Age is Just a Number 6th October 2020 Zee World Written update

age is just a number zee world
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Age is Just a Number 6th October 2020 Zee World Written update, On Age is Just a Number Monday 6 October 2020: Pankti thinks Sahil is very nice guy that is why Vaidika loved her.

She is sure Sahil will win her heart once again. Prachi comes to Pankti and sends her to Vaidika’s room with the medicine that Bari Amma had sent. Pankti comes with the medicine, Vaidika signals her to leave it on the table. Pankti asks Vaidika why she doesn’t forgive Sahil. Vaidika says she didn’t take her consent, she should leave. Pankti explains she has been caught in this situation, her mother gave her medicine and Sahil was also drunk. Vaidika asks what the question of marriage is if a man can get drunk and spend night with any girl. It’s their personal matter and they will solve it by themselves. Pankti argues that Vaidika isn’t resolving the matter, instead she doesn’t respond to Sahil’s efforts. Vaidika is unaware what kind of men exist in the world, they never respect women. No one, even she wouldn’t have fallen for Sahil. Before leaving, she asks Vaidika to take her medicine. Prachi watches through the window as Vaidika takes the medicine. She thinks it will now be a fun, Pankti and Vaidika are both unaware it was hypnotic (sleeping pills).
Late at night, Ved brings Sahil into the room that Vaidika is asleep and he wants to hear bed time story. Sahil sings a lullaby for him. Pankti stood by a wall outside the room and falls asleep by the lullaby. Virat had started crying. Sahil thinks what if Vaidika wakes up and take Virat outside. Pankti was just leaving when Sahil asks her to help putting Virat asleep.

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Both Sahil and Pankti were playing with Virat, Vaidika comes to snatch Virat and says she now understands Pankti gave her sleeping pills to steal her children and husband. She blames that Pankti forced her to forgive Sahil but her real intentions are false. She blames that Pankti stayed her only because she wants a husband like Sahil; she confessed herself a while ago. She accuses Pankti’s intentions of becoming second woman in Sahil’s life. Sahil asks Vaidika if she is blaming him for this illegitimate relation as well. Vaidika blames that Pankti is a second woman, she is trying to snatch her husband and children and breaking her marriage; what to call a woman who establishes illegitimate relation to someone else’s husband. Sahil lost his temper over her screaming and raised his hand. The three of them were shocked. Sahil realizes at once, he apologizes her at once and explains he can never think of doing so. Vaidika says a man doesn’t hurt anyone repeatedly if he loves the person. If Sahil wish to save this marriage; first there were mention of age difference, then the illegitimate relation between him and Pankti and today… This marriage has ended for her today, they must only remain the parents to their children. She requests him not to follow her anymore.

Vaidika cries in the corridor to her room, while Sahil stood there in the hall, stunned. He then moves towards the wall and hurts his knuckles punching it. She was distressed that he destroyed his own love with his hands. Pankti wonders why everything is being spoilt between them, if she is the reason of this tension she must resolve it as well.

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