

A furious Mrs Gupta comes there and says her son is there and they are spoiling him. She goes inside Antara room and drags Billu who is playing with Abhi. She threatens to beat Billu at home.

Mrs Gupta sees Adi teaching Antara stops and taunts how can Antara speak, she can give it in writing the mad girl cannot speak ever. At this Billu springs up to Antara’s defense and says he will teach her to speak and she can do what ever she wants to. This irks Mrs Gupta who takes Billu, Adi feels hurt.

Antra is crying in mornign and abhishek tries to make her stop.. she does not so he calls aditya and aditya too cries to ask her what she wants andthen at dinning table aditya tires to feed cornflakes, and she pushes it off… aditya scold her but controls and asks come on lets go to school, but she is not ready she just cries!!! and cries… and He is sursprised that she does not wanna go to school.. soo he says okay.. we won’t go to school and abhsiehek asks will i even have to take holiday.. and adoitya is feeling helpless and says yes maybe topday not only u but also me… and he calls sameer and inform Sameer… They try to console antra and vidya calls up to ask why aren’t kids at school.. he replies Antra is not ready and she is just crying… vidya says okay and hangs up!!!! She is sondering something!!! Abhishek and aditya are in room with antra and still trying to console her!!!!


and we see time.. 11.00 am to 12.00 Adi and abhi trying to console antra who is crying!!! and she cries allot!!!! 12.00 to 1.00, 1.00 to 2.00.. Aditya calls up Vikram for help…. Vikram asks her to do something to catch her attention like painting or carrom, and aditya agrees!!!! its 2.30 and then 3.00. aditya is romaning about!!! and Aditya wonders where is vidya since its 3.00 already!!!

He calls her up and vidya is at her mom’s place!!!! He tells her antra is still in same condition.. Vidya says she is at mom’s place she will come soon!!! and she hangs up!!! Aditya is still helpless!!! and At her mom’s place her mom gives vidya piece of mind.. ( in this seen we see basicaly, vidya telling her mom everything aditya says.. and vidya says she knows antra nd abhishek are suffereing for her disagreement with aditya!! and mom says u know ur responsibility but still running away from it!!!) She gets call again and she says anra is not well i hae to leave.. and she runs.. and that her mom realizes her daughter’s niceness!!!!! She realizes her strength!!!


Antra is roaming about saying antra ma antra ma!!! and both adi and abhi are helpless!! and adiyta strikes.. and takes her to balcony!!!! and abhishek calls vidya that antra is cryinhg and come home fast!! and vidya says fine and rushes to go home!!!!

Aditya is showing her sky!!! and its soo cloudy aditya cannot find anuradha in it!! and antra is crying.. Abhishek is heard saying antra chup ho ja, antra chup ho ja.. in similar way antra says antra ma antra ma!!!!

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Vidya comes in and abhi informs her antra is crying… and vidya takes him in and aditya is asking antra to keep quite!!!!Vidya comes and says Antra!!!!Antra all of sudden stops crying!!!!! and Aditya notices it.. and Vidya ruses to her.. and Antra says Vidya.. All are happy and Vidya takes her away from adi and hugs her and cry!!!!!!!!! and she also cries!!!! Embarrassed(Guys this is must watch part!! am not describing as intensily as it was cuz.. that leave no fun.. or should i say i have no words..)


Things seem to be happy happy.. Vidya is serving breakfast.. and aditya looks at her and talks to antra with her scarap book and askks antra who is she and antra replies vidya!!!!!!!!! and aditya is happy.. and voidya loks at him and smiles and akss hwats happening to you.. why do u ask her same questions againa nd again.. this is like 1000th time u are asking her!!!!!LOL

Vikram comes in and we see him.. and aditya asks antra about same in front of him and vikram as well expresses his happiness!!! on seeing antra reply and says This all means therapy is working (or vidya as mom is working ) Adtya thanx vikram and credits hiom for the day.. aditya says its time for celebrations and vikram say u four enjoy celebrations!!! U don;t need me there!!!!!

I dunno what was after this scene i only saw till here but then lihghts went off.. sorry.. if anyine knows ahead.. can hellp me out please!!!!!!


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