Amma December Teasers 2020: A rebroadcast of Amma premieres on Zee World on Wednesday, 30 December at 21h00, replacing the rebroadcast of Twist of Fate which ends the day before. Read More Amma December Teasers 2020 Zee World Below:

Amma December Teasers 2020 zee World
Amma December Teasers 2020 zee World

Zee World  Amma December 2020 Teasers 

Amma Wednesday 30 December 2020

Episode 1


Zeenat, a powerful, daring and loving woman struggles to your community’s independence against the British. This play showcases a few of those sacrificial acts she devotes to get the rights that they deserve as a community.

Amma Thursday 31 December 2020
Episode Two

After receiving news that her friend was detained, Zeenat rushes into the channel to assist her. Abbas finds out that Zeenat was moving against his sentence. He takes a radical measure, leaving Zeenat devastated.


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