Age is Just a Number 30 October 2020: Age is Just a Number Friday update 30 October 2020 zee world written update, Sahil was in the market near Vaidika’s house looking for the old lady, Manjolika.

Sahil was in the market close to Vaidika’s home searching for the old woman, Manjolika. He couldn’t discover about her. Vaidika was in a similar market. Sahil supposes he should locate the old woman, she addressed him about his past birth. He should get some answers concerning it. He can’t wed somebody he doesn’t love. There is clearly some association among him and the woman. Vaidika was shopping in a similar market with Avantika. She likewise feels Sahil was some place around. Avantika’s companion meets them and was amped up for Avantika’s wedding. Vaidika says they are additionally energized. Avantika dials Sahil’s number yet he cuts the call. Sahil was meandering in the market and overlooks Avantika’s call. Her companion prods it appears Avantika doesn’t control her life partner, he is disregarding her. Vaidika says he should be occupied. Avantika

spots Sahil and goes searching for him, at that point attempts his number. She thinks about whether she truly spot Sahil, or simply accepted it was him. Vaidika goes to her and notification Avantika was in a terrible state of mind. Avantika asks why he didn’t pick her call at that point, on the off chance that she expected or envisioned him there. Vaidika guarantees Avantika that Sahil will wed her, it may set aside him some effort to comprehend her as it’s an orchestrated marriage. Manjolika comes there moving around and says Sahil won’t wed her. He isn’t intended to be her, yet Vaidika. She comes to stroke Vaidika and cases she is her little girl. Everybody was strained. Individuals pull Manjolika away. Avantika and her companion were as yet saved, Sahil left her in the bistro shop and now he isn’t grabbing any calls. Imagine a scenario where he has another illicit relationship. Vaidika proposes Avantika is brilliant, she should proceed to get some information about it. Avantika was concerned and says her folks fixed the proposition so joyfully, imagine a scenario where he denies her proposition all together. She demands Vaidika to proceed to meet him. Vaidika consents to meet the person and asks Avantika where she will discover him. Avantika says he is going to play the match today. Sakshi (Avantika’s companion) asks Avantika for what valid reason she is faking this, she cherishes Sorab. Avantika says Sorab can just give her adoration, while Sahil has cash also. She will wed Sahil. Age is Just a Number 30 October 2020:

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Sahil plays in full structure and makes various objectives. An individual says it appears he got somebody who changed his destiny even in the amusement. Sahil ponders Vaidika and says intimate romance transforms one. Not just amusement, he will prevail in life also. Vaidika achieved the arena searching for Sahil Kashab with whom Avantika’s proposition has been fixed. Sahil’s group had won the match. Vaidika was stunned to perceive the star of the amusement, Sahil Kashab. Sahil strolls to Vaidika and says it is possible that he is snoozing, or it appears his fantasies phenomenally materialized. Vaidika inquires as to whether he is Sahil Kashab. Sahil brightens up in energy. Vaidika says his proposition has been fixed with her sister Avantika. Sahil was in a skepticism that his proposition went into a similar house. Vaidika reprimands him that he is deceiving her sister. Sahil makes his group leave for festivity and comes outside to address Vaidika. Sahil reveals to Vaidika he neither knows her, nor her name; still he feels there is an association between them. Vaidika says her sister longs for going through a lifetime with him. Sahil says his folks chose this proposition, yet he hasn’t concurred. Had he met her before, he wouldn’t have met another person. Vaidika says she doesn’t need to wed Sahil, she is more established than him and a divorced person; she needn’t make an association with anybody. Sahil inquires as to whether she wish he gets hitched. Vaidika gestures. He says it would be his marriage with Vaidika. Vaidika was currently irritated this isn’t a joke, didn’t he hear his mom’s perspectives about a divorced person. His folks won’t concur. Sahil says he would coercion his mom inwardly. Vaidika says she doesn’t have faith in all consuming, instant adoration, she wouldn’t wed him at any expense. He should wed Avantika. Sahil holds Vaidika’s hand, he says all consuming, instant adoration is extremely erudite; yet he feels they have an association from past lives. She has all the earmarks of being a known.Age is Just a Number 30 October 2020:

Vaidika reveals to Sahil his proposition has been fixed with her sister, this is a reality and he ought to disregard building up any connection with him. Sahil approaches Vaidika to ponder her heart, disregard what individuals would state and carry on with your life in your manner; it will bring much harmony. Vaidika says it’s simple for Sahil to state, he has carried on with an actual existence of extravagance with no duties. He should leave his fantasy world and face the truth, his and Avantika’s connection holds any expectation of the two families. His proposition with her is unimaginable, he ought to acknowledge it as a solicitation. She leaves. Sahil place a hand over his heart and says he can’t acknowledge her solicitation.

