Age is Just a Number 7 November 2020: Age is Just a Number update Saturday 7 November 2020: Sahil and Geet persuade Rekha. Rekha now embraces Geet and says she wedded all alone will, presently gathering would be amazing. In a family work, Vaidika was serving the visitors.

Mina hauls her to the center of the lobby where she moves. At last, Vaidika slips and falls on the floor. Shashi ventures into the house. He was abrupt as he watches her there. He addresses what’s going on. Deepak comes to take Shashi inside for something significant.

In the room, Shashi was irritated that nobody enlightened him regarding all the advancement. Deepak discloses to Shashi he was occupied in a tremendous court case, they didn’t irritate him. He discloses to Shashi that it was Vaidika who spared his Geet’s elegance and regard, one gets such a girl in law by karma. Rekha comes into the room and grumbles that Deepak has acknowledged this divorced person

young lady. She initially wedded their Sahil, and now she wedded Geet to a person of her decision. Her ex made a MMS, and it was additionally Vaidika’s arrangement. She persuade Shashi to toss Vaidika out of the house. Shashi discloses to Rekha that Vaidika spared the regard of their family’s little girl; whatever connection keeps the family joined is valuable. Avantika emerged, and felt abrupt if this present man’s heart is liquefying for Vaidika.

Shashi comes first floor. Vaidika mindfully holds up. Shashi goes to the stage, and grins towards Geet. Geet and Rahul curve to his endowments. Shashi endowments a house to Geet in Civil Lines. He reports to the visitors to make the most of their full. He was feeling great. Sahil murmurs to Vaidika to proceed to address him. Vaidika and Sahil come to Shashi, they express gratitude toward Shashi for tolerating Geet’s marriage. Shashi accumulates the family and calls a public interview tomorrow. He advises Rekha to hold up an additional 12 hours, she will get her answers. He goes to meet a visitor. Sahil discloses to Vaidika it appears Shashi would acknowledge Vaidika as his little girl in law tomorrow. Avantika feels terse and chooses she won’t let Shashi acknowledge Vaidika as his little girl in law, regardless of she needs to slaughter her own sister.

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Afterward, Sahil was in the room. Vaidika brings the tea yet slips over Sahil’s shoe, the tea overflow him. She goes to bring a towel and unfastens Sahil’s shirt. She presently applies a salve as a personal issue. Sahil goes about as though it’s consuming to prod and hoist her worry. He at that point pulls her over himself. Vaidika bashful away and fixes up. Sahil sits with Vaidika and says he comprehends why she is strained; she should figure what his dad would state in question and answer session. Vaidika inquires as to whether Sahil truly trusts Papa ji would acknowledge her or not. He advises her to proceed to ask without anyone else. Vaidika was hesitant to go to Shashi without anyone else’s input. Sahil says he is amazingly exacting, he challenges if Vaidika goes to Shashi and discovers why he has kept a question and answer session. Vaidika was hostile, at that point acknowledges Sahil’s test.

In Shashi’s room, Vaidika thumps the entryway with some tea. She says he returned today and there was a capacity, still he has been working; he should be worn out. She demands him to have the tea. She swings to leave, at that point inquires as to whether he needs some assistance. Shashi doesn’t talk. Vaidika proceeds. Shashi now gazes upward.

Shashi strolls to Vaidika and spots his hand over her head, considering her a Bahu. He says it’s a significant day for the family, they will respect another part into their family. Vaidika affirms on the off chance that he… He gestures. She has won his heart by securing Geet. He opened his eyes, he dismissed her under societal weight. Tomorrow, he would declare her as his little girl in law before that society. She is worth in excess of a girl in law, she won’t need to hold up under every one of the agonies she experienced her last wedding. He was embarrassed about ridiculing her, however from now onwards she will be perceived as girl in law of Kashab family. Vaidika cries, takes his favors at that point claims herself as fortunate to get a dad in the in-laws. Shashi says they are fortunate to have her. Vaidika says she would simply tell Sahil.

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He restricts her, however she says lies increment contrasts between individuals. She wouldn’t like to conceal anything from Sahil. In the room, Shashi supposes she wished everybody gets the news through question and answer session, yet this Sahil is insane and would report it immediately. He leaves the room, calling Vaidika. Avantika hits the back of Shashi’s head with a vase. His head drains while he fell on the floor. Avantika shrouds herself. Vaidika comes hearing the odd voice and was stunned to see the blooded vase around. Avantika supposes she can’t let Vaidika get acknowledged. Shashi won’t be left by tomorrow. Rekha comes there and charges Vaidika for the homicide. Sahil and Deepak reach and convey Shashi to emergency clinic. Rekha cautions she won’t extra Vaidika if Shashi is harmed.

In the room, specialist says he is harmed at head. The following couple of hours are basic, and there is a plausibility he goes into comma. His condition is very sensitive. Avantika goes to the room and feels distress, asking Rekha how everything occurred. Rekha faults Vaidika for an endeavor to kill. She hauls Vaidika outside, pushing her away. She whines to Vaidika’s mom that she endeavored to execute her better half, she is an onlooker to everything. Sahil asks how she can fault Vaidika. Vaidika clears up she heard his shout and discovered him on the floor. Rekha says Vaidika grasped the vase, she endeavored to hit him. Vaidika says she went to give him tea, he favored her and said he would acknowledge her in question and answer session tomorrow. Rekha claims Vaidika to be a liar. She goes to whine in police. Sahil stops Rekha and says she can’t accuse anybody. He states Rekha hasn’t seen anybody. Their dad needs them. Rekha cries embracing Sahil.

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Rekha and Sahil sat close to Shashi. Avantika conveys water to them two. Sahil gives her a glass of water. Avantika grins while leaving. She watches Vaidika crying.

She goes to the entryway of Shashi’s room. Sahil watches Vaidika then was halted by Rekha’s condition. Vaidika cries in the sanctuary corner.

The following morning, everybody held up outside the room. The attendant opens the entryway and says quiet is cognizant. Sahil goes to the room first, every other person pursues. They attempt to ask who did this. Avantika stood directly behind Vaidika. Shashi turns his eyes, at that point raises his hand to point a finger. Avantika changes her situation on the double. He goes oblivious by and by. Rekha now comes to fault Vaidika and slaps her. Sahil stops Vaidika. The specialist reveals to them all to leave.

In the lobby, Rekha discloses to Sahil he should trust her. Vaidika inquires as to why she would hurt him. Shashi’s associate comes there and says Shashi called him the previous evening, he wished to name all his property after Avantika’s name. He has chosen Avantika as his little girl in law, else his property must be named after a trust. Before he could tell anything, a young lady went into his room. He demonstrates some marked papers that Shashi had sent. He leaves. Rekha says she presently comprehend the entire game. This divorced person wedded him for cash. When she knew Shashi wasn’t prepared to acknowledge her, she endeavored to slaughter him. Vaidika denies the fault. She says Shashi needed to amaze everybody. Rekha wasn’t prepared to acknowledge.


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