Age is Just a Number 8 September 2020


Age is Just a Number 8 September 2020: On Age is Just a Number Tuesday 8 September 2020, Sahil recognizes the girl as Daisy and tells Bari Amma she is the daughter of his babysitter in childhood times.

Puneesh asks why she then recognized him as Jacky. Sahil says her mother Lata was a fan of Jacky Shroff, so she called him Jacky. Prachi can’t remember who Lata was. Vaidika stops Sahil from explaining himself, and confronts Prachi that not everyone is a betrayer like her husband. Why he couldn’t let the pooja take place. Daisy sits on the floor saying she can’t leave without her share in pooja. Sahil takes Daisy outside to drop her. Puneesh thinks there is surely something wrong which he must find.
Sahil and Daisy go out in each other’s arms to have ice cream. He tells Daisy that right now he is Sahil Agarwal, Daisy must stay away from his family at every cost. Puneesh follows her.
Nani comes to Usha’s house and asks for a box of sugar. Usha goes inside. Nani finds a photo album on the floor and opens it. It was the album with Usha and children. Usha snatches the album and tells Nani to leave her house, she is no friend to know everything. After Nani has curtly left, Usha breathes of relief as if Manjula had seen the next video, her presence here and connection with all of them must have revealed.
Vaidika sat in her room wondering where Bhoomi could and Ved go, Bhoomi is not replying to her calls. She wish Ved returns home and her unborn child is able to save his life. She was distressed that she left both her children.
Prachi was curt watching Puneesh’s disgraceful video in the room. She was curt wondering how Aarya forwarded her such disgraceful video. Aarya stood behind her in the room, she looks in the mirror and asks if her sindoor looks perfect? She reminds Prachi of the deal and says if she wants to cradle her and Puneesh’s child, she must keep a distance from her. Someone dropped something behind them. Vaidika stood behind and questions how dare Aarya even considered such a filthy deal with them. Aarya tries being rude with Vaidika and replies she is old enough to take some of her life’s decisions. Vaidika tells Aarya that Sahil taught her to fight for herself. Aarya is her life, she will fight for her life and anyone ruining it no matter if its Aarya herself. She drags Aarya outside into her own room. Aarya was crying and tries to explain herself. Vaidika takes her mangal sooter off and pours the whole jug of water to wash her sindoor. Both mother and daughter now badly cried. Vaidika asks how could she decide to marry such a filthy man, couldn’t she discuss it with her? She turns to leave the room. Aarya asks Vaidika how they will save Ved if she doesn’t do all this. She tells Vaidika that Puneesh has kidnapped Bhoomi and Ved and kept them in a hiding, he conditioned that if she wants to save Ved then she must marry him and give him a child.

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Vaidika was broken and about to fell down when Sahil comes there and support Vaidika. She cries for help from Sahil. He asks Aarya what Puneesh said about Ved. Aarya says she was trying to trap Puneesh In his own game. Vaidika says she can’t let Aarya be with Puneesh. Aarya assures Vaidika she can’t let Puneesh come close to herself, even touch herself; doesn’t she trust her? Sahil tells Vaidika that sometimes, to deal with bastards one has to become a bastard too. He promises to find Bhoomi and Ved both.

Sahil leaves the room after being frustrated from their ongoing drama. Aarya discuss with Vaidika that Sahil’s behavior has changed after accident, else he must have gotten Puneesh’s collar by now. Vaidika says it’s good in a way that they will get Ved and Bhoomi now. She promises to get Aarya out of Puneesh’s grip as soon as she can find Ved. She thinks about Prachi for a while. Aarya thinks Sahil has even stopped calling her Chota Packet, there is surely something wrong.
Vaidika comes to Prachi’s room. Prachi opens the door. Vaidika asks her about Ved. Prachi says Puneesh knows about them and their contact number. Vaidika tells Prachi she is Ved’s aunt, how can she be ignorant of Ved. Prachi says Puneesh always claims that Ved is safe, and even Bhoomi is his mother; she will take care of him. She slaps the door over Vaidika’s face. Vaidika thinks Prachi is not as sensible as to lie to clearly, she must not know well about Ved herself. She comes into the room again, then tells Prachi to clarify to Puneesh that he has pinched a mother. Prachi smirks that Vaidika took Aarya really boastfully. She will surely ask Puneesh about Ved, but only on a condition that Aarya gives birth to a child for her and Puneesh. Vaidika slaps Prachi for being inconsiderate, she wonders what kind of a mother Prachi will be. Prachi says she has to earn Puneesh’s love and respect. Prachi then pushes Vaidika out of her room, but Vaidika stays firm and says she is no more the weak Vaidika but the one Sahil always wished her to be.
A young girl Daisy comes to Nani asking about Usha. Nani asks if she appears to be Usha’s maid or any spy, she anyways invites her into the house to wait until Usha is home. She goes to get tea for Daisy, while Daisy finds some family photos of Sahil. Nani comes to the hall and tells her about her happy family, her son in law Sahil and grandchild Ved. Daisy recognizes Sahil as Jacky instead. Usha comes inside right then and hurries Daisy outside.
In the dance bar, Sahil was drunk badly. He prays he is able to find Ved, only then he can accomplish his goals. He does not want to be a part of the family tensions between Agarwals. Some goons come looking for Sahil.
Puneesh tells Bari Amma that soon her house will be auctioned. The business auctioneer are here. He twists Bari Amma’s arms as she resists. Vaidika comes to support Bari Amma, who still cursed Vaidika in her worry about losing everything. Bari Amma walks away, Puneesh shows his pity for Vaidika and allows her to even slap him; he is already leaving for abroad along with his young wife. He had already realized Vaidika was mindful and would really try to take some action against him, he then decided to auction all the empire. There will be nothing to lose and gain then, within next two hours.
Vaidika replies she won’t allow Puneesh all what’s her and Sahil’s right. He must wait for next two years, and he would know what she is capable of doing.

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