Age is Just a Number Saturday update 17th October 2020 Zee world:  Sahil was shocked to know that Ghungru’s mother was Bari Amma’s sister. Bari Amma looks cautious. The lady says blood is thicker than water for sure, won’t she hug her younger sister. Bari Amma pushes Neelam away.

Sahil asks if this is true. Bari Amma replies yes, she is her younger sister Neelam. Vaidika looks towards Ghungru who held a smirk. Bari Amma complains she left them years ago, she didn’t care about her at all, and now she is here for her son. Sahil decides Neelam won’t leave the house. He asks Deepak to arrange a room for them. After everyone has left, Vaidika convinces Sahil that he can’t let them stay in the house, they have come here with a false intention. Sahil was convinced and leaves. Vaidika thinks she must bring their truth in front of Sahil soon.

Age is Just a Number Saturday update 17th October 2020 Zee world:   In the room, Ghungru tells her mother they were almost caught. Bari Amma comes to speak to Neelam that she must let the secret of 3rd march 2003 a secret, else it might bring devastation to the families. Neelam says she has walked a long way ahead, she now wish to rejoin her families. She wish Bimla hugs her now. Bari Amma was strict that she will never do so, because she doesn’t believe Neelam has changed. She tells her to leave with her son as soon as possible. After Bari Amma left, Neelam says it was the same night that her husband and Ghungru’s father was lost. They will now teach the family good lesson. Ghungru says Vaidika is a hurdle for them. Neelam says she is all alone, and helpless in front of Ghungru’s powers and her abilities. She breaks their family photo by throwing it on the floor. From tonight begins the destruction of this family. Vaidika stood right outside the room, she thinks they have come to revenge the death of Ghungru’s father. She was determined to find out what had happened that night.
Sahil assures Shruti that he and Vaidika always stand with her. Shruti was emotional, and says it’s Sahil who always took care of her. He makes Shruti smile by making faces. Later, he cries in front of Vaidika that he is helpless in front of Shruti. Vaidika assures Sahil that he is the best brother. Sahil boasts himself to be the best husband as well, then notices Vaidika was tensed. Vaidika tells Sahil that Ghungru and his mother have come to revenge their family. They consider Sahil as the murderer of Ghungru’s father. She says she only wants Sahil’s trust and believe on her, though their views regarding Ghungru differ. She wants his support to unveil their real motive and truth. Sahil assures he has always trust her, and stands with her.


Age is Just a Number Saturday update 17th October 2020 Zee world:  Late at night, Ghungru fixes a task on call. Puneesh stood with the door of his room opened and exclaims wow Ghungru. Ghungru looks shocked. Puneesh comes into the room. Ghungru accepts he isn’t crazy, he came over to destroy the family. Puneesh has two options, either to go back and tell the truth to the family or be with him and destroy Sahil and Vaidika. Puneesh says enemy of an enemy is one’s friend. Ghungru promises Puneesh enough money that he won’t be able to spit. Puneesh gets a jerk and falls back as he tries to shake hands with Ghungru. Ghungru pulls Puneesh up.

Vaidika and Sahil arrive at a magic show. Sahil asks Vaidika why they are here. Vaidika says she wants to unveil Ghungru’s truth. The world’s largest magician Azaad Parinda was invited on the stage. The lights went off, the magician appears wearing a mask.

Age is Just a Number Saturday update 17th October 2020 Zee world: Sahil asks Vaidika why they came over to this magic game. An international scale magician, Azaan Parinda was invited who appears in a mask. He selects a few tricks to mesmerize the audiences. Vaidika thinks about the strange events at Agarwal house. The magician works on his trick to make glasses fly in air, or at least turn sides. Someone from the audiences was called on stage for the next trick and Vaidika was selected. On the stage, Vaidika says Ghungru, she knows it’s him. Ghungru says she will now see what it costs her to intervene in his ways.

Vaidika says before uploading videos on internet, he must have thought he shouldn’t upload them with a dead girl Kamli. She couldn’t recognize him but his assistant Kamli. She then knew he was that Azaad Parinda and his real name is Mr. Krish Asthara. She warns to get him to jail soon. Meanwhile, Ghungru clipped her neck with a board. A group of magicians shuts the coffin box using a split cover. They cut the coffin with a sword then opens the coffin box. Vaidika was nowhere inside it. They rejoin the coffin, unties a few ropes and Vaidika still lay inside the coffin box. The crowd claps. The trick had ended.

Azaan Parinda takes a leave from the friends. The curtains were closed. Everyone leave.

Age is Just a Number Saturday update 17th October 2020 Zee world:  Sahil kept waiting, then goes to check behind the curtains. There was no one behind. He calls Vaidika and goes backstage. He hears Vaidika’s cry in the corridor and follows her voice. He comes into a hall and was shocked to see Vaidika hanging from the ceiling with burning coals underneath her. A bunch of goons prevent Sahil from saving Vaidika. Azaad Parinda comes there and taunts Sahil that he couldn’t recognize him earlier, his wife was much sensible. He removes the mask off his face. Sahil was shocked to see Ghungru inside. Ghungru tells Sahil that his wife was constantly warning them all but none believed him. He is actually the ghost of Kamli and has come here to destroy his family. His real name is Krish Asthara. Within five minutes his wife will fell into the burning fire. Sahil fights the goons with brevity, beating all of them. The goons leave the hall. Ghungru gives only two minutes to Sahil and boasts about being an expert magician. Sahil now looks on at Vaidika, he could see three of Vaidika each one asking for help. Sahil wonders which one among them is Vaidika. He thinks only one of them was asking him to leave and protect their children; he decides this selfless one is his Vaidika. The thread was almost broken.

Vaidika slips into the fire. Sahil jumps in the air and pushes themselves on the other side of the fire bed, rolling over the floor. He hugs Vaidika tightly. Vaidika asks how he could know it was her. Sahil says her voice and her thinking compelled him. He was dubious, but he is really sorry not to believe her. Vaidika tells Sahil he is a magician, he made their family fearful. Now they are together, they will face him together with each other. Sahil wonders why he wants to revenge their family and what his demand is. They walk out together.

Age is Just a Number Saturday update 17th October 2020 Zee world: Puneesh tries to harass Shruti in the corridor. Shruti holds Puneesh’s hand off hers. Prachi comes there, and gathers the family blaming Shruti. Shruti explain she is innocent. Prachi wasn’t ready to accept the blames over Puneesh. She complains to Bari Amma that Shruti is flirting with Puneesh. Deepak comes there and tells Prachi he himself saw Puneesh forcefully holding Shruti’s hand. Prachi questions what right Deepak has to live in the house. Bari Amma scolds Prachi as she allowed Deepak to stay in the house. She will decide about Shruti and Puneesh.


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