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Vaidika strolls into the road. Manjolika stops her direction and says that person Sahil took a birth for her just, she is her mom. In spite of the fact that Age is Just a Number 30 October 2020

individuals guarantee her to be mental, yet she knew as of now that one day they will take resurrection and join once more. He isn’t her sister’s buddy, he is hers. She twists into Vaidika’s feet and says she is her mom, she can’t observer her little girl lose her affection yet again. She shouldn’t make any stride under strain of society, she probably won’t discover any individual who might love her like this. Vaidika questions why she needs her to grab her sister’s life partner, she doesn’t have faith in the issues of previous existences and resurrection. She leaves. Manjolika keep on ceasing Vaidika, arguing. Vaidika ponders who that old woman is, the means by which she can guarantee that it’s her resurrection. She supposes it must be Sahil’s arrangement. Vaidika gets a call from Avantika, she asks what Sahil said. Vaidika says she is returning home and will address her. She supposes Sahil wouldn’t like to wed her, she doesn’t need her sister to wed somebody who doesn’t love her.

Rekha and Mina were choosing cards for wedding. Sahil comes over and tears a card, he says he needn’t bother with an example by any stretch of the imagination. Why she demands wedding him in two days. Rekha says they probably won’t discover appropriate family and young lady. Sahil says he has experienced passionate feelings for without another person. It’s his affection for a very long time. Rekha asks her identity. Sahil tells Rekha, it’s the young lady they met in network focus. Shashi comes again and again hears the discussion. Sahil says it’s his choice not a joke, and it’s full and last. Rekha inquires as to whether no one but Sahil can be obstinate, at that point he can proceed to wed his preferred young lady however simply after her passing. She bolts herself into the kitchen. Rekha turns the gas of stoves on. Her eyes blushed. Everybody in the house accumulate outside and attempts to stop her. Rekha gets herself a match-stick. The alone was presently choking out her. Shashi discloses to Sahil this is a direct result of his request. Rekha says she would pass on in the event that he keep pursuing that divorced person young lady. Mina says Rekha is getting asthma assault. Sahil and Shashi strongly breaks the electrical discharge. Sahil questions on the off chance that she needs to sincerely extort him. Rekha says she will keep doing it, on the off chance that he doesn’t wed Avantika.


Vaidika persuades Avantika that person isn’t reasonable for her. Avantika was hostile and inquires as to why she says as much. Everybody from the family assemble around. Avantika says Vaidika is persuading her to state no to Sahil’s proposition. Their dad asks Vaidika what occurred. Vaidika says that person adores another person, they shouldn’t wed Avantika to somebody who doesn’t love her. Her mom says his folks would have known as of now if their child adored another person. She chooses to call Rekha and grumble. Vaidika endeavors to stop her folks. They get Rekha ji’s telephone at that point. It was Sahil. Sahil reveals to her he is prepared to wed Avantika. There, at Kashab’s home Sahil had brought before his family. Avantika’s mom affirms what he implies. Sahil rehashes he is prepared to wed Avantika, this time heard by Avantika’s family on a boisterous speaker. Vaidika was reprimanded by her mom.

It was Sahil’s turmeric ceremony. The family had accumulated around. A young lady blindfolds Sahil. He perceives is youthful and adorable sister and solicitations her to remain around. Geet sees Sahil sat upset. Rekha comes to send her far from some task, at that point advises Sahil to perk up. Avantika is a decent young lady, and everything gets well after marriage. They presently plan to go to Avantika’s home. Sahil wish Vaidika turns into his life accomplice by one way or another, he thinks about how this will occur.

Age is Just a Number 30 October 2020 Vaidika was making courses of action for Avantika’s Haldi. She was vexed and worried that Sahil didn’t love her. She chooses to ask why he said a yes to marriage. She can’t give her sister a chance to wed somebody who doesn’t love her. Rekha asks Vaidika to call the Halwai. Kashab family arrives.

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