Antara November Teasers 2020 Zee world

Antara November 2020 Teasers Zee world: 

Antara is the story of five-year-old girl Antara. She is born to Anuradha, who had a relationship out of wedlock with Aditya.
When Anuradha dies in a car accident, Antara is orphaned and the responsibility of raising her falls on Aditya who has no option but to accept her into his family. He takes her home to his wife Vidya and son Abhishek and it changes their lives.
Antara behaves dfferently from other children and lives in her own world. The outside world sees her as a day dreamer and different.
During the course of time, Aditya discovers that Antara suffers from autism. He’s then faced with the challenge of bringing up his special child and geting her accepted by society.
The show follows the highs and lows of Abhishek’s family as they learn and adjust to living with a person with autism. The show also guides people towards understanding the needs of people with autism and also informs people on how to sensitively deal with autistic people.
Antara November 2020 Teasers Zee world

Antara November 2020 Teasers Zee world

Coming up in its first month on air:
Monday 2 November 2020
Episode 1)

Aditya finds out that Anuradha kept a huge secret out of him for all these years. The policeman tells Kaveri she can’t look after Antara therefore he has to send her to an orphanage.

Tuesday 3 November 2020
Episode 2)

Sameer tells Aditya that he shouldn’t tell Vidya anything around who Antara really is. Vidya finds out about Aditya’s previous affair and as soon as she sees Antara she promptly leaves the home

Wednesday 4 November 2020
Episode 3

That which Anuradha said concerning Antara was authentic, Antara is indeed a little genius when it comes to numbers. Abhishek goes missing and it’s up to Vidya and Aditya to locate him.

Thursday 5 November 2020
Episode 4

Antara sees the box containing a lot of money and it leads to a great deal of issues. Aarti tells Aditya to do some thing about Antara because she’s ruining everyone’s lives.

Friday 6 November 2020
Episode 5)

Antara exposes the guy that provides Mr. Gupta with spices. Aditya and his boss have a confrontation and it induces him to quit his job. Aditya finally finds that Antara is a little genius.

Saturday 7 November 2020
Episode 6)

Aditya sets his pride in his pocket and return to his previous boss to ask for another chance. Aditya is left with a rather hard choice where he must choose between Antara and his wife and son.

Sunday 8 November 2020
Episode 7)

Vidya tells Aditya that although she return, things will be different. Abhishek finds it difficult to adjust to the changes today that Antara is also living with all of them.

Monday 9 November 2020
Episode 8)

Vidya handles to get Antara admitted to the same school she is teaching at. Vidya drops off the chair whilst cleaning and she calls out to Antara who’s absolutely no clue what’s happening around her. Aditya learns by the woman at the ice cream shop there may be a possibility that Antara has autism. At precisely the exact same time, Vidya finds out that she is pregnant.

Tuesday 10 November 2020
Episode 9)

Aditya refuses to think what Dr. Vikram said about Antara though he saw with his own eyes that Antara needs treatment. Dr. Vikram tells Aditya that when Antara gets the ideal remedy she could turn into just a small genius.

Wednesday 11 November 2020
Episode 10)

Dr. Vikram tells Aditya that Antara is a high functioning autistic child and she is able to be assisted, however this kind of treatment is quite expensive. Aditya finds out that Vidya has a past history with Dr. Vikram.

Thursday 12 November 2020
Episode 11)

Vidya eventually tells Aditya that she is pregnant. Aditya’s boss informs him now that he has given him an advance on his salary, he owns him. Aditya tells Aarti the final arrangements for her and Sameer’s wedding have been finalised.

Friday 13 November 2020
Episode 12)

Aditya goes to make arrangements with Dr. Vikram and throughout their conversation Vikram gets a call from non besides Vidya. Mrs. Gupta informs Aarti she knows of somebody who treats people like Antara.

Saturday 14 November 2020

Episode 13)

Vidya finally tells Aditya that she is pregnant. Aditya’s boss tells him now that he has granted him an advance on his wages, he possesses him. Aditya tells Aarti the final arrangements for his or her Sameer’s wedding have been finalised.

Sunday 15 November 2020

Episode 14)
Aditya goes over to make arrangements with Dr. Vikram and during their dialogue Vikram gets a call in non other than Vidya. Mrs. Gupta tells Aarti she knows of someone who treats people like Antara.

Antara November Teasers 2020 Zee world


Monday 16 November 2020
Vidya tells Aditya that when he touches Abhishek’s savings for the interest of Antara, she’ll never ever forgive him. Aditya warns Mrs Gupta to depart Antara alone and to stop calling her mad.

Tuesday 17 November 2020
Episode 16
Aditya takes a photo of everyone who Antara comes into contact with on a daily basis. The community members slowly distance themselves from Vidya’s household because of Antara.

Wednesday 18 November 2020
Everyone is left speechless when they see Antara painted a flower design around the wall. The community finally accept that Antara is not mentally challenged and they ask for forgiveness.

Thursday 19 November 2020
Abhishek begins to ask questions regarding who Anuradha is. Aditya begins working as a salesman to make extra cash. Yet again it’s demonstrated that Antara is a remarkable kid.

Friday 20 November 2020
Aditya finds it quite hard to make ends meet and, to make matters worse, he has injured and it’s up to Vidya to help him recuperate. Nisha and Mrs Gupta workout a plan to try and remove Antara in the competition.

Saturday 21 November 2020
Episode 20)
After sorting out Mrs Gupta and Nisha, Vidya gives a warning to the Whole community. Just when it seemed like what’s coming right, catastrophe strikes as Antara goes lost.

Sunday 22 November 2020
Episode 21)

Abhishek gets into trouble and as Aditya comes home, he misunderstands and asserts with Vidya, who was totally unaware of what was happening. Matters go from bad to worse for Aditya.

Antara November Teasers 2020 Zee world

Monday 23 November 2020
Episode 22

Aditya sees that Vikram and Vidya are getting rather close. Aditya finally finds Antara, however, the authorities are not ready to hand her over.

Tuesday 24 November 2020
Episode 23)

Vidya begins to distance herself out of Antara. Sameer’s parents start to grow suspicious as to what’s wrong with Antara. Aditya’s loan has been finally being paid out.

Wednesday 25 November 2020
Episode 24)

Antara starts to feel that the lack of Vidya and it causes her to scream and shout uncontrollably. Antara makes Vidya and Aditya realise that she can not live without either one of these.

Thursday 26 November 2020
Episode 25)
As a result of Billu and Abhishek that the two moms finally make peace. Antara creates a scene at the restaurant and it results in the supervisor to ask them to depart. Aditya informs Vidya that they ought to start a club for Autistic kids.

Friday 27 November 2020
Episode 26)
Antara plays Sameer’s father’s phone and unknowingly she has it the next day. Poor small Abhishek takes the blame for the missing phone to store Antara.

Saturday 28 November 2020
Episode 27)
Everybody starts to prepare Antara for the upcoming wedding. Aditya corners Sameer and asks him about the boss’s brother who got a loan.

Sunday 29 November 2020
Episode 28)

Aditya’s issues continue to rise when he receives a call from Sameer’s father about how big the chambers he reserved for their guests. Vidya decides to follow Aditya to see where he goes and what he’s doing.

Antara November Teasers 2020 Zee world

Monday 30 November 2020
Episode 29)

Mrs. Gupta takes complete benefit of teasing Aditya, when she sees him admiring Vidya’s beauty. Sameer attempts to crash the Hanna ceremony but unfortunately for him Vidya recognized and exposed him.

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