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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

AMMA Zee World full story, Plot Summary, casts, teasers

Amma – Full story, Plot summary, casts, teasers on Zee World
Amma – Full story, Plot summary, casts, teasers on Zee World
Amma ZEE WORLD Full story, Plot summary, casts, teasers on Zee World

Amma Zee World, tells the story About Zeenat (Amma), who was deserted by her husband and son, due to her strong will and patriotism to try free Indians from the British rule in the 1940s.

When Zeenat’s uncle and aunt took over her house, she had to take refuge in a temple and start afresh.

Zeenat will have to challenge her moral compass to rise above the people that have wronged her. How far will she go to become one of the most powerful people in Mumbai?


Amma Zee World Full Story: The show explores the journey of the female underworld kingpin through five decades. it also tells us the love story of amma’s daughter rehanna and faisal,one of amma’s men as they face trials and tribulations so that amma could accept them and they could marry each other.

There is also a small side love story of rehanna’s sister saraswati who loves atul her college friend. And how amma reacts when she gets to know about all this is the main idea post the leap. Amma Zee World captures the life and journey of Zeenat Sheik, a mother of two daughters  deserted by her husband and son during ‘The Partition‘. They deserted her because of her strong will and patriotism towards freeing India from British domination. When Zeenat’s uncle and aunt took over her house, she had to take refuge in a temple and start afresh.

In the process, she gets into illegal activities and meets people like Haji Mastan , Dawood Ibrahim. Zeenat is able to stand up to the adversities thrown in her path and attain a voice of her own in a world dominated by intimidating men. She becomes the queen of her world and very vocal in the lives of her daughters.

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Beyond the show, Zeenat is a role model for today’s women and gives emphasises to the fact that Bollywood is also out to give representation to women as independent and strong, not subjected only to the influence of husbands and male relatives.

Amma is a Indian tv show. The story is all about the life and journey of a girl named Zeenat who’s one mother, left by her husband throughout this time that’s regarded as among the worst stages in the history of India i.e the Partition. The series speaks about her courage and her strength of character. How she climbs into power and produces a name and picture for herself despite the lack of her husband and during this time, is exactly what the serial is all about. All what she’s doing, it’s totally on the grounds of her strong soul.

Zeenat climbs at this time when she had been preyed upon the foundation of her religion. She did have no freedom and no security to the most elementary level. At this time, she’d just two things to do. Either could she allow the society and also the conditions subdue her and make her weak or she can rise from it all and revolt. Zeenat selects the second alternative. Because of this, she appears as somebody to reckon with for many years to continue. How she deals with the adversities that come on her course, how she manages everything and creates a spot for herself also enjoys her picture as that of power, makes her a role-model into the remaining girls.

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Amma, as the name suggests mother, reveal the life and struggles of the girl who becomes a Godmother for many others. The narrative is based on the life span of Jenabai Daaruwali of the Mumbai underworld where she had been a really powerful character. Amma is the narrative of the female Don through decades following her husband has deserted her. She gets into actions which are prohibited and meets individuals such as Dawood Ibrahim and Hajj Mastan. The series also sees the romance of Amma’s daughter Rehana and her guys Faisal as they undergo trouble to become accepted and that of Rehana’s sister Saraswati and her buddy that creates the story following the jump.

Amma Zee World full story

Brief Information and Details on Amma on Zee World
Genre: Crime Drama
First Episode: 25 November 2019
Total number of episodes: 52
Total numbers of Season: 1
Channel: Zee World Africa
Network: Zee Tv, Zeel & Tv
Original name: Amma
Tele Country: Indian
Last Episode: Nil

Amma Zee World Cast, Real Picture and Real name Zee World Series:


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