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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Age is Just a Number Update Tuesday 30th June 2020

age is just a number zee world

Age is Just a Number 30th June 2020: On Age is Just a Number Tuesday 30 June 2020 update, Deepak harasses Gauri in the room by twisting her arm behind and asks why she lied to him.

Age is Just a Number 30th June 2020: On Age is Just a Number Tuesday 30th June 2020 update, Gauri says she had eaten the papaya he gave her, she only threw the left over. Deepak shouts at her for lying, and pushes her away asking what she has been hiding. Gauri screams in pain, placing a hand over her belly. Deepak points towards her belly and says he understands now, he is going to be a father. He would now enjoy when his son would be the next heir of this house, winning over Sahil. Gauri was worried what if it’s a daughter, she wonders how to save her child and decides to take Vaidika’s help in the matter.
The next morning, Yash was doing pooja at home with Suomya. Vaidika comes to their house. Suomya was excited and calls her to join them in pooja, then points towards Yash. Pandit asks to begin the Havan and asks about a Kalawa. Yash replies it’s not there. Vaidika gives a new one from her purse. She keeps on standing while Yash do the Havan. Suomya goes to her room to bring the bag. Yash tells Vaidika it’s his mother’s fourth death anniversary. Vaidika says she is sorry, at least he miss her. Yash says he had promised to give her something she couldn’t get in her life, he shifted to Kanpur to get that now. He isn’t worth getting any happiness until he gets it for his mother. Vaidika prays Yash is able to give his mother everything he wish for. Yash walks upstairs. Suomya brings her bag, Vaidika sits to teach her.
At Agarwal house, Bari Amma throws a letter of Leela jewelers. He shouts who are they, and where they came from? Deepak says they prepare each design from traditional to modern designs and even have computers. Bari Amma insults Deepak and asks how they lost the contract of Mehta’s daughter’s wedding. She sends Deepak to find out the reasons they lost the contract. She says she thought Sahil would help him in growing the business, but he got crazy after Vaidika.
Outside in the corridor, Deepak was angry over Bari Amma. He says once his son is born, everyone would be his side. He calls the Pandit, Pandit says there are chances a boy is born to him but it can also be a girl. Gauri hears him speak to Pandit. He says he will find out the gender, and a girl won’t be born anyway.
Aarya asks for Vaidika’s permission to dance in Mohib’s group. Vaidika had reservations, but Sahil brings Mohib to meet Vaidika. Nidhi comes to greet Mohib and hugs him. Mohib says he came to meet Aarya’s mother, Aarya is a good dancer. Sahil allows Aarya to go for Flash Mob. Aarya cheerfully leaves with Mohib. Vaidika argues with Sahil that only she has a right over Aarya. Sahil insists that Aarya is a good dancer and dancing has a scope in future. Vaidika says she has to think about her presence as well, she is a child and needs to focus on a lot. She was afraid of what happens to daughters these days. Nidhi leaves with a smirk on face. Sahil wasn’t ready to hear anything from Vaidika anymore.
In the washroom, Nidhi calls Bari Amma. She tells Bari Amma that Vaidika would do anything for Aarya; even pushing Sahil out of his life. Bari Amma was happy to hear her plan. Nidhi was sure no one would be able to save Sahil and Vaidika’s couple.
Vaidika returns home to find the yard decorated all over. Aarya apologizes through dance. Sahil held post cards of apology and Love for Vaidika. Vaidika dances with Aarya. Sahil gest to a corner and day dreams about a romantic dance with Vaidika in the same setting. Vaidika appreciates Aarya’s dance. Aarya was weepy and says she wouldn’t take any step without her permission, Sahil explained to him how angry she was. Sahil says he isn’t as idiot. Vaidika allows Aarya to dance, but not at the cost of studies. Nidhi watches this from upstairs. He poses with Aarya calling it a perfect family. He teaches Nani to take selfie with them. Nidhi says when Bari Amma would play, the family picture would be torn into pieces.

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