Antara January 2021 Teasers Zee World

Antara January 2021 Teasers Zee World: Billu asks Abhishek to buy the building in order to save Vidya and Antara, but little did he know Abhishek already had other plans. Vidya notices that Antara is becoming rather close with Billu. Read Antara January 2021 Teasers.

Antara January 2021 Teasers Zee World

Antara January 2021 Teasers Zee World

Zee World Antara January 2021 TeasersĀ 

Antara Friday 1 January 2021
Episode 53

Abhishek recalls how they celebrated his birthday this past year and he expects it’ll be the exact same again this season. Aditya inquires Vikram if Vidya understands about the cancer.

Antara Saturday 2 January 2021
Episode 54

Vidya finds out that Abhishek bunked college. Vidya queries Aditya about his love for Anuradha. The physician tells both Aditya and Vidya the cancer spread through Aditya’s whole body.

Antara Sunday 3 January 2021
Episode 55

Aditya informs Sameer the facts and he requests him to take Mili. Billu tells Aditya when he’s grown up he’ll wed Antara. Vidye sends Abhishek to boarding school.

Antara Monday 4 January 2021
Episode 56

12 decades after Antara still longs for her dad and the therapist informs Vidya she wants to create Antara overlook her daddy. Antara sees a spitting image of Aditya – little didn’t know who he is.

Antara Tuesday 5 January 2021
Episode 57

Vidya gets requested to vacate the building. Abhishek returns home after a lengthy time however he gets sad if he sees Antara. Antara sees with Aditya in Abhishek and it causes her to think Abhishek is Aditya.

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Antara Wednesday 6 January 2021
Episode 58

Billu asks Abhishek to purchase the building so as to save Vidya and Antara, but little did he understand Abhishek had other plans. Vidya finds that Antara has become fairly near with Billu.

Antara Thursday 7 January 2021
Episode 59

Abhishek proceeds to attempt to convince Vidya to vacate the home. Billu stands up against his one true friend. Abhishek attempts to send Antara into a mental asylum.

Antara Friday 8 January 2021
Episode 60
Last episode!

Vidya breaks all ties together with Abhishek. Billu attempts hard to describe to Antara that Abhishek isn’t her daddy. Vidya gets ready to depart and before she does, Abhishek realises his error and that he asks for forgiveness.

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