Age is just a number Teasers May 2020 zee world

Age is just a number Teasers 2020: Here comes a New Zee world romantic drama television series starring Karan Jotwani and Suhasi Dhami in the lead. It is a love story between a 42-year-old middle class, conservative single mother, Vedika and a 24-year-old irresponsible, maverick, Sahil, from a traditional, super-rich business family. Will their love be enough to bridge the gaps or will the rules of society become a death sentence for their love? READ MORE Age is just a number May Teasers 2020 zee world Below:


Age is just a number Thursday 28 May 2020
(Episode 1)

Sahil returns home and lies to his family about his education. When his family finds a letter stating that Sahil failed his exam due to low attendance, they are left heartbroken. Bari Amma tells him that he has to choose between marrying a woman or getting a degree, and he agrees to meet a woman. Subsequently, Vedika, who is supposed to meet an employer for an interview, presumes that Sahil is her interviewer and starts talking to him.

Age is just a number Friday 29 May 2020
(Episode 2)

Sahil asks Vedika to marry him, which makes her extremely angry. Shortly after that, Sahil tells Vedika that he is making fun of her after he understands that Vedika is not here to meet him for their marriage. After a while, Sahil decides to pull Vedika’s leg as she is not aware of Sahil’s real identity. However, Vedika learns the truth, which makes her furious. Later, Vedika becomes worried after she finds out that she has to pay her brother-in-law to save her house.

Age is just a number Saturday 30 May 2020
(Episode 3)

Deepak insults Vedika and tells her that her jewellery is fake. Meanwhile, Sahil tells him that he will handle the situation and later apologises to Vedika. On the other hand, Vedika’s mother insults her daughter-in-law and asks her son to lend her some money. Later, Sahil tries to console Vedika when he sees her crying at the cinema hall. After that, Vedika’s mother gets into an argument with Sahil’s mother because her car splashed dirty water on her.

Age is just a number Sunday 31 May 2020
(Episode 4)

Sahil refuses to listen to his aunt when she makes an announcement about his and Nidhi’s marriage. Following that, she tells him to leave the house. Sahil sleeps on a bench near a school and is woken up by some school children and Vedika the following day. Later that day, his brother-in-law and mother lend him some money. Sahil goes to Vedika’s house and convinces her mother to allow him to become a tenant in their house. Later, Vedika is surprised to see Sahil at home.

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