Age is Just a Number 21 September 2020: On Age is Just a Number Monday update 21st September 2020, Sahil was captivated by the goons at gun point.
In Agarwal house, Vaidika was tensed as Sahil’s phone couldn’t connect.

He must have gone to a friend, as he is still 24 in his mind. She sometimes forget how young he is to her.

The goons chased Pankti but couldn’t find her across the road. Pankti says God saved her from rats like him. She disgraces them of being old school, it also seems they are underpaid. She is a superfast aero plane while they only move at turtle’s speed. She slips off the tree.

Aarya was looking for her lipstick in the room. Mandagini comes in the room and shows off her new pink lipstick, it’s her favorite color. It was brought by her brother and she has whole right over it. Guddu comes in and says he brought this for Aarya. Mandagini complains that Guddu never brought any lipstick for her. Guddu finally says she can keep it.

Mandagini replies she has already taken the lipstick and leaves. Guddu explains to Aarya that Mandagini sometimes behave strangely; they have never been rich enough to afford expensive lipsticks. Aarya says it’s alright, they can sacrifice this much for their family and she learnt this from her mother. Guddu thanks Aarya for understanding all this.

Sahil was in the godown where Pankti was brought. She asks what he is doing here, then understands it seems her father sent him here. Sahil warns her to stay silent, he has been caught in the situation because of her only; his Bari Amma is worried for him and his house lady cares as well. It’s because of Pankti that this mess was created, she must have fun in this five star place with rats and smell all over. The goons come to take Pankti along.

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The goons bring Pankti to a house. Tej Pratab comes downstairs. Pankti argues with him.
Nani tells Bari Amma that she called Sahil but he didn’t pick up the call, he wasn’t attentive of her call. Vaidika says Sahil must be busy with friends. Nani says Vaidika must try to remind Sahil about his past. She points that all men are alike, she must learn from what Maya’s husband did. She convince Vaidika that Sahil neither remembers Vaidika nor her kids. Vaidika was irritated of her mother’s conservative talk.

Sahil breaks into the house of Tej Pratab. He complements the set up and says it seems like some shooting is going on. Pankti signals the goons not to touch him anymore. She then asks Tej Pratab to let Sahil leave, he has nothing to do with all this. Tej Pratab allows Sahil to leave. When Sahil had walked out, Pankti warns Tej Pratab that she only conducted a sting operation against his abuse of her mother, next time she will unveil his complete report to media. Tej Pratab says now his daughter has turned unbearable. He sends his men to bring someone. A young man comes in, Tej Pratab says Pankti will marry Rohit today. Everyone clap but Pankti slaps a goon instead. She clearly denies marrying Rohit and warns going to extreme extent for it. Sahil was waiting outside the house and watched the whole scenario, then decides to help the heroine in this filmy scene. Tej Pratab says Pankti will marry this man now. Pankti decisively says she won’t. Tej Pratab goes inside to bring Pankti’s mother outside. He then holds his wife at gunpoint. Pankti protectively comes to save her.

Sahil push the plate of aarti in Tej Pratab’s hand. The sindoor fell into her hairline. Sahil also puts in a mangal sooter into her neck hurriedly, then says they are now married. No one must dare touch his wife anymore.

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Vaidika was in front of the temple and prays for Sahil’s happiness. She is ready for anything new that becomes a part of their life in this New Year. She goes to answer the door bell, it was Sahil. She questions where he had been? Sahil looks behind himself where Pankti walked beside him. He tells Bari Amma this is Pankti. Pankti replies she is the one whom Sahil married. Everyone was shocked to see this. Sahil reminds Vaidika of the news about Tej Pratab Singh, his daughter had been kidnapped. Pankti is that daughter. He accepts filling her hairline with Sindoor and putting that mangal sooter in her neck. He explains his father forced her into a wedding, he was left with no option but to do what he did. Sahil walks inside but Nani stops Pankti right there. Sahil asks her to wait, he will soon be back and takes the family inside. Vaidika thinks God can’t be unjust, Sahil can surely not do so. Pankti was curt over Sahil for ruining her plan of running away. She gets a call from her mother concerned about Pankti. She warns Pankti not to come in front of her father anymore, he is enraged. Pankti tells her mother she can’t stay at Sahil’s place for long and run from here as soon as she gets a chance. Her mother swears Pankti not to leave that house, Sahil came as an angel to her life; her father already appointed two goons to look for her.

In the auto, Aarya tells Guddu she was excited about this course and collected her pocket money to pay the fees. She stops the auto at a place and looks into the bag for her fees. She was dubious over Mandagini, and wonders if that was possible.

In the market, Aarya finds Mandagini holding her wallet. She noticed her holding a bulk of bags and snatch it. She looks into the purse and asks about her fees money. Mandagini says that money must have been her brother’s, she also had a right over her. Aarya clarifies that it was her pocket money; she and Guddu are equal. Mandagini creates a drama in the midst of the street, gaining everyone’s attention that they even allowed her sister in law and her brother for a live in, but she has an objection over her purchase of a few pennies.

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In Agarwal House, Nani warns Vaidika that she can’t let that girl live in the house. She can’t see Sahil’s second wife live in the house. Bari Amma was of the same view that they must prepare Sahil to tell him the truth about his wife and children. She says Sahil filled sindoor in that girl’s hairline, and she is Tej Pratab’s daughter… (stop)… she can’t let her stay in the house. Vaidika was worried about Sahil’s reaction over first the news of his marriage and secondly, that his wife is older than hm. Bari Amma and Nani say they can tell Sahil about the truth themselves and leave together. Vaidika stops them, and agrees to tell Sahil.

Vaidika was in the corridor confused about Sahil’s reaction. She thinks about Pandit ji’s prediction, elder’s reaction but was also worried about Sahil’s reaction after knowing about already being married. She comes to the room. Sahil was busy on a phone call. Vaidika comes in to speak to him. Sahil was at once attentive. Vaidika holds Sahil’s hand and says she has hidden a truth from him, but she can’t do it anymore. Vaidika tells Sahil that his marriage with Pankti isn’t legitimate, it’s unlawful. Sahil couldn’t get it. Vaidika says Sahil is already married. He asks who his wife is. Vaidika replies I am. Sahil was left in shock.


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