Age is Just a Number Sunday 9 August 2020

Age is Just a Number 9 August 2020: On Age is Just a Number Sunday 9 August 2020 update, Prachi and Puneesh hear Bari Amma ordering Vaidika’s arrest from her house. Prachi was worried if Vaidika returned?

Vaidika was busy on a phone call with Maya when two goons head inside.
Bari Amma gets the news of Vaidika’s kidnapping.
There at home, Bhoomi looks for Ved. Sahil also goes looking for Ved.
Vaidika lay in a godown with her hands and feet tied, her mouth stuffed. Someone brings Ved near her. Bari Amma tells the goons she wants Vaidika to be blamed for Ved’s kidnap and is leaving Ved.
At Agarwal house, Aarya suggests Sahil to inform police. Gauri agrees. Bhoomi cries and asks Sahil to find her son. Bari Amma says she knows where Ved is. That Vaidika has returned to the city, it’s a confirmed news that Vaidika must have kidnapped him. Puneesh thinks soon Vaidika and Ved would both be dead. Bhoomi pleads Sahil to get Ved.
The police arrived and noted what Ved was wearing. Sahil gives them Ved’s photo. Bari Amma thinks as soon as the doubt goes to Vaidika Sahil won’t spare her. He men would soon call with the demand of money. She gets a call from the goons with a bad news that some men have kidnapped Ved and Vaidika for real. Bari Amma now panics and says nothing can happen to her Ved. Everyone gathers around, Bari Amma shivered and orders the police inspector to place banners across the city. Nani wonders why Bari Amma realized the situation so late. Bari Amma thinks who can kidnap Ved?
Vaidika wakes up and finds herself tied to a chair. Ved calls Vaidika to save him, his feet ache. Vaidika questions the kidnapper why the child is kidnapped. Puneesh thinks Bari Amma seems to have gone old now, he will now make her open her lockers for Ved. Ved cries and calls Vaidika for help, he is really fearful. Vaidika struggles with the ropes.
Bhoomi sat in her room and wonders what if Vaidika came to know Ved was her child. She panics and confirms from Sahil if she will get Ved back? Bari Amma was tensed that Ved has been kidnapped, still there was no call for ransom.
Puneesh calls Sahil and demands 10 crore to be brought to the venue already in his texts. Vaidika was successful in getting herself freed. She was shocked to see Sahil’s child and gets him freed, caresses and hugs him. She leaves the godown with Ved but a fist full of sand was thrown on her face. Puneesh watch them from outside while Vaidika fall back in godown. Ved was tied to a pillar.
Bari Amma prepares the bag filled with money. She wanted her Ved at any cost. Deepak holds the bag but Sahil snatches it saying he will take the money and police both.
Ved had been tied to a wall, his eyes blindfolded. Vaidika was only concerned for Ved.

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Puneesh had come with a wooden rod. Vaidika couldn’t see because of hurting eyes.
Sahil tells Bari Amma he will take money and police. Bhoomi says he can’t put her son’s life in danger. Sahil didn’t want to endanger his son’s life and give a courage to kidnappers. Sahil tells Bhoomi he loves Ved as much as she does.
A goon beats Vaidika with a wooden rod at her back. She screams of pain for a while, then gathers courage and gets hold of the wooden rod. She beats the goon to death. Puneesh had left with his men already. Vaidika unties Ved from the pole.
Sahil reach the venue with the police.
Vaidika assures Ved that they will soon be safe. She sits with Ved in her lap. He was tired and falls asleep.
At Agarwal house, Bhoomi prays for Ved’s life in temple.
Vaidika sings a lullaby to Ved while he was sleeping with his head in her lap.
Sahil and police were attracted towards her singing.
Puneesh instructs his men to open the door of basement, it must appear that Vaidika and Ved came in with their own will.
Sahil and police break in the godown.
Vaidika hear the footsteps and decides to run away.
Sahil and Police cautiously climb the stairs. Vaidika reach right behind Sahil and the police. Both recall the past while they confront each other. Sahil moves forward and snatch Ved from her. Her dress was stuck with his arm that he gets away with a jerk. He recalls Anjana’s death and his claim over Sahil. The police go to look for the kidnappers that might have helped Vaidika. Vaidika questions Sahil why she would kidnap his child, she knows this child is his and Bhoomi’s. Sahil says she has always hurt him, she killed his mother, married him falsely to Nidhi and even left her family. He remembers his promise with Bhoomi and Bari Amma that he will never disclose to anyone that Ved is Vaidika’s child. Vaidika tries to explain there was a lot that happened five years ago. Sahil wasn’t ready to listen to anything because Vaidika wasn’t worth it. Today he is happy to have moved on in life, he has a family, a wife and a son. Lost is the Sahil who always protected her. He will make sure Vaidika is punished well for attempt to kidnap his child. Vaidika explains its someone else. She runs behind Sahil and was about to slip. Sahil helps her by holding her arm. As soon as the police return he orders Vaidika’s arrest and leaves with Sahil. Outside, Vaidika requests Sahil to listen to her once. Someone else wants to hurt his son, she doesn’t even know how his son came to her. The police force her into the van and drive away. Sahil cry badly. He says everything points towards the fact that Vaidika attempted to kidnap Ved, why his heart doesn’t accept this. He hates that woman, but why this love doesn’t go away. He is hurt watching her in pain today. He stands up determined not to shed a single tear for this woman. It took him five years already to forget his pains. Ved is his life, nothing is important than his life and happiness now.

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