Age is Just a Number 3 November 2020: Age is Just a Number Tuesday update 3 November 2020 zee world written update, Vaidika tells the family that Avantika was about to run with her boyfriend after marrying Sahil, with all the cash and jewelry.

This was her plan to disgrace them, and she couldn’t watch them bear any disrespect in the society. Arju tells her brother and sister in law that this is how Vaidika saved them, Avantika must have flown with her boyfriend and this must have ruined their family name. Vaidika cries that she bear seven years of harassment in her marriage, only then she gathered courage to break her marriage even them no one stood with her. But what about Avantika’s intentions. Sahil forced this marriage by holding her hand yesterday, and stands with her in both houses. If they want her to leave Sahil and let Avantika marry him. Wouldn’t this all bring any disgrace for the family? Avantika shouts that this is a lie, Vaidika was jealous of her luck only. She tells Vaidika to leave this house as this house now belongs to her. She pushes Vaidika. Arju stops Avantika from any misbehavior. Avantika boasts that her parents are on her side, they realize this time Vaidika is wrong. She pushes Vaidika who fell over Sahil. Avantika now insults Sahil but Vaidika doesn’t let him argue. She says Avantika wasn’t about to live with Sahil, still she feels bad. Avantika replies that was her matter, had she lived with Sahil or left him; who was Vaidika to interfere in her marriage. She mocks Vaidika was no one to give any suggestions of marriage to her. Sahil now intervenes and tells Avantika not to be as jealous as to get blackened. She shouldn’t insult his wife again, else he would not bear it again. They turn to leave.

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Vaidika was walking across the market, Sahil brings ice cream for both of them. He says ice cream vanishes one’s bad mood and tears. He says it’s not easy, but he came over to tell her he is with her. He enjoys the ice cream and it touches his nose as well. Manjolika was happy to see them, and bless them. Sahil says she claimed that they were husband and wife in their past life. Manjolika says she made this marriage possible, and had locked her sister in the room with the boy. Vaidika confirms if Avantika could have reached the Mandap. Manjolika says there couldn’t have been another mismatched marriage, and Avantika must have betrayed her. Meanwhile Vaidika loses her balance and her foot was twisted. Sahil forcefully carries her into his arms.

At Kashab’s house, Sahil calls Geet to bring first aid. A man sat there playing with a knife. He was the old husband of Vaidika. The man holds Vaidika’s arm and forbids Sahil to touch his wife. Vaidika backs up as he tries to see the twisted foot. He says there are problems between husband and wife but she left the house over a petty matter. He asks Vaidika to tell the family their divorce didn’t finalize. Vaidika hides behind Sahil. Vaidika says her and Tanuj’s divorce took place a year ago. Tanuj asks Shashi that being a judge he must know it’s a crime to marry an already married woman, their divorce never took place. Tanuj says his wife is extremely moody and leaves home over petty matters. She was and will always be his wife. Vaidika sent him divorce papers but he never signed them, and legally they aren’t divorced. Sahil’s family believes Tanuj. He asks Vaidika to come home. Sahil holds him away from Vaidika and shouts that Tanuj can’t forcefully take his wife. No matter the divorce took place or not, Vaidika is his wife.

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Tanuj asks Vaidika for any proof of divorce. Vaidika tells Sahil she didn’t yet get a certificate of divorce from court. Tanuj tells Sahil he already called the police. The police tells Sahil he can’t forcefully keep this man’s wife with him. Tanuj asks if there is any proof of divorce. The police also demands a proof. Tanuj was thankful to the inspector and takes Vaidika along. Shashi was also not Sahil’s side.

Tanuj physically harass Vaidika, and pulls his belt to beat her. She holds it in midair and says she has had enough of his abuses. They both know they are divorced. She will find any proof. Sahil is her husband and will surely come to her help. Tanuj beats Vaidika.

Sahil comes to Vaidika’s parents and says Vaidika’s ex-husband came over, her life is in danger. Avantika says he won’t get the address. But Vaidika’s father gives the address to Sahil. Sahil reaches Tanuj’s house but there was no one inside. Some ladies around gather there. One of them say Tanuj took Vaidika into the auto to old factory.

In a godown, Tanuj had tied Vaidika over a chair. He was furious that Vaidika left her home and husband and took a divorce from him, now the world must see what happens to her. He spills kerosene over her. He says Vaidika selected a young man over him, now she must die in suffering. He throws a matchstick over the oil and locks the door of godown. Sahil reaches there and struggles the door of the godown. Vaidika was suffocating while the fire had spread. Sahil jumps into the fire and saves Vaidika. The media and some neighbors were already there, filming the scene. Vaidika hugged Sahil. Sahil shuts the media’s questions, and speaks that this fire was put on by ex-husband of Vaidika Tanuj Malhotra who harassed and abused her for seven years. She divorced him, and now is married to Sahil Kashab. He announces a 20 lac gift prize to bring Tanuj Malhotra to him.

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Tanuj had to run across the city as everyone recognized him and chased him for prize money.
Avantika comes to meet Tanuj and came to save his life. She taunts that he failed and wasn’t able to punish his ex-wife. Tanuj was curt that Vaidika defamed him in the whole city. Avantika says she had snatched her husband to be. She demands Tanuj to help him marry Sahil, and she will save his life in return. Tanuj was curt why both sisters are behind Sahil. Avantika repies that’s her problem. But right now, they have a single enemy and that is Vaidika. They shake hand.


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