Age is Just a Number 5 October 2020 Zee World Written update, On Age is Just a Number Sunday 5 October 2020: Ved comes running to Sahil and was excited to go back home. Vaidika tells Ved to bring his bag.

Aarya comes there and says these fifteen days aren’t permanent. Sahil says everything will be perfect in these fifteen days, he is sure his Chota Packet will return to him because he miss her. Sahil and Vaidika leave with Ved and Virat. In the car, Ved was excited to go back home. Sahil was thankful that at least Vaidika was ready to return home. Now he will love her and win her trust. It’s going to be another beginning of their life. Puneesh stood in their way and placed a wooden bed of nails. He thinks they will take their death into the Agarwal house themselves. Sahil’s car undergoes a severe accident as it crosses the nail bed. He was unable to control the car but Puneesh jumps in the front to apply force on the car. Sahil and Vaidika come out thankfully. Puneesh speaks in Punjabi that it was his responsibility to help them. Vaidika notices Puneesh had been hurt. Sahil says he must have some family members here. Puneesh says he has no one in the world, he came to Kanpur for some work, if they can help him anyway. He hands them his visiting card, and says he can drive and work as electrician as well.

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Guddu asks Aarya if they can’t give their marriage another chance like Sahil and Vaidika. He promises he will never hurt her.


Ved was excited to return home. Bari Amma tells Vaidika that her grandchildren won’t leave home now. Sahil says no one is leaving for the next fifteen days and afterwards he is sure Vaidika won’t want to leave. Sahil tells them about the accident and invites Puneesh. He asks if they can appoint them as a driver, he is jobless right now. Bari Amma was happy to appoint him. Puneesh thinks he is here to destroy their lives from now onwards. Deepak takes Puneesh to show him his room.

Sahil and Vaidika come to the room. Sahil says they will again live in separate rooms. After fifteen days, he promises that the distances will converge. He makes bed for Virat and smiles. Vaidika holds Sahil’s hand before he can leave. She applies an ointment over his scratched hand. Sahil says she is angry, still she feels for him. Their relation is very special. He then goes to check Ved, he wish his parents live together. Nani comes into Vaidika’s room and says she must get over with all this annoyance. She must now save her marriage for a lifetime. She can’t get anyone more loving than Sahil, else Pankti might snatch Sahil from her. Vaidika says she is astonished that her mother can’t understand her, she won’t forgive Sahil with the fear of losing him, but only when her heart witnesses that she can trust Sahil again. She doesn’t want any advices and doesn’t even want to speak to her.
Prachi wonders why Puneesh didn’t come. Puneesh drags her in the corridor, she didn’t recognize him at first then hugs him. Deepak watches them together and wonders what Prachi is doing with the new driver. He decides to dig the matter out. Mandagini comes to Deepak with a Teddy Bear before Valentine ’s Day. Deepak has to flee. Puneesh tells Prachi to follow his instructions. They have to beat Vaidika and Sahil’s love story in the next fifteen days.

